This was just something I wrote one day after I got home from church. It's kind of angsty but it's what I felt at the moment.

So yeah.

Today I Met With God

Today I met with God. I saw Him

in a room. A warehouse of sorts. I saw

Him in the eyes of the forsaken. In the

shadows of corners. Holding those who are

weak in His unbreakable arms.

I saw Him.

And the amazing thing is, is that I didn't.

I saw His work, I saw His love but at

the same time . . . . I didn't.

He was there, standing, waiting.

Waiting for me.

And I never came.

I sang the hymns, I read the lines, I listened

to the sermon.

He wanted me and I wanted Him but I

was scared.

Scared of something I knew I shouldn't

have been scared of.

I've been told and told again that God

doesn't care what I've done or what I will

do. He loves me too much to care.

And so do I.

My soul, the small part of me that is still

connected to me and His love is a frayed

thread, holding on as the saw of Sins cuts

away at it.

But my body, mind, heart have betrayed me.

Giving myself to earthly mousetraps. I am

the mouse that yearns for a morsel that

will surely take me from my God.

I saw Him today.

He waited.

Hoping, needing for me to come to Him.

His loving arms stretched out to me, promising

promises I was scared to make an accord


I ran.

I ran away from Him.

And every spiritual step hurt like the Hell

I was sure to go to.

I ran from the greatest gift, back to

the shadows of hate, misery, adultery, rape,

drunkenness and lies.

I ran from the Savior, the one who could

bring me Eternal Life.

I screwed up.

If you meet God tomorrow, will you?

Yes, the church was in a warehouse. I was doing fine at first with the whole sermon thing.

Then, when we started singing songs about how great God was, a man said something that change my forever.

As we sang the chorus, "We love you God."

The man said, "The only thing that hurts more, is when you know it's not true."

That single line inspired me to write this poem.

Hope you enjoyed it and please REVIEW!