Chapter 1-Breakout

12:05 pm. Tuesday. Facility H in the western United States. The facility's security was just finishing the daily switch to the second shift guards, whose jobs seemed long and boring compared to what the main employees, the scientists, had clearance for. Some guards of course didn't care, some never do, about the strange and interesting things those people put their hands and minds on everyday. Those guards just sit and flip restlessly through the same magazines they've already shared and read three or four times. They had to, or get their preferred books checked out for safety before bringing it in, courtesy of the bureaucrats running the safety and appropriateness rules, or whatever it was called. Even still, the chief would just order them back to work if he saw them laying around.

The work of the scientists themselves did spark one's curiousity, but only most of the time. Other times even the coldest of them had all but ran from some projects, as they pushed what one would call "moral standards" too far over the line. Some projects were basically torture, and followed up with autopsies into strange reactions of the human body. Everything those in the underground labs of facility H studied pretained to what little was left unsolved about people, mostly their brains and unknown areas belonging to it, and the scared or drugged civilians and homeless locked in cages on the lower floors are the victims of choice for all of this. They're all treated so badly by humans, and they themselves are human. All human except one.

"First rounds clear, supe." one man with a large gut said, as a reply to another's expecting glance. The second man, the floor supervisor, or supe for short, had built himself the way any good fitness freak did. This amount of muscle wasn't even useful, but he always thought women loved it. They didn't really. He spoke, "I'll tell the chief. Other floors clear?"

Mister belly counted through them in his head, "First finished before us, and third and fourth just checked in with their supes." The two were already halfway down the hall full of chattering scientists and headed toward the guard station when the musclehead asked, "And the deep?"

"Roy's checking every lock and brace down there." The guard station cameras for the second floor all worked fine, so the supervisor started to step out when the other spoke again. "Roy's luck sucks today, doesn't it, Robson? Having to check the deep twice in a row."

The big guy let a smirk break across his hidden face and laughed quietly, he at least didn't want his guards getting relaxed around him. "Well, Jerry, the dice roll picked him." With that, supervisor Robson left Jerry to the cameras while he went to the chief along with the other supervisors to report clear floors.

Down below the main floors...

This area, lower than the fourth floor, was the only completely silent place in the entire facility. Everywhere else, there were walking guards, chatting scientists, or those crying in the cages, but this floor had none of those. Actually, this floor didn't even have more than one hall and one cell and one camera. This place, everyone else called it the deep, didn't even hold more than one person, and had a single guard check it once a day. The hall had multiple steel doors and one elevator out, usable only by someone with the right access. It was all cut off from the world.

In the silent, gray hallway, the sound of the elevator's motor fused into the sound of sliding steel doors. The noise left behind one set of footsteps created by a guard shifting along nervously. Roy, the guard with the bad luck, was there to check the small floor. With the thing down here making him so nervous, of course he cursed his luck for the third time since the roll, thinking the dice were rigged. There were thirty guards total, and the one to check the deep during each shift was picked by rolling five dice. Twice, without pause, poor Roy's number appeared. There wasn't much work in checking the deep, all Roy had to do was make sure the five steel doors between the elevator and cell functioned and held properly, then check the cell door's strength and control panel, then make sure the thing inside was still unable to move. He played this list through his head a few times before he started.

Steel door one, working and holding well. Door two, same. Third, fourth, and fifth, all good too. Now for the cell. Stepping up to the small, but strong, door, he looked over the integrity displays and looked for any bends or cracks. Next part was changing the password that goes in the panel, the whole time trying not to look into the open slot on the door that looks into the room. Both his curiousity and fear fought against each other to keep him on track. As always with people, though, there's that one little, tiny part of ourselves that has to look. Roy took in a shuddering breath and looked through the slot.

The inside of the cell was completely black, except for one perfectly rectangular splash of light that comes through the slot. To the left, right, up, and down, there was nothing to be seen. Solid darkness, but that primal part that was in Roy, and everyone else, said there was something. Of course something was in the room, or else the room wouldn't be here. Even with the primal part there, Roy had a stupid part too, and it made him tap the door lightly. The sound echoed, and still nothing moved.

"Hello?" The guard slapped his hand to his mouth the instant the word left him, the stupid part had overruled him for just a second. For a moment, he thought that at least nothing reacted, then stopped when he saw something. He strained his eyes to see, then two red dots appeared. Eyes.

Back up at the second floor...

"Hey Jerry, anything happening?" The guard who'd been left with the cameras snapped his head to the door he didn't know was opened, "Marco, watch what damn door you open!"

"Alright dude, just calm down!" This other guard, Marco, was only three weeks into the job. Like half the newbies, he expected, or wanted, something to liven the place up. He even looked new; skinny, still a little jittery, and acting like he'd done things just to sound cool. No one was impressed, not especially Jerry, who enjoyed the boredom. Though, this time his annoyance was because he was looking in on one of the female prisoners. He changed the camera channel and glared back at Marco, not for the first time. "No. Nothing happening, and that's a good thing. No sensible person wants a situation."

The skinny, little newbie caught the click of the remote, "Checking 'em out again? Number 12 or 47 this time?"

"47's been picked, only 12. The others look like worn out addicts." Jerry's sigh signaled that 47 was more like a special pin-up girl to him, though he didn't exactly seem troubled that a person was being tortured. No one felt for the victims.

