This story is about a male Siberian husky. His name is Silver. His owner is a Seventeen year old owner Maxine Mathews

Meet Jewels she is a stray and at the local pound. She was abused when she was a puppy and doesn't trust humans.

How will these two Huskies meet?

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"Silver, where are you bud? I'm home." Max ran out of the house to the back yard where she was greeted by her horse Thunder. "Silver, where are you boy?" Max whistled for her best friend which was a Siberian husky. Silver was sleep under his favourite tree when he heard Max. He stood up, yawned and stretched then shook himself awake.

He then ran in the direction of the house. When he reached Max, Silver knocked her down and licked every part of her face. "Okay boy, I missed you too." Max had been away at her grandparent's apartment in the city, and she couldn't take Silver with her.

"Guess what, it is bring your bet to school day tomorrow. But you must behave." Max said getting up and walked in to the stables that were next to the house. Her mum was feeding the chooks. "Mum, I'm taking Thunder for a ride." Max said called out, "Okay honey; make sure your home before dinner. And don't talk to strangers and trust Silver's instincts." Her mum said in reply.

"I know mum. You've told me so many times." Max rolled her eyes and went to get Thunder's rug, saddle and bridle gear and called out to Thunder who trotted over to her and greeted Silver. Silver nudged the horse's muzzle in greeting. Max had Thunder ready and soon Thunder was running towards the wood. Silver was right behind the horse

Max got back in time for dinner which was her favourite, fried chicken and chips. "It smells good mum." She said, sniffing the air. Silver sniffed the air as well and licked his chops. He trotted in to the kitchen, sat down and waited, wagging his tail. Max's mother, Irene, chuckled and gave him a bone. "Take that outside." She said and Silver gave a little woof and went outside.

The next day Max woke up to Silver licking her face. "You might be excited to be going to school, but I'm not. I have to go everyday but you don't." Max groaned and looked at the clock. It was nearly time to go. But she had to give silver a bath.

"Come on boy bath time. You smell like horse manure." It was true. Silver didn't mind having a bath because max always makes it fun. After his bath Silver ate his breakfast and waited for Max to finish and get ready.

Silver walked along side Max as they walked along the corridor. Silver ignored the hissing cats and the chirping birds. Max stopped suddenly and whispered, "oh no, it's Joel." Joel Laden is the leader of the school bullies. The others were Mathew Willows, Jake Hart and Lucas Geans. Max walked on, hoping they wouldn't notice him. As they walked past Silver sniffed the air. He didn't like them either. "Hey Shorty, where are you going?" Lucas grabbed the back Max's shirt. Silver flattened his ears and raised his upper lip in a snarl. Leave him alone. The snarl meant. All four teenagers looked at the dog and gasped. "This guy is huge." Joel said.

Lucas let Max go and knelt down in front of Silver. "Is he yours?" Lucas looked up at Max who nodded. "He was a police dog. He was my father's partner. Until he was unfit to work because of an old bullet wound. Now my dad is with the mounted police. Silver, stop."

Silver stopped growling and sat down. Joel went over to Max and said, "We're sorry for bullying you. Our mother's are vets. We didn't really stop you to bully you and we stopped to apologise. What we did was wrong, and against the law. Someone made us realise that we were just hurting ourselves when the school psychologist told us that the whole school hated us for what we did and it will come back to bite us."

"Silver nearly did." Max said with a grin and held out her hand to Joel to shake. Joel and his friends grinned and shook her hand. Max looked at Silver and said, "Shake." Silver lifted his left paw for them to shake. Making the boys laugh. "Meet us under the tree at lunch?" Mathew asked. Max nodded.

The bell rang and Max went to get her books from her locker then went to History. Mr. Millner turned and saw Silver then looked at Max and said, "Nice dog" and then turned back around to the class.

Mr. Millner is a man of few words. He is tall and handsome with black hair and deep blue eyes. He rarely smiles.

"Okay, I asked you to write about your breed of pet's history. So who will go first?" Everyone put their hands up. "Maxine, come up and tell us." Mr. Milner said.

Max stood up and tapped her thigh for Silver to follow. "This is Silver. He is a Siberian husky. He is six years old. He was a police dog. And yes most police dogs are German Sheppard's. Silver was my dad's partner until Silver was shot and he refused to back in the force. Dad said that Silver had experienced the normal life of a dog and liked it so he stayed. Silver is my best friend. I have a horse called Thunder but he is too big.

Now Silver's breed...The Siberian husky was developed over a period of around 3,000 years by the Chukchi and related peoples of Siberia; the breed was developed to fulfil a particular need of the Chukchi life and culture. In one of the most inhospitable climates in the world, with temperatures plummeting to (-1000F)C in winter and with winds up to 100 mph, the Chukchi relied on their dogs for survival, as they were a remarkable tool of ingenuity. In teams as large as twenty or more they could travel out over the ice sometimes covering as much as 100 miles in a single day to allow a single man to ice-fish and return with his catch, by sled dog standards they were small the large size of the teams minimized per-dog pulling power, while smaller frames maximized endurance and low energy consumption. (Even today, in long races, Alaskan Huskies the Siberians cousins require twice the amount of food the Siberians consume). I could tell you more but that will take all day. Here is the rest Mr. Milner."

