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Chapter One

"Are you kidding me!?" I stared, my mouth open in angry shock at the man sat opposite me, my hands splayed out on the table in front of us. A few other people who also were probably there for the purpose of enjoying a nice cup of coffee looked up at me at my outburst, but right then, I didn't care.

"Allison, please, will you keep it down?" He said, looking around at the other tables outside the coffee shop in embarrassment. I couldn't believe my ears.

"You tell me something like that, and you expect me to be calm?" I hissed, unimpressed.

My boyfriend of two years sighed in exasperation and pinched the bridge of his nose, like he was dealing with an impatient child. Ex-boyfriend I should say.

Hmph! I could show him impatient.

"How long? Tell me now Eric, how long?" My voice was so monotone it was barely a question. The erratic beating of my heart reminded me of how it was breaking.

He sighed again before answering me. "About six months now."

Six months!? His answer was like a slap in the face. Never mind that, a slap in the face, a punch in the gut and a stomp on the feet. My eyes prickled with hot angry tears.

No, not here. I won't let him see this. Struggling, I fought back tears.

"Why…?" I mumbled pathetically after five minutes or so of silence, my voice thick and embarrassing.

"I don't now Allison. Probably because…" He trailed off, not wanting to finish.

"Because what? Don't stop on my account."

"Well, alright then. Because you're too much to handle Allison, I can't take it. You're just… you. Overbearing, full on. Always wanting to do stuff together."

"Well yeah! We're a couple!" I exploded at his stupid comment, and he flinched in embarrassment again.

"For God sake woman, be quiet!"

Oh no. He didn't just

My anger bubbled, threatening to explode again. But the thing with my anger is, it seems to stupidly be wired up to my tear ducts, because whenever I'm angry I cry. It's actually ridiculous and I hate it, but I can never stop it from happening.

And I refuse to cry in front of him.

"Well, thank you for a wasted two years Eric." I stood up forcefully, doing the best I could to keep calm and stop the tears from falling. "I could have been happy, dancing about in a field of daisies with someone else, but instead, I wasted my love on someone who slept with my neighbour." I almost spat the words at him.

"Oh Allison. That's really mature of you."

"That's right. And you know what else is mature?" I spoke as I slowly walked around the table to stand in front of him.

"What's that?" He sighed.

"This." And quick as a flash I grabbed his half empty coffee cup and spilled the boiling contents onto his lap.

"Argh! What the hell!?" He yelped in pain as the hot liquid scalded his skin as it seeped through his no doubt expensive trousers. Everyone was looking now, and a few waiters rushed to get towels and napkins for Eric. I think that was my que to leave.

"For God sake, Allison!" I heard Eric's voice shout after me as I ran away, but I didn't look back once.

I really wasn't in the mood for little kids running round and screaming at work today, but I was in the mood for the money I got from it to buy some food and drown my sorrows in it. So, with a heavy heart, I plodded on to the bus stop and let the tears fall silently as I waited for my bus.

"Where the hell have you been Allison? You're late." My boss glowered at me, her eyes ever so narrow and her expression making me thankful that looks couldn't kill. There was no way on this earth I was going to tell Julie about what had happened with Eric, she wouldn't understand. She'd probably just laugh. So I told her a half truth.

"The buses were slow" I mumbled as I began to pull on my usual work apron, a nicely coloured bright orange thing that when I wear it makes me look washed out.

"Ah, no no." Julie caught my arm swiftly, preventing me from putting on the offensively orange apron. "You won't be working behind the counter today. Todd has come in and we're over staffed. But there is one little job you could do…" The tone in Julie's voice caused my already pale skin to somehow turn paler. What had she got planned…?

I hated that stupid miserable old cow that was my boss.

"Two cups of sweets, only one pound!" I smiled with as much gusto as I could muster, and handed a flyer for our sweet shop to a passing child. Who then chucked it on the floor.

