Alright, I hope you're enjoying this so far.


Up the stairs Pepper ran. Her eyes were filled with horror as she saw that the loyalists were horribly outnumbered. That was not a good thing. The ratio of mutineers to loyalists was at least 5/1, Pepper figured. The situation worstend as five or six men surrounded at began to attack her. Even with her charmed sword, she was no match for them. A couple minuets into the fight, her cutlass was knocked out of her hand, and Silvestre grabbed her from behind.

'Let's not hurt her to badly, boys.' Silvestre smirked. He then held a sword to my chest. 'Just a gash in the chest should be enough. She'll be part of the prize when we've finished.' Quickly, he slashed down the middle of Pepper's chest as the men around him laughed. 'There'll be no hiding behind your papa after this.'

He then threw her to the ground, then went on fighting with the loyalists. Pepper laid on the floor for a few minuets before she felt someone pick her up. Having already lost her grip on reality, she began fighting the man. Once her vision came back, she saw it was a menacing looking man with a long black beard. 'It's just me' he said in a raspy voice. Pepper wrapped her arms around his neck and laid her head on his shoulder. The man snuck through the chaos, taking Pepper below deck, then into her quarters. As he laid her on her bed, he brushed a hand through her short, soft, black hair.

'Stay here.' He ordered. 'I'll be back when the battle is over.'

'Thank you Papa.' Pepper smiled at him as he left the room.

It was a couple hours before the screams and sounds of chaos silenced. After it silenced completely, Pepper kept a close eye on the door, waiting for her papa to come back. It wasn't 'till an hour latere than the door opened. After it opened, in walked her papa.

'Did we win?' Pepper asked.

'barely' Her papa answered as he sat down on the bed next to Pepper. 'We have less than half the crew we did before.' He looked at Pepper with a concerned look on his face. 'I fear it's not enough to crew this ship. And our first mate being out of commission like this isn't helping.'

'We'll be fine Papa.' Pepper smiled. 'You're Blackbeard. You could probably crew this ship by yourself if you needed to.'

Blackbeard smiled. 'He knocked you good, didn't he? That better be all he did!'

'He didn't do anything more.' Pepper gathered the energy to sit up.

'We'll make berth in a few days. Think you'll be better by then?' Blackbeard asked.

'Maybe,' Pepper replied. She then yawned.

'Why don't you get some sleep.' Blackbeard suggested. 'We can talk about this in the morning. Goodnight child.'

'Goodnight, Papa.' Blackbeard then laid Pepper down and covered her with the blanket.

'And, when we make port, we'll be home. Perhaps our house is still intact.' Blackbeard stated as Pepper began to fall asleep. He then snuck out the door.