Chloroform smells quite nice

Don't you agree?

Why don't you come

Smell it with me

We'll have a great time

As you lay helplessly

But it's when it wears off

That our game begins

A game that you sadly won't win

You panic to see those leather straps

Restricting your limbs

A quite appealing fashion sense

If I do say so myself

I carry out the first incision

Across your bare chest

Hold still, you little fucker

You're making this a mess

Great, now you've splattered the blood on the wall

Oh, well.

I could make a tarp out of your skin to cover it all

You don't seem to enjoy this set I've laid out

This one's a wuss, the way he screams and shouts

Come now, you can take this as a man!

...I guess you simply don't understand

Your eyes, I've admired from my fence's crease

Would look delightful as my table's centepiece

I'll yank out your entrails

What a lovely scarf!

The sight of your strewn insides is making you barf

Oof, what a jest

You men are all alike

I treat you to a game, and you rudely fight?

Don't sleep just yet!

Don't bleed away!

...Pooey. Today is just a disppointing day

Ooh, look, another, walking by my house!

...Oh, yeah. Silly me. I gouged your eyeballs out