Second Chapter: Thanks for comming.

...A Thud. Only a thud. What a horrible sound, isn't it? Is it the sound of everything? Of nothing? How can even a thud be everything or nothing? Well, I don't have the answer to these questions, I have only the answer for the next one, how did it start? A bomb...

An annoying sound woke up me, the sound of a thud. I woke up in a room. In the room was a closet and a couple of chairs. It had gray walls and it had some posters in black and white. Most of the posters were people fighting -with guns, or against the police, or civilians fighting against themselves, etc. - and all their faces, bodies, clothes and the place were in black and white except from letter written in red or in yellow that their message in general was supporting 'The Rebels'. I noticed that I had some serum because my arm was cold. Later, I noticed I had bendages around my head, arms, legs, hands and torso. I thought I had burns around my body because the explotion, and not only burns, some of the bandages had blood, but a smell of a strawberry candle neutralized the smell of the blood. My thoughts of where the hell I was came pretty late, the injures were more important for me than some questions. Then, I realized I was wearing a hospital gown, and I thought I was at a hospital.

The man of the rose came in with through a wooden door smiling. I couldn't find a logical reason of his smile. "It's good to see you alive, but it is happier to see that you already woke up" He said cheerly. I thought he tried to wake up in me some curiosity, but I wasn't in mood to talk to a stranger. "Did you know that The Director kills the ones that stay in bed all day long, like you?" He asked. "I don't care if I'm alive or dead." I answered. He stared at me for a moment and said "You should" leaving me behind and leaving the room. I looked inside the closet, and I found some cloths. I removed the hospital gown. There where some comfortable dark blue pants, with a shirt of the same color. Also there were some military black boots, a black belt, and a black jacket. I wore the cloths on, and I realized The man of the rose had simmilar cloths.

I left the room and I walked through a web of grayish corridors with doors marked with numbers. I think I walked around half hour, when I finally found the man of the rose walking around the corridors.

"Wow, your eyes are of the same color of the uniform!" he said cheerly and kind of amazed. "Haven't you seen dark blue eyes in your life before?" I asked him rudely. He smiled and stared at me with his gray brownish eyes. I got enough with the 'staring contest', "Am I here because of my past?" I asked more calmed. He softly grabbed my hand and whispered "Trust in me." I got his hands out mines strongly. "Just trust in me, okay?" he whispered again and grabbed my hands but really delicate, then he pulled me through the web of corridors into a metal door. We entered a dark room with computers and tv's .The man of the rose said "I found her", then a strong voiced man answered him "We didn't asked you to find her, we asked you to bring her. Although, you came late with her." I wasn't looking who -besides The man with the rose, the strong voiced douche and me - was in the room. I turned to see the people that was in the room, and the strong voiced douche said to me "But finally we got one of the best mercenaries in this room, thanks for comming, Danielle Hoplank."