Part One

The music was loud. Sam and Luke were rapping together as the singer was spitting out the words without the sence. Amy, from the backseat, was begging them to turn the volume down. „Please, guys! You can't act like idiots on the road, you might run over something."

„Chill, Amy," said Luke, who was in front of the weel, looking at everything except of the road.

„Yeah, everything's under control." Amy rolled her eyes.

„Watch it, Amy. If you roll those pretty blue eyes of yours too much, they might get stuck in a wrong position!" said Sam, chuckling.

„Watch it, Sam. If you talk bullshit, your ugly head might be stuck in a wrong position!"

„Geez, why are you so pissed?" asked Luke.

„Why don't you turn off the damn radio, then I'll tell you!" However, guys just laughed and continued their terrible singing. 'I hope something jumps out on the road,' thought Amy. She didn't really expect that it would actually happen.

As Luke continued to step on it, something flashed in front of them. „WATCH OUT!" Amy screamed, and Luke in panic turned the weel over. The car flew off the road. It started rolling downhill, and three friends screamed in pain and horror.

It didn't last more than few seconds, but those were the longest seconds of their lives. The car suddenly hit a tree, and stopped rolling, and was laying sidewise. Amy's view began to blur, and she saw long, thin hands reaching out to her through broken glass. When cold hands touched her, everything went dark.

Sam barely woke up, looking faintly at the sky. His head was pounding. He barely stood up, relizing he is holding a flashlight in his hand. He turned it on. 'How did I get here?' he asked himself. Last thing he remembers was Amy screaming 'watch out', and a wierd, tall, thin figure with long limbs in front of them. Then Luke tried to dodge it, but they flew off the road... Rest of it was a blur. „Luke? Amy?" he called. Are they too all alone in these woods, or are they together? He hoped that they were together. It was dark, and these woods were really scary. He started walking, carefully, not knowing what kind of animals lurk in the darkness. He didn't want to get eaten by a bear. He was pretty sure there were not bears in these woods, but still... 'Calm down, Sam. There are no wierd noises. Just your footsteps.' It didn't take him long to find one lone, big tree, without any leaves on. 'It's a dead tree,' he thought, and then, he noticed something small on it. 'Is that... a note?' He came closer and saw a drawing of a stickman in woods, pasted with duct tape. „Haha. Very funny Amy," he said and took the note, putting it in pocket of his jeans. „You have a sick sense of houmor," he told that more to himself than to anything else. However, when he picked that note up, he had an unpleasant feeling that someone is watching him. He looked around, put only thing he could see were few bats flying around and maybe some creepy glowing eyes. 'Yes, Sam, there are other things in woods besides you. Don't act like such a wimp.' Unsure from which direction he came, he continued to walk. 'Damn. I should've watched some of those Bear Grylls episodes. Might have helped me in this situation. How did I ever get here?' Sam noticed how the flashlight became a bit weaker. 'I should save that.' But before he turned it off, he saw something between the trees. He ran towards it and discovered a real treasure. In front of him was an old, red van, but it looked like it could still be driven. 'A van! A van in the middle of the woods! I can't believe my eyes! This is just... Oh damn it.' The van did not have a first tire. Sam sighed. It was too good to be true. Not to mention, he couldn't leave without finding Amy and Luke. That should be his first priority, they can survive together easier than on their own.

Then, he noticed a small note on a front door of this old van. There was another stickman, next to a tree. Fast written letters were a bit similar – he saw that kind of handwriting somewhere. „Follows," he read the letters out loud. 'Okay, that's just creepy. I swear, if Amy is behind this I'll...' suddenly he heard something. It wasn't more than rustle, but it made him alert. Slowly, he approached, but he couldn't see anything but a fast movement in the distance. Sam watched closely, but couldn't see anything anymore. He turned his back and started walking little faster, with all his senses alert. He didn't even dare to think, he watched and listened, hoping he won't see anything move again.

