It's lovely how I wake up in the morning with your name lingering on my lips.

You're spectacular, every time I think of you..

My heart does skips,

"where are you going?"

Have you misunderstood? I cannot live without you, so if I must.. I will let you go ..

But don't leave without these words from me.. ciao bellissimo.

It can either mean hello, or it can mean goodbye..

But only one brings sadness, the other brings joy into your eyes.

I never meant to say it, in this way..

But, now that I have this goodbye seems inevitably disheartening

I wish I could take them back. Sei tutto per me.. Because you are everything to me. Why is that you were never able to see?

I would whisper "sono abbagliato da te..-" because you dazzle me greatly, you dazzle me more every single day.

I would shout if I could to the rooftops of the world "Hai conquistato il mio cuore!"

Because it is true, you have won my heart.. These feelings take over me slowly, rushing through my very core..