This is my "debut" piece here on fictionpress, as it were. I'm still not entirely sure whether I should leave it as it is and say it is a slightly alternate version of the myth of the Egyptian goddess Sakhmet, or to upload the rest (which is still in progress) that goes from start to finish. A story of her life, as it were. I am somewhat obssessed with Ancient Egypt as you may have guessed by now and the mythology of that culture is something i find fascinating. The whole story has been playing with me since I started college, and I have a good many of the scenes written out already; they just need stitching together and some editing.

Until i decide otherwise, this will remain as "complete", but please note that this staus can and likely will change. Regardless of my decision, i hope you enjoy this. Reviews are welcome, but not required.

Eb x

One myth of Ancient Egypt states that Ra, the Sun God, when angered by mankind's disrespect, created his daughter, Sakhmet. He took a star from the heavens and fashioned its light into an image he found pleasing. He took its energy and coupled that power with intelligence, free will, a sense of self and gave it a physical, undeniable form.

He granted the being new powers to go with its own, granting it new strength.

Ra gave her a name, Sakhmet, meaning "she who is powerful."

Then he gave her a role and a mission. The role of fire, battle and healing, of protection, and he sent her to punish mankind for their evil deeds.

But when, feeling sorry for them after listening to their anguished cries, he asked her to stop she wouldn't, couldn't, for he had forgotten to give her one last thing; her humanity.

He summoned one of the best thinkers that the world then could offer, Thoth, and together with others of the same House they hatched a plan to trick the furious lioness. Thousands of jars of beer were brewed and laced with red ochre to give them the appearance of the blood she so craved, then drugged with a specially prepared mixture. These were then poured into a field, and some of the gods remained nearby, hidden and lying in wait.

When she passed by the bloodthirsty goddess could not contain her delight. Here was a lake of human blood! She drank greedily, and soon the drugged beer took its effect.

Once she had finally collapsed, Thoth, Anubis and some others came out from their hiding place and, muttering quietly to themselves, they carried her back home.

Her father, enraged by her actions and defiance, imprisoned her for a long time. In an attempt to temper her wild urges he created her twin, Bastet, the domestic cat, and charged the young woman to keep her sister's wild ways in check, at the same time extracting the promise from Sakhmet that she would protect the younger girl and later the land of Egypt itself.

The slaughter of mankind was what gave Sakhmet her reputation, and even now this is what she is renowned for. It haunted her continually.

But her story was still far from over.