A somewhat small building started to percieve behind the trees. Feeling little more relaxed, Sam rushed towards it. It was pretty dark, without any windows or lights. The walls were paved, glib and cold. When he entered, he could hear someone weeping. Sound was so terrible that Sam simply stood frozen, turning flashlight on and off. 'Damn it. You're acting like a real wimp, Sam. It's just someone crying. Be happy that there's someone breathing around here.' He took few steps to get the feeling back, and slowly approached the chamber where the person was crying. The door were closed shut, and on them, a note was pasted. 'Don't look... Or it takes you.' Just like the note before, this one was written in hurry. The handwriting was the same. Sam thought he heard something and slowly looked behind – but there was nothing there. Sam tried to open the door, and as he made a noise, weeping stopped. „Please, please, don't take me, I'll do anything!" The person behind the door was horrified by something, or someone. But Sam reckognised him. „Luke? Luke is that you? It's me, Sam."

„Sam? Oh God, Sam, is it following you?"

„Is what following me?"

„The Slender Man! Oh God, is it there?"

„Nothing is following me, Luke. Open up."

„Oh God... I'm shivering like a chicken." Clumsily, the door opened. Luke looked terrible. He was pale, as if he has seen a ghost.

„Where is Amy?"

„That thing... It took her! It took her right in front of me! I... I couldn't move, I was too scared! I couldn't do anything!"

„What took her?"

„The Slender Man!"

„Calm down, Luke. It's probably just a prank. Amy is cruel when we make her angry."

„Dude, this is for real! That thing has been stalking us while we were looking for you!"

„Calm down Luke. We gotta get outta here first. If that Slender Man of yours really exists, this is a dead end, and we can't run away from it."

„You won't be able to run away from it anyway. That thing just appears in front of you! It appeared in front of Amy and... And it took her!"

„Calm down. If that son of a bitch appears here, we will fight him off. Two guys are stronger than one, right?"

„That thing is a monster! Y-you should have seen it, it was fucking faceless!"

„Calm the fuck down, Luke. You're scaring me."

„You should be scared."

„You need some fresh air, dude," Sam said. Luke was his best friend his whole life, and he wasn't the brightest person, but this Slender Man is too much, even for him.

Eventually, Luke agreed to go with Sam. „Which way did you come in?"

„That way." Showed Sam.

„We should go the other way. There are other entrances."

„Why?" „Because it follows you." Sam remembered the notes he had in his pockets. „Hey, before I got here, i found..."

„Keep moving, Sam! We can't stop, we must never stop!"

„Okay, mister paranoid, I'm moving." They got to the exit and they saw something lying on the ground in front of the exit. „What is that?" asked Sam.

„I-I don't know. It might be... Oh, I don't wanna think about it." Sam turned his flashlight on. „Holy shit! It's a dead body!"

„Slender Man! It was Slender Man! He killed her!" Luke started to panic and ran. Sam ran after him. „Dude! Dude! Stop!" He caught him, and Luke screamed in his face. Sam punched him. „Get a grip, dude! We have to call police!"

„Do you have a phone?"


„Me neither. Good luck with calling the damn police." Sam helped Luke to get on his feet. They started walking, and Luke didn't want them to stop.

„Look, I found these notes on the way here. This one was on the door where you were hiding." Luke looked at the notes, one by one. „These stickmen... They are the Slender Man."

„And what's this – Can't run? Did you put it on the door?"

„No... I think that Slender Man can't actually run, but walks."

„Well, in that case, we have an advantage."

„No, we don't. Somehow, it always catches up."

„I still don't believe in this... Slender Man. You've been taking drugs on that party, haven't you?"

„Dude, even if I did, I'm completely sober now!"

„Yeah, whatever. Anyway, this handwriting seems familiar. I can't remember whose it is, but it's someone I definitely know." Luke and Sam exchanged the long look.

„Amy," they said at the same time.

„No, that can't be! I saw him take her away."

„She probably escaped. Amy is capable of that."

„And she probably pasted warnings around. Where did she get a notebook? And a pen? And duct tape?"

„She had it with her, remember? She's always crazy about taking those with her."

„Aren't we lucky. How are we supposed to use that?"

