Chapter 5: The Aftermath

"Where am I?" Jason turned around and his eyes scanned the room. He approached the door 2 feet opposite him and opened it. He peaked his head through the door and looked both left and right before he stepped out of the room.

Jason found himself in a long hallway, he turned to his right and wondered aimlessly down it. The sound of footsteps and voices echoed through the hallway in front of him, Jason looked around until the sight on a empty room caught his eyes.

He dashed inside and closed the door, he looked through the keyhole and saw 2 men, dressed in red and yellow robes walk past and they were speaking in different language, Standard Tibetan by the sound of it.

Once the men passed Jason slowly opened the door and watched as the two men disappeared down the hall. Jason stepped out of the room and continued down the hallway.

Meanwhile in Pride City, the media was gathered at Blackburn tower. Xavier Castellan stepped out of the building and approached the platform to give his speech. Cameras flashed and questions exploded from the crowd, Xavier stood otop the stage and leaned forward so that his mouth was in front of the mictophone.

"Thank you all for coming today, it saddens me to confirm that Robert, Martha and little Jason Blackburn were all killed when their jet malfuctioned and crashed into the Himalayas." Tears formed in the corners of his eyes.

"Words cannot express the sadness I feel, Robert was like the younger brother I never had. And Jason, he was like a son to me. He was so young, and now he'll never experiance the true joys that life had to offer. Like having his first kiss, or getting drunk with his friends and cause mischief," Xavier let out a small chuckle after that last comment as did a few people in the crowd.

"But most importantly, he'll never recieve the honor of becoming CEO of Blackburn International."

"Mr. Castellan!" called a feminine voice, Xavier glanced down a little and spotted a female news reporter at the front of the crowd.

"Yes?" he asked

"With Robert and Jason Blackburn dead, who will run the company?"

"I will." replied Robert

"But according to my sources 1 week prior to the accident you and Mr. Blackburn were in a heated argument about selling weapons to the Military."

"Ah yes, it's true Robert and I argued about that. All I wanted to do was help the company earn a little more money, but when Robert said no my pride prevented me from listening to reason. And now I regret it, I wish I could see Robert one last time and tell that I'm sorry." Xavier then turned around and walked off of the stage while the media shouted more questions and the cameras flashed.

Xavier disappeared inside Blackburn tower and the numbers in the crowd slowly decreased. Xavier walked into elevator and pushed the button that would take him to the 37th floor where the office of the late Robert Blackburn was. After several minutes Xavier heard a ping and the elevator doors seperated. He stepped out of the elevator and approached the office doors, he gripped the golden handles and pushed them both open and Xavier stepped inside.

He then closed the doors behind him and approached the large windows behind Robert's desk. Xavier stood at the windows and looked out at the city, he then let out a small chuckle.

"Finally, after 20 years I am finally the CEO of Blackburn International." he turned around facing the desk. Laying on it was the document from the Military offering them a large sum of money for weapons but Robert had denied it. Xavier grabbed the document and stared at with a triuamphant smile.

"And there's going to be a few changes around here."

Meanwhile Jason had been wondering aimlessly through the hallways for quite some time now. He then spotted a light around the corner.

A way out?

Jason sprinted towards the light, he turned at the corner and saw that the light was coming from a room. He slowly walked over to the doorway and he peaked into the room, inside was an elderly sitting in front of a large, golden Buddah statue and he was encircled by lit candles. He appeared to be meditating, Jason slowly tried to sneak past without making a sound. But then...

"I see you're awake." said the elderly man, he stood up and turned around facing Jason. The man was asian, he was 5 ft 9 and rather skinny and lean. And like all the people Jason had seen at this mysterious place he too wore a red robe, there was no hair atop his head and he had a white Fu-Manchu Moustache. He had high cheekbones, a pointed chin and brown eyes.

"Who are you?" asked Jason

"My name is He-Ping." replied He-Ping as he bowed

"Well, I'm Jason, Jason Blackburn." Jason then looked around before he returned his gaze to He-Ping.

"So where am I?"

"You are in a temple in Tibet, one of our monks found you in in the Himalayan mountains 3 weeks ago." Jason gaped in shock, he had been in a coma for 3 weeks? The memory of the plane accident flashed before his eyes, he remembered it all. The explosion, the deaths of his parents, his half of the plane crashing into the mountain.

Jason fell to his knees, covered his eyes with his hands and broke down crying. He-Ping approached Jason, knelt down in front of him and placed his hand on his shoulder. Jason removed his hands from face and stared at the old man with bloodshot, teary eyes.

He-Ping wiped Jason's tear away with the thumb of his other hand before he place it on Jason's other shoulder.

"It's okay child, you are free to live here at the temple if you'd like." He-Ping offered, Jason thought for a moment. His parents were dead, by now everyone else must think he's dead. What did he have to return to? He figured he might aswell live with the monks and let everybody continue thinking he was dead.