"What about that one at the bottom?" Marco asked. He didn't try to hide being curious. "What's that one look like? Hot?"

Holding the remote with a strange stillness, Jerry placed it on the counter a little too calmly. "Not for me, it's a guy." Marco didn't notice the sudden awkwardness until belly man spoke again, "Also, it's not good to be anywhere near it. Go talk to Chuck if you want something more."

"Why, it dangerous?" Newbies never understand this place at first.

Jerry flicked through the channels again, trying not to get too forgetful of his job. "The last time it did something, someone lost both arms and another was terrified into insanity with just a touch. Dangerous is a useless word. It's not human, and it doesn't act like it."

Marco was looking over Jerry's shoulder now, and he couldn't help but be a skeptic. "How do you know it's not just a mutant?"

Another click, and Jerry replied, "Because all the scientists have checked its blood and everything, and none of it comes close to a human's."

In the deep...

Silence again spread through the lowest floor, but only because Roy couldn't bring himself to move or speak, thinking that the glowing scarlet dots in the dark would rush toward him. He brought a hand up slowly to cover the slot, to cover the eerie sight.

The dots moved, and he froze.

They tilted, as if the head they belonged to cocked itself to the side. A sound pierced everything. "Hello to you too."

The security guard, who'd been there for at least four months, had never heard something so solidly cold before. That little sentence ripped through his composure, so that he wanted nothing more than to get out of there. Whatever was in there, it saw him shaking when he tried to lock everything back in place. Then, Roy's hand slipped and he switched on the cell's lights. He also closed his eyes hard to keep from seeing.

Nothing happened. He needed to move, he knew this, and still it was so very hard to just open his eyes. Again, nothing happened. Roy opened one eye, and the only change his little panic started was the cell light was on, nothing more. He peeked back inside, and saw exactly the opposite of what he expected.

It was a boy. A late teens, brown haired, light tan skinned boy. Nothing strange, except the lit up red eyes. And the fact he was still staring straight at him. "You panic like a baby." A sneer spread across him in the cell, shaking the one outside even more.

The sneer stayed, which forced Roy to at least act like something other than a statue. When he put his guard face back on, the sneer on the other became only a smile, but still the focused stare remained. "Y-you're what everyone's scared of?" Roy had to ask, because he now didn't understand. The eyes were the only unnatural part of him, and his limbs were all held in heavy alloy cuffs, keeping him from moving. It was enough to get some confidence back. "You're stuck in place, behind six doors, and sealed underground."

"Yes I am. And?" Upon closer look, his red eyes also resembled a big cat's or a reptile's, that thin vertical iris. His face didn't change even after the stated facts. "I'll tell you something."

The guard's own stance now stayed on the defensive. "What's that?" Preparing to shut the lights back off, he noticed a small imperfection on one of the boy's arm cuffs. Something like a crack.

The crack spread, and Roy's heart dropped to his stomach. "What I'll tell that I'm leaving today." The smile became a psychotic grin, and the hall was lit up with the sound of a rip as the arm cuff completely fractured.

"Shit!" The monkey in Roy's head started screaming when he turned back to the elevator and ran for it. He could have broken the button's for the extra steel doors with how hard he was hitting them, begging to whatever he believed in to make them close faster. The last sight he saw through the slit between doors was the boy breaking the last of his cuffs.

For once his luck held up and the doors all closed. The next part was to call it in, so he reached for his walkie-talkie just in time to hear the worst sound of his life. It sounded dull and loud, and was very similar to solid steel ripping. He hit the alarm button on the wall.

Everyone heard it, and recognized it. It was the deep's breakout alarm, which triggered a panic among everybody except the older guards, supervisors, and the chief. The first thing they could do is calm the others down, then help to seal the lower floor. They needed to get the deep's guard out before sealing it up though.

Back behind the steel doors, the boy had just torn the cell door off its hinges and locks and thrown it to the side like a chunk of old wood. Behind him, the four cuffs were piles of shards and the wall directly behind the password panel had been ripped out along with its wires, weakening the door. In front of him were five very large, solid steel alloy doors and the panel for them was at the other end.

"I doubt there's more than one camera down here, but I'm sure you can hear me." he spoke calmy, wearing an excited grin. He was speaking to Roy, who really could hear him through a single intercom on the other end. "I just wanted to tell you I'm going to kill you and everyone in this entire facility. Badly."

As if he had no worries driving him, he did a bit of stretching, air punches, and basically messing around. After his little exercises, he stood before the large steel doors and lifted an arm, patiently and calmly. Seconds went by, and his fist flew at the door as hard as he could throw it. A deafening sound blasted through the entire floor, shaking Roy and rattling the elevator, which was headed back down now, bringing someone else.

The steel door, built so that an elephant couldn't dent it, nearly caved it from the boy's single punch. A second punch followed, just as crippling and damaging to the great door. Two more cannon punches, and he began to pry the door away from the wall and started folding it open. Within minutes, all but one of the doors got the same treatment and the final door was already starting to open.

The final door was done, and the boy looked up to a surprising sight. Roy was definitely there, as were twenty new arrivals, all wielding what he recognized as full automatic weapons. They were all pointed at him. He smiled a creepy little smile.