Name: Hailey Howard Age: 14 years Gender: Female Date of Birth: June 1, 1998 Zodiac Sign: Gemini Blood Type: B Positive Height: 5.4 feet Weight: 101 pounds / 46 kg Eye Color: Sapphire Blue Hair color: Pale Blonde Birthplace: New York Nationality: American Status: Single Family: Father-Mathew Howard, Mother-Rose Howard, Twin Brother- Sebastian Howard

Monday 5th October 2010

Old Rose ford

My Bedroom – 10 pm

It's been a while now, a month to be exact that I've been here in Rose ford, living with my brother – Sebastian Howard and our au pair Hannah Smith. Everything is still new, new school, new friends, new places, new people and I guess new dreams.

The day my father and mother thought we were old enough to live by ourselves and went off to a long trip to see all the places they have never been to, I was the loneliest girl in the world. Though we got an au pair and she is awesome, we call her by her first name and she gifted me a diary on her second week with us. A Diary. She said I should write everything in these light pink pages; my thoughts, my feelings, my dreams, everything in this big fat book where anyone could read it.

At first I just sat there at the huge purple couch in my room admiring the handicraft of the pink n purple A-4 sized book, and then I flipped open the beautifully carved cover and looked at the first page. It had my name: Hailey Howard written in calligraphy on the center of the first page. I remember smiling and later lifting my blue eyes to look up at the 19 year old beautiful woman and the phrase "Thank you" coming out of my mouth.

But I was always busy to open it and write in it…Even at times when I did open it I had no clue what to write in it what so ever. My mind used to be blank, but now I feel the need to ink it up. To share my thoughts without confusing myself, to help me understand the various changes my mind and body are going through. Hannah suggested I should, it would help me clear up my brain and give me space to think clearly.

Hannah isn't the typical image of a teenage girl I have read in all the romance novels I bought. She is energetic and full of life; she's beautiful in a different kind of way and very kind, despite being a little over confident of herself. She wants to be a model, just like Jessie. Also my brother and I are related to Hannah in some weird distant relative way. I didn't really know Hannah before she offered to baby sit us or au pair us as we call it. Probably because she lived in America and us in India.

She is also a good friend of Aunt Kelly who is the younger sister of my mother: Rose Howard. I like Hannah; I think she's perfect for us; so when she volunteered to au pair us I was delighted actually, especially when she asked me to model for a few clothes she had designed. Although I was not very keen on the idea, because models are beautiful girls and me… well I'm the exact opposite, but to keep her happy I told her I'd love to model for her.

The day my mom and dad got the wonderful idea to go on a around the globe trip they also stated that we were moving. Moving to a place with warm beaches, forests, clean roads; a whole different experience from the old places I have been to. So together Dad and mom bought a house.

It's a huge house; it's nothing like the place where our small happy family lived in India. It's bigger and more elegant. It has five bedrooms; I have mine next to Sebastian's. Hannah has one further down the stairs so she can check on us and keep us safe at night and work while not disturbing us.

The fourth bedroom, also the master bedroom was given to Hannah to work and to keep her dresses safely which she designed, which was on the top floor.

The last bedroom was Harry's.

The first time I met Harry, I knew we'll get along the second he gave me a full hug and told me how appropriately I dressed (my jeans, combats and a baggy T-Shirt) then shot Hannah who was wearing a short skirt a not pleased look to which Hannah just rolled her eyes and told Harry or as I quote that "he couldn't resist staring at her long legs and was blaming it on her choice of clothes". I went after Hannah while Sebastian had a hour long chat with Harry and told me later that day that he was feeling good that at least he wasn't the only man who living with us two girly girls or he would have gone mad.

I also like Harry, he is our second baby sitter who will take care of us whenever Hannah can't though I think we are much too big to be baby – sit I would much prefer the term au pair.

Well…My bedrooms great, It's pink n purple and very great. It is quite different from my older bedroom; the color, a very modern bathroom and a walk in closet which has unwanted clothes I will never wear. Thank god I still had a smaller closet where I kept my clothes which I wore. I fell down on to the bed looking around, it was very tidy and clean and I was grateful to mom that I didn't had to go through the difficult task of unpacking as some interior designer hired by her had already done it. I'm not the type to complain over bedrooms but it was kinda annoying when harry turned on his music and it vibrated though the floor separating our bedrooms. I thanked the god when he turned it off as he exited his room.

I heard his footsteps going down the staircase as he went outside the house. I could see him outside in the garden watering the plants from my balcony. I went outside and stared at the stars counting them. After some time I returned to the bed, too tired to change my clothes and dress up in night wear I took out my shoes and fell asleep on the soft bed not realizing I had my first day in high school tomorrow…

To be continued…

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