Ungrateful brat! I fumed. I knew it was unfair of me, and usually I adored children. But today… I wasn't in the mood. Just because I came in late today, Julie had deemed it acceptable to force me to dress up as our store mascot. And do you know what that mascot is? A bright orange bunny, in a bright pink waist coat. This is what I currently looked like, stood outside offering promotional flyers for people to only discard.

But even though this was so humiliating, and the fact that my boss did it out of sheer cruelty (she and I had had a long standing feud), I couldn't bring myself to just get so angry or embarrassed about this that I forgot about Eric. He was still at the forefront of my mind, and refused to leave. Images of him and my next door neighbour floated in and out of my mind, and with every vivid picture, my heart broke a little more. He'd cheated on me, because I was 'too full on' and wanted to 'do stuff together'. Isn't that what most couples do? Go places together, hang out together? I remembered the bliss I'd felt at the beginning of our relationship. I'd managed to get him on a dance mat back at my flat, and we had so much fun just playing around…

My heart constricted in my chest, and I felt sick at the memory.

No Allie, you've got to hold it together… just a little longer and then you can go home and cry all you like…

"Excuse me miss?"

I looked up at the new voice, stupidly eager to see if it was Eric. It wasn't, of course it wasn't, I knew that from the difference in voice. Eric's was smoother, more charming. This one was deep and sounded kinda like he needed to cough.

Stood in front of me was a man dressed totally in black. Black shoes, black trousers and belt, black shirt and hooded jacket… Well, he was either an Emo, or I should be scared. I was thinking more of the latter, seen as though this man seemed to be in his thirties rather than his teens like a typical Emo.

"Um, yes…?"

"Am I correct in thinking you're Allison Davies?"

"Yeah, that's me…"

"Come with me please." He gestured forward. Uh, hell no?

"Sorry, but I'm kinda working." I stammered, confused as to how he recognised me in this get up, and fretting over who the hell he was. How did he know me?

"Well I'm sorry, but I can't take no for an answer." His voice somehow deepened and he grabbed my wrist in one of his big meaty hands and started to walk, pulling me along.

"Hey! Let go!" I scrabbled at his hand desperately, but he held strong to no surprise. I wasn't exactly muscly. My eyes searched the street franticly, people were walking past not even noticing! But if no one notices I'm - Julie! Julie will see I've gone and come outside! I'll just shout for her –

"Scream and I'll break your wrist." The man hissed without even looking back, his hand closing tighter around my fragile wrist bone. It was protesting already. A glint from his back pocket also informed me he was carrying a knife.

Oh God oh God! Why am I in this situation!? How does he know me!? What does he want from me!?

"Hey! Let her go at once!" Someone suddenly shouted, and I struggled to turn and look at who it was in the ridiculous bunny outfit. It sounded like another man. And then two pairs of footsteps were running towards me. The man holding me swore violently, braking out into a run also, dragging me along with him.

"Woah!" I gasped and attempted to dig my heels into the pavement, yanking my wrist back in attempt to make him stop. I didn't get very far. The suddenly – another man (I'm not sure if it was the one who shouted or not) tackled my captor to the ground, who thankfully had released my wrist.

"You alright Miss?" I felt a hand gently rest on my shoulder, and I turned and looked up to see a lean, strong looking, drop dead gorgeous man stood beside me, his eyes full of concern. And I was stood in a bright orange bunny suit. Damn it. His dark brown almost black hair flopped into his eyes, which were a dazzling green. But there were flecks of brown in them, if you just looked hard enough –


"Oh! Y-yeah! Thank you." I rubbed my wrist where the guy had held on, the blood rushing back to it and making it throb painfully.

"Hey Freddy! If you don't mind, I'd like a hand in apprehending the attacker?" The other man said, and my head snapped in his direction. He was still wrestling my attacker, struggling to keep him down. Then suddenly –

"Watch it!" I screamed as my attacker wiggled his arm free and branded the knife from his pocket. He swung – and just missed the other man. But he had to let go and move back to save his face from being sliced off.