„I don't know. We can probably use it to escape."

„I don't think we are ever going to escape."

„Don't be so down. Amy is probably trying her best right now. We should too."

„Yeah. If she wan't killed by that thing. Or if she didn't go crazy."

„You were crazy when I found you."

„I was alone and I dealt with a monster. How am I..."

„Shush. I heard something." Luke and Sam stopped, tensly trying to hear or see something move.

„Luke. I think that something's watching us."

„No shit, Sherlock."

„No. Look." Sam turned on the flashlight. And there it was. A figure of 12 feet tall man in a suit. His legs and arms were impossibly long, and his face... Well, he had no face. He was pretty far away, but Sam didn't want to take that risk. Suddenly, he disappeared, only to appear few meters closer. „SHIT, RUN!" yelled Sam. Luke and him turned around and ran. They ran faster than ever in their lives – this time trying to save themselves. They used to play like this, when they were younger – they would imagine that evil monster was chasing them and they ran as fast as they could. But this – this was the real deal. This monster, this Slender Man – it was real. And it was after them.

They stopped and collapsed. They couldn't run anymore. 'We must've ran a mile,' thought Sam. But Luke didn't want to stand in one place. „We have to keep moving. We gotta get outta here."

„What about Amy?"

„Amy is as good as dead!" Sam punched Luke in a face, and he collapsed.

„Never talk like that about Amy again."

„I don't care about your damn crush on her. And if you punch me again, I swear I'll punch you back."

„You need some sense knocked into you, asshole." Sam looked around, to check if Slender Man was somewhere close. Instead, he saw another note. „Hey, Amy left us a tip."

„Let me see." Sam showed Luke a page. In the middle, there was a face of Slender Man, with two crosses where it's eyes would be. 'Always watches' said the top of the paper. 'No eyes' was underlined under the head.

„Yeah, tell me something we don't know," said Luke.

„Stop being an asshole. Why don't you try to make these drawings all alone, chased by the monster in the dark?"

„That's stupid of her. She is losing her time on this, instead, she could actually try to run away."

„Maybe she lost her hope."

„Maybe." They continued in silence – but it was too scary. It was risky, but they had to talk, Sam felt that he'll go insane if he doesn't talk. But he also understood that he must not talk – that monster could hear them.

He decided he'd rather take his chances. „What happened after the car crash?"

„Well, you were the first one to wake up. You had a terrible wound on your head, but you said you were okay. I too had few scratches, and Amy was perfectly fine. She was yelling how we never listen to her, and that that was all our fault. We tried contacting someone. Your mobilephone was completely destroyed, Amy lost hers at the party, and I had no signal. Then, you saw someone and went to ask him for help. You told us to wait by the car and not to go anywhere. We waited for few hours, and decided to look for you. Since you took the only flashlight, we were wondering in a dark, and Amy always had a feeling something was following us. I told her she was being paranoid – but she was right. That thing chased us twice. The third time, it got hold of Amy. I ran, as fast as I could and closed myself in that building. I thought, if I wait till dawn, I'll be safe. I though that Slender Man got you too. And then you came."

„Yes. You were crying. That was the scariest shit I ever heard. You. Crying."

„Don't remind me. And you? What happened with you? Was that man you went to talk to..."

„Slender Man? I don't recall anything. The last thing I remember was us flying off the road. I woke up in the middle of nowhere, with flashlight in my hand."

„Maybe Slender Man didn't want you."

„And mybe it wasn't Slender Man."

„How do you explain waking up in the middle of nowhere after you went to talk to someone in the woods? Not to mention your wound is gone." As they walked, they saw a tunnel. „Amy and I were here. We must be on the right way."

„Luke, I still think we should find Amy."

„We can't. When we get out, we will call someone for help." Sam sighed. He flashed into the tunnel, to make sure that Slender Man wasn't in it, and then, they went in. „I don't like this place."

„That makes two of us."

„What is that?" asked Sam.

