So, like I said before, this is just something I write to relax and get to sleep. I can't sleep without doing some writing so I though 'Why not just do a whole project because this way I know I won't wuss out'. Um, I put the date that I wrote each chapter at the beginning and I'll upload as often as possible (sometimes I stay the night at my sister's house or my cousin's house and they don't have internet so I can't update this every day). The chapters aren't usually going to end at a place that makes sense, they'll usually end where I get to tired to write and will typically be short. Well, I guess I've said enough. Enjoy and I hope this story isn't disappointing.


Pepper laid silently in her bed, time seemed to move slowly .. Very slowly... She sat up, looking around curiously. Normally at this time at night, the only sounds she heard were the night crew, doing their duties, just as the day crew did. But that night, something was different. She heard the night crew as usual, but she also heard whispering, coming from the crew's quarters just outside her room. She got up and silently crept to the door and cracked it to where it was open enough to hear the quiet conversation, but closed enough that she wouldn't easily get caught.

'Alright boys,' Silvestre began. 'We've spent weeks planning this. Tonight's the night! Tonight the ship shall be ours! And no more will we be commanded by a teenage girl!' Pepper's heart began to race when Silvestre looked at the 'crack' in the door. She quickly closed it. 'Lock her in her quarters!' He commanded. 'We don't want the current captain to hear about this before it happens.'

Pepper stood at the door as she heard the sound of crates being stacked outside the door. Once that sound disappeared it was replaced with the sound of men screaming. Not knowing what else to do, Pepper ran to Bella's bed to wake her up.

'Bella! Wake up!' Pepper screamed. Bella opened her eyes sleepily. 'The men have turned against us!'

'Warn Papa.' Bella answered as she rolled over, facing away from Pepper.

'They locked us in here!' Pepper loudly replied.

'Well, in that case,' Without saying another word, Bella smiled and fell back asleep.

Pepper growled at her sister and walked back to the door. 'Open!' Pepper screamed as she kicked the door. She kicked it four times and nothing happened. Ready to give up, she walked back to her own bed and sat down, only to jump back up after having sat on something sharp. She closely inspected the bed to find her sword (which was charmed in her favor). She picked it up, then smiled. A plan was forming in her 'diabolical' mind. She knew that the wood on the inside of the ship was thin enough to cut through with a cutlass.

'This plan is just crazy enough to work…' She thought to herself as she cut into the wood by the door. The sword cut straight through. Perfect. She pulled the sword out, making a dot in the wood. She then made four dotted lines that formed a square. 'This should be weak enough for me to kick the square off…' She thought. She then put a strong kick onto the wall, the square of wood went flying. She climbed through the square, amazed that no one had noticed or tried to stop her. Once outside her room, she found no one below deck. The men loyal to her and Captain Teach must have also ran on deck to fight… If there were any…

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