"No! Harry, what are you thinking!?" The man named Freddy jogged up to Harry, who was breathing heavily. He was just as tall as the other man Freddy, with expertly styled spiky hair a dirty blonde, and a babyish face. We all watched the man run away laughing, too fast and too far away to catch up to.

"Well I'm sure we still would've got him if you had given me a hand instead of flirting with the target!" Harry shouted back and a touch of colour entered Freddy's cheeks.

"I was not flirting! We have to make sure the subject is okay and you know it!"

"I could have done that!"

"You had already taken down that God damn attacker! You can't do that and make sure she's okay, so I did it, alright!? Bloody hell."

"Yeah well -"

I coughed quite loudly and caught their attention. Thankfully I also stopped the bickering. Until now I thought that they had been ordinary members of the public who had seen what had happened and decided to help. Public heroes and all that. But after hearing that talk, I wasn't so sure. I mean "we have to make sure the subject is okay"? Not usual talk.

"Can someone tell me what the hell is going on?" I asked and folded my arms. Yeah, I'm sure that looked real good in my get up. Kudos to them, neither of them laughed though.

"Allison Davies? You have to come with us. You are in danger, and require government protection." Freddy told me and flashed me some sort of badge.

"That's us!" Harry beamed and winked at me, his eyes a baby blue.

"I don't think I have to go anywhere with you!" I retorted. They may have saved me, but they were still strangers after all.

"She's feisty." Harry looked over at Freddy who was still gazing at me. In silence. Those green eyes scrutinising me… My heart beat quickened.

Oh get a grip on yourself. The ridiculously hot man is not checking you out. Eric, remember your ex? You can't be feeling like this already.

And the one name brought me back to my senses like a swift kick in the gut.

"Well we won't use brute force like that guy did." Freddy jerks his thumb over his shoulder in reference to the escaped attacker, finally looking away from me and to Harry. "Fetch her some clothes and bring them to base." He instructed him, and Harry grinned cheekily.

"Hope you don't mind. Kinda has to be done." He winked at me again.

"Wait what!? You're not going through my house and my things!" I cried, my face going flush.

"Well, you won't come with us the easy way. So Harry is going to have to get your stuff."

"You don't know where I live."

"Yes we do. We're part of the government. We have access to your place of residence, time and place of birth etc. etc. How do you think we knew how to get here? To your work place?" Freddy gestured to the sweet shop, where a very annoyed looking Julie stood.

Uh oh.

I forgot all that was going on as I watched her storm over to where we were gathered.

"So, you're slacking on the job now are you Davies?" She folded her arms angrily and glared at me. She'd called me Davies. It wasn't a good sign when Julie addressed you by your last name. I was in the doo doo and deep.

"This isn't-"

"I knew you liked to push things, like turning up late. But this…hanging out with your friends instead of working, takes the biscuit."

I had a feeling it would also take my job away too if I didn't explain this mess.

"Uh, excuse me. We aren't actually Allison's friends. Well, not yet anyway." Harry's cheeky tone cut in before I could gather my wits and explains this bizarre scenario.

"I don't care who you are-" Julie finally looked at my company for the first time and trailed off as she took in their good looks. Julie wasn't very…good looking boy confident I had gathered. Harry smirked at her.

"We have to take Allison with us. She'll be back as soon as possible, but it's a matter of national security, okay?" He smiled at her some more. National security? Yeesh. I thought they had been joking. And then it hit me that I really actually could be in serious danger. My wrist burned.

"Okay." Julie nodded dreamily, then toddled back into the shop.

"So anyway… are you gonna come with us or let me ransack your house?" Harry turned his attention to me, still smirking.

"…You don't have to look so pleased with yourselves." I muttered as I gestured for them to lead on. Harry's laugh was happy and loud, and it nearly brought a smile to my face as I followed Freddy and Harry followed behind. He led me to a car parked not too far away and opened the door for me, his green eyes meeting mine again. They really were so dazzling.

"Get in then." Harry playfully shoved me in and Freddy and him also sat in the back. I was squished between them. Freddy gave my house address to the driver, and we set off.

Oh man. What had I got into?

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