„What?" Sam pointed to something small on the wall – another one of Amy's notes. On the note, there were two stickmen – one obviosuly Slender Man, other one laying down. 'Leave me alone' said the note.

„She's becoming more desperate. Maybe that note is for Slender Man?" said Luke.

„Please, don't joke about it." Suddenly, Sam and Luke felt chill in the air. They raised their heads – and at the entrance of the tunnel, stood Slender Man.

„RUN! RUN!" yelled Sam, but Luke stood frozen. Slender Man appeared right next to him and grabbed him. Up close, that thing was even scarier. It was tall – around twelve feet. It's limbs were far too long and far too skinny, and it's body was long and slim. It had no face, no ears, no hair – it's head was just like a dummy head. It's skin was pale white, it's hands bigger than a basketball. It was dressed in a black suit, which creeped them out even more.

„No! Leave me alone!" screamed Luke as Slender Man grabbed him.

„Back off, you son of a bitch!" yelled Sam and tried to hit it. It teleported few meters back. It had no eyes, but Sam felt that it looked at him. It had no mouth, but he was sure it was smiling. His two big hands grabbed Luke's head – who was screaming in terror and trying to fight back. One fast movement – one terrible sound. Luke's neck was broken. And he was dead.

„NO!" He stepped forward, but Slender Man simply disappeared. He grabbed Luke's dead body, trying to find a sign of life. He was still warm, but he was lifeless, his head in a wierd position. His eyes were wide opened, but still full of terror he was feeling before that monster killed him.

„I'm sorry. I'm sorry I couldn't save you," cried Sam and closed his friends eyes. Slowly, he went outside the tunnel. „If Amy is still alive, I will save her," said Sam. „I've made up my mind."

He wasn't always in love with her. Truth is, ever since they were kids, they were always fighting. That didn't change as they grew up, but every time she talked to him, he could feel butterflies in his stomach. She had the most beautiful blue eyes he had ever seen, and the darkest black hair he ever wanted to touch. He made a move on her – a few times, actually, but was rejected every single time. She considered him a brother, not a boyfriend. Every time she would get a boyfriend, he was so jelaous, he simply wanted to kill the bastard who dared touch her. Guys she picked were actually really cool guys, but he hated them, for they had what he never could have.

He dated a few girls himself. But whenever they were making out, he couldn't stop thinking about Amy. That's how crazy he was about her.

And Luke. Good guy Luke. He knew how his friend felt about their cute little girl friend. He always tried to hook them up. His cousin's party that they were coming back from was one of such occasions. He tried to kiss her. But she rejected him yet again.

Maybe this time... Maybe this time he'll be her hero. That thing... Slender Man... It was scary. And it was a monster. But he was not afraid of it.

The faceless head of Slender Man flashed through his mind... The way he killed Luke reminded him that he is supposed to be afraid. And he started to walk faster. He turned the flashlight back on. He will face that thing. He is afraid of it, but he will rather die fighting than in terror. He won't show the same fear that Luke did. Now he knows what's he's up against.

He saw few bigger rocks coming out of the soil. As he came closer, he could see yet another note. On this one, it was another, pretty clear drawing of the Slender Man. From each side, word 'no' was written six times. Amy was getting desperate. Right next to him, appeared Slender Man. Sam jumped backwards, in fear and surprise. He felt chills coming up his neck... And rage growing, like a demon that is spreading it's wings. He bradnished, but missed it. Still, he turned around and ran. That thing won't be getting him. Not now, not ever.

Between the trees, he could faintly see a big, copper pillar. He looked around it, like he knew there is going to be a note. And there, he found it. 'Help me' it said, underlined many times. The way it was written was showing Amy's fear. She obviously lost it. He turned around. There it was. Slender Man, watching him, but not moving. He could sense his gaze, and he knew he was smiling. And he knew what it wanted. „Oh, no, you don't." Sam ran, knowing he is faster than it. He ran, and ran, and ran. He lost his breath, but still ran. This was a race. He must save Amy.

A wierd sound made him stop. It was sound of someone's weeping. Yet again. „AMY!" he yelled and ran towards the sound. And there, he found her. She was sitting next to Luke's trashed car, shivering, crying... scratching herself to the point of bleeding. Her black hair turned white, but Sam knew – it was still her. She lost herself, but it was still her. He ran towards her and grabbed her. „Amy!" She looked him in a face and screamed. „No! No! No! Leave me alone! Leave me alone! You already did what you wanted to!"

„Calm down, calm down Amy," he held her strongly, as she tried to break free. „It's me. Sam."

„S-Sam?" she asked with a weak shivering voice. She showed him her face – she scratched herself to blood of terror.

„It's following. It always follows!"

„I know, I know. I will protect you, don't worry."

„Luke! Where's Luke?"

„That thing... Slender Man... Killed him."

„No... No... No..." Amy cried.

„Hush, Amy, it's alright. We're gonna get outta here. The road is near. We're gonna get on the road."

„No! If we don't move, if we don't talk, if we don't look, it won't find us." Sam hugged her and hid her face.

„Shh, it won't do anything to you." He glared at the Slender Man. It was there, just where Sam could see it, facelessly grinning at him.

„It's behind me. I know it."


„W-we gotta run! We got to get out of here!" Amy pushed Sam away and tried to run. Slender Man teleported few times – and he stood right in front of her. With his big palms he grabbed her face. Unlike Luke, she didn't scream. She looked terrified, but couldn't move. Then, Sam heard a terrible sound. A sound of skin breaking appart. Slender Man opened it's face wide, on the part where the mouth were supposed to be. Inside, there was nothing – eternal blackness. „No... NO!" Amy screamed, and he stoop with his mouth towards her. It opened wider, and he put her head in his mouth. As he was swallowing her whole, his mouth grew bigger and bigger, and he moved her inside with his big limbs. As he devoured her, his mouth closed, and he was the same faceless, skinny and tall man. Sam felt as he glanced upon him, and he fell down to his knees. The dawn started to break. Slender man slowly approached him, and with his cold hands touched his face. „What are you waiting for, you damned monster? DO IT!" Slender Man let his face go and straightened up. Slowly it turned around and disappeared. Sam shivered and stood up. He wanted to die. He wanted to die so badly... But that thing did not want to grant him that. Maybe because it feeds of other people's suffering. He drew out the notes he found and threw them away. Someone else might be needing these.

He climbed up to the road – and there it was standing. Waiting for him. Slender Man. „What are you?" asked him Sam, knowing it won't answer.

It surprised him. „I... Am a monster..." It's voice was inside of his head. And it was nothing but a mere voiceless whisper. But he knew it was his answer. „I... am a walking nightmare. A nightmare... That Amy created... when she was young."

„And you devoured her."

„Yes. To live her nightmare... She had to become a part of me."

„Why did you do it? Couldn't you just let her live?"

„No... I loved her... But in a different way. And now... She's mine." Sam's fists started to itch. He wanted to punch this monster, and keep punching it until it was dead.

„Those notes... She didn't write those, didn't she? You did."

„Oh, no, she did... But when she was... very young... I simply scattered them around the forest."


„To make the hunt... More fun, ofcourse." Slowly, as the sun went up, the Slender Man started to fade.

„What happens now?"

„I... am a creature... of nightmares... And I destroyed... everyone that... could dream nightmares about me..."

„You're wrong. I will dream you."

„But your dreams... Won't be dreams of fear... But of hate." As he said that, Slender Man disappeared. And Sam knew this was the end. Exhausted, Sam slowly started to walk by the side of the road. He heard the car approaching, and he raised his thumb. The car with an old woman and a child stopped by. „Hello, child! It's dangerous to go these roads alone. Come in."

„Thanks." As Sam reached for the car, a shadow appeared behind him. An old woman screamed in fear, and child silently goggled his eyes. Sam felt as big, cold hands grabbed his head. „I... lied." He could hear it laugh in his head, before the Slender Man broke his neck.

The old woman managed to get away. But Slender Man stayed in her mind, just like in the mind of a child.

And that's how the nightmare spread out.