Part Three

It was nice and bright day, though quite warm. It was the end of September, and rain started falling almost every day. Hovewer, this weekend was just beautiful, and it was calling little children to go out.

Kevin, a young man who was finishing his high school this year, sat on the bench, watching his little sister Lucy run around and play with kids her age. Unlike most of guys, Kevin liked children, and he had better bodn with his siblings than most of the other people his age. It could be because his eldest brother, Luke, disappeared, and his older sister, Judith, lost her leg five years ago. Her tragedy brought their messed up family back together.

Lucy fell down, and Kevin stood up immediately. But, before he got to her, an old man approached, and helped her get up. „Oh, you're hurt, little girl!"

„It's okay, mister. My sister has no leg," she said. Ever since Judith came back from the hospital, Lucy never cried. She thought that if Judith didn't cry when she lost her leg, she can't cry if she hurt herself.

„Is that so?" asked the old man, almost intrigued. Kevin didn't like the sound of his voice.

„Lucy, are you okay?" said Kevin when he approached. „Thank you for helping my sister."

„It is so refreshing to see a siblings so close. I'm guessing you would die for your sister?" Kevin was shocked by the question. He glared at the old man. „None of your goddamn bussines!"

„Kevy, Kevy stop, you're hurting me!" Lucy tried to pull out her small hand out of his grip as he pulled her back home. Kevin didn't realize he was hurting her and feeling guilty, he let her go. He crouched next to her, taking look at her scratch on the knee. „Does it hurt?" asked Kevin, using handkerchief to wipe off the blood.

„No, not much."

„You're one tough little girl."

„I'm not little!" said Lucy. Kevin looked into her sparkly, green eyes. She looked back into his eyes of same color. „Is everything okay?"

„Lucy, promise me you won't talk to strangers anymore."

„Why? That old man was really nice."

„People might seem nice to you, but that is usually not the case. Most of them just wear masks to decieve people."

„I don't understand." Kavin sighed.

„Just... Don't talk to strangers, okay? It might be dangerous."

„Okay." Lucy looked away. „Kevin, what is that?"

„What's what?"

„That thing over there," said Lucy pointing her finger in the distance.

„I can't see anything. It must be your imagination."

„It looks like that thing that Judith always draws."

„That's just her imagination. Let's go." Kevin grabbed Lucy's hand and they went home.


Judith sat at the table in her room when Kevin approached. „Hey, sis'."

„Hey, little boy! How are you?"

„I'm fine. And I'm taller than you."

„And I'm three years older than you."

„Shouldn't you be atcollege?"

„I took few days off." She stood up and put away the creepy picture she was drawing. Kevin admired her strenght. When Luke went missing, she held all the threads. While mom was sick worried and unable to functionate, while dad was spending his time drinking and thinking Luke was dead, Judith took care of both Kevin and Lucy. Lucy was only two years old back then. When she lost her leg, she didn't lose herself in sorrow. Instead, she took all the posibilities she could. Only things were her nightmares. She always dreamt of this creature, Slender Man, and in her dream, it was his fault that Mark, Leo, Luke and his friends went missing. Kevin looked it up, and thought that it could be possible if the creature was real. But that didn't puzzled him. What he couldn't figure out is why was his sister dreaming that creature? She wasn't a big fan of Creepy Pasta. She hated scary stories.

„Are you okay?" asked Judith.

„Yeah, I'm fine. Some guy approached Lucy today when she fell. He asked me if I would die for her. Can you imagine the nerve?"

„Almost sounds as if he was threatning."

„I know. I told Lucy not to talk to strangers." Judith sighed. Something bugged her, Kevin could see it, but she just didn't want to say anything.

„Judith, can you hide your drawings from Lucy?"

„I am hiding it from her. She always bumps in and looks around my stuff when I'm not here."

„Hide them better. She said she saw Slender Man." Judith was alarmed.


„Yeah, she said..."

„No. No, no no... This is bad. This is very, very bad."

„Judith, what's wrong?" asked Kevin, standing up. As if something punched her and dragged her back into the reality, she looked Kevin right into the eyes. 'Is that... fear I'm seeing in her eyes?' Judith blinked, and whatever he saw in the depth of her eyes, was gone.

„Nothing," she said and showed him her perfect, fake smile. „I just remembered some project that I have to make due to Monday."

