How the hell did I get to this low point in my life? My wrists burned where the rope began to cut into my flesh, leaving bright red marks streaked with my blood, circling my wrists like a crude bracelet.

I mean what had I done to deserve to wind up here? Something pretty darn bad apparently. I mentally cursed my past life self with as much gusto as I could muster. And believe me, that wasn't a lot. The blood was pouring out of me, soaking my clothes, staining my skin, making me weaker and weaker as I watched painfully as the liquid dripped away onto the cold tiled floor beneath me. I stretched my toes to see if I could reach it yet. Of course I couldn't. I was suspended from the ceiling for fucksake.

"Not long now. We shall have her." I heard one of the men guarding me say to the other, his thick Russian accent prominent. I got the strangest feeling he was referring to my death?

The realisation shot ice through my body, almost numbing me completely if it weren't for the burning ropes. I thought that somehow, I'd manage to get out of this predicament and carry on with my life. In some stupid unconscious part of me. But now that all that hope had go with the Russian man's heavy words, the realisation hit me with the force of a speeding train. I was going to die.

Oh Freddy, where are you when I need you? I need you now more than ever. And if I could just see your face one last time, allow my bruised and battered face to rest my warm gaze upon those beautiful facial features of yours just once more… I think I should die happy.

The other Russian guard mumbled something in his language to the other man, and I was sure I had heard the Russian word for 'gun'. And eerily, my heart beat quicker, my skin went paler, and they turned to face me in unison.

As creepily as they started (or more so if it was even possible) they repeated the same sentence in their language, their accent thick. I panicked as I heard the foreign, not understanding what they were chanting, just seeing their cruel jeering faces as they stepped – still in unison – a few more steps towards me.

Fuck! Freddy! Please, I need you!

But of course, nothing came from my silent plea. I had no idea where Freddy was at all, or if he even knew that I had been captured! Did he even care…? Damn it Allie, now is not the time for this. You're being tortured enough without adding this to the already complicated mix.

My heart rate quickened as I yet again attempted to break free from my bonds, which yet again only proved futile. The racing of my heart only pumped the thick red blood out of my various wounds all the more faster, leaving me weaker and weaker. Soon I'd have no strength left at all…

The men came closer so they were only a little way away from me, but I knew they had every intention of closing that gap. I was going to die now. Damn it. This overwhelming epiphany sent my head reeling, my heart into overload, and my blood to ice. I'm going to die right now, in this hidden warehouse, and no one will ever know!

Freddy. I'm so sorry.

One of the men stepped forward, his arm raised to kill me.