"Thank you Maxine, any questions?" A girl named Julia put up her hand. Max nodded her head at her. "Can we see the bullet wound?" Max shook her head. "His coat is too thick, since its winter." Max replied.

"Anymore?" Mr. Milner asked. No more hands went up. "Does he do any tricks?" Mr. Milner asked his own question. "Yeah, since he's a former police dog. Silver, sit." Silver sat down.

Max raised her hand and Silver stood on his back legs and stayed there until Max lowered her hand. "Speak." Silver let out a bark. "How old are you?" Silver let out six barks. Silver turned and looked at Mr. Milner. Silver sat down in front of him and nudged his hand. Max frowned and looked at her best friend.

"He normally doesn't like strangers." Max explained. Mr. Milner patted Silver on the head. "Okay, next..." Max took her seat at the back and told Silver to stay at the back of the class room.

At lunch time Max found her new friends right where they said they would meet her. "Thank you for accepting our apologies." Lucas said as soon as she sat down. Silver laid down next other. "No problem. Everyone deserves a second chance."

Before anyone could say anything more a voice asked. "Lucas, why are you with the nerd?" Lucas groaned in annoyance. "Go away Bethany." Silver sat up and did a little growl. Bethany took a step back in fright and then walked away. "Hey, I'm going to get a drink from the machine. Does anyone want one?" Max asked, standing up. "Thank you. I'll have whatever you're having." Jake replied. Lucas and Joel nodded.

Silver followed Max to the machines. Then Bethany came around the corner and pushed her. Silver growled and ran. "Huh, your friend is not as tough as he thinks he is." Bethany laughed. Max knew that Silver was going to get help. That what he was trained to do. If his handler was out numbered or being harassed Silver would go and find back up.

Silver ran down the hall towards the back entrance. On the way he jumped in to Mr. Milner. He'll do. Silver thought. Silver stood on his hind legs and barked than ran to the doors that led to the school cafeteria.

Figuring that the dog wanted him to follow him, Mr. Milner ran after the Husky. There was Bethany beating up Maxine. "Hey, that's enough." M. Milner yelled. He pulled Bethany away from Max who collapsed to the ground. Another teacher came up to help. She took Bethany to the principal's office.

Mr. Milner led Max to the nurse's office, but since the nurse was off today Mr. Milner laid her down on a bed and Silver jumped on it and laid down. Mr. Milner watched and then stroked his head. "Good boy."

Just then Joel, Jake and Lucas burst in. "Is she okay?" They asked. "She is bruised and scarred and weak. Let her rest." Mr. Milner told the boys to leave so he can treat the scratches.

He then waited for her to wake up or for her parents to arrive. "Hello?" A deep voice said. Mr. Milner turned to see a man in a police uniform. Silver ran up to him and jumped, his tail wagging so fast it might fall off. "Silver, sit." The man ordered the Husky. Silver sat down, his tail still going off.

"Constable Mathews?" Mr. Milner said standing up. Max's father nodded and shook Mr. Milner's hand. "I'm Macarius Milner. Maxine's history teacher and home room teacher." Macarius (Mr. Milner) introduced himself.

"Pleasure to meet you. What happened?" Macarius told him what happened. Then told the young boys to come in. And they explained what happened from their point of view. "I'll take her the hospital." Max's dad (John) said and picked up Max up.

Macarius and the boys followed him to the school parking lot and saw a huge grey horse. Police horses are huge animals so the police officers and see a far way. "This is Boss. I named him that because he bosses everyone around." John explained as he carefully placed Max in Macarius's arm while he climbed on. "Silver, come."

"Come straight from work?" Jake asked, patting the horse. "Yeah, I was just about to finished my shift when I got the phone call. What is the last name of this girl? I want to speak to her."

"She is my ex, I can give you her number and address" Lucas said patting himself for a piece of paper and a pen. John took out his note pad and a pen and gave it to him. Lucas wrote down the Bethany's full name, address and phone number and gave it to John.

"I'm sorry for what happened." Lucas said as Macarius carefully placed Max back in to her father's arms. John nodded to them and whistled for Silver and trotted off to the nearest hospital. Luckily Boss was gentle. When he got there, there was a doctor already waiting. John's boss called ahead when John told him what happened to Max. "I'm Dr. Andersen." The doctor said and gently took Max and raced in to the hospital. John told Max to stay with Boss. Silver whined and flattened his ears. "I know boy, you're worried about her, but I need you to stay and guard Boss for me. You can see her later."

John went in to the hospital and waited while they did some tests. Hours later Dr. Andersen came out. "Well?" John sprang to his feet. "She is in a deep coma. She hit her head pretty hard and her brain bounced against her skull. I'm sorry."

John couldn't believe it. He collapsed back on to his chair. "Can I call anyone for you?" The doctor asked. "My wife. Here is her number." John gave him Julia's work number. Julia is a lawyer. Dr. Andersen nodded. "You can go and see Maxine."

"Is it alright if our dog comes in? He's worried about her." John asked and the doctor nodded. John went outside and signalled for Silver. The doctor rang Julia who ran out of her office without hanging up the phone.

When she arrived John rushed Boss back to the police stables and drove back to the hospital. "I want the girl who did this John." Julia said as she held her daughter's hand to her cheek. "I have her number and address."

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