„That's in five days."

„It's a large project."

„I can see you're lying."

„Good for you, lollipop."

„I hate it when you call me that!"

„It reminds you of what kind of pervert you were three years ago? You should remember than with shame, darling." Kevin marched out, red in the face. He hates lollipops to this day because of what happened few years before.

No, he won't think about it.

He will only get a nosebleed.


It was the middle of the night, when Kevin has awaken from a nightmare. Faceless creature was lying under his bed. It's hand streched around him and it started choking him. Kevin could hear cracking of the bones of his neck... But the thunder from outside woke him up from his nightmare. Covered in sweat, he stood up and went into the bathroom. The strom outside was raging, howling through the opened window. The lightning crashed, and Kevin, feeling a bit nervous, closed the window.

Terrified scream came from Lucy's room. He immediately ran into her room. She crouched in the corner, looking at her window, covering her ears. He never saw Lucy so terryfied. Tears were streaming down her face, and Kevin was more shocked by this than anything else. „Lucy! Calm down, your big brother's here, your big brother will protect you."

„It's a monster, Kevin! It's outside of the window."

„There's nothing there, Lucy. It's just the bad dream."

„No! It's there, I saw it!"

„Lucy, there are no monsters. They can't harm you because they don't exist." He couldn't make her believe him. „Look, I will check out, okay? I promise you, there is nothing there."

'Maybe I should give her a shotgun and tell her to kill it? It worked for Sam Winchester,' he thought, and threw away that thought almost immediately. 'You're an idiot.' He looked outside, through the window, holding Lucy by her hand. It was hard to see anything in this storm, as the strong rain fell down in rage. Looking closer, Kevin could see a strange figure of a man, standing in the distance, watching him. When he blinked, the man disappeared. 'It was just my imagination.'

„See. There's nothing there."

„Please don't leave me alone! That monster looked like the one Judith dreams of." Kevin sighed.

„Okay. I'll be in your room. I'll protect you from monsters." Lucy layed down in her bed, and Kevin lit up the lamp on her table. She stopped sleeping with the light on when she was four, but Kevin knew she would feel safer. Even though he hated singing, he sang Lucy a lullaby, the same one Judith sang to him when he had nightmares. It was soon when Lucy fell soundly asleep. Kevin stayed a while, watching through the window. 'Judith is giving us all the creeps with that Slender Man,' he thought, remembering his nightmare.

Starting to feel sleepy, he noticed something flashed in front of the window. His heart stopped beating, as the faceless creature looked at him, as if it could look, and Kevin stood up immediately, with a terrible sound of thunder. But, just as the creature appeared, it was gone in the same second. Kevin stood there, alone, vulnerable, and very, very scared.


„Is everything alright, Kevin?" asked Judith, noticing how pale Kevin was during the breakfast.

„Yeah, I'm fine. I just didn't sleep well."

„Lucy said she saw the Slender Man last night," continued Judith, with concern.

„I know, I was with her." For a moment, they sat in front of each other in silence. Small 'bye' told by their mother was unanswered, and the shut of the door was the only thing filling it.

„I dreamt it," finally said Kevin, playing with his cereal.

„Slender Man?"

„Yes. And... It must've been my imagination, but... I saw it." Judith looked straight into his eyes.

„It wasn't your imagination."

„Judith, look..."

„Kevin, I am serious. There are things in this world we can't explain. And this monster is one of them. I assure you, he's real."

„You speak of it like it's a person."

„Yeah, I gave him that title so I'd be scared of him less. It doesn't help much, but it's comforting."

„Funny. Couple years ago you would deny such thing exists."

„Yeah. But then I lost my leg."

„It was it's fault?"

„No. It was the fault of a truck driver. But he nearly drove me crazy. He killed Amy, Sam, Mark and Leo. He killed Luke."

„Luke? You knew it? All this time?"

„Yes. But I couldn't tell you. How would you react if I suddenly came and told you: 'Hey, monster from Marble Hornets is real and it killed our brother and got me into an institution.'"

„Yeah. I wouldn't believe you. And I still don't believe you."

„That's good. You should stay in denial. If you don't believe in it, it can't hurt you." After that, the uncomfortable silence fell between them. Kevin couldn't take it.

„You watched Marble Hornets?"


„I thought you hated that channel."

„I do."


The silence continued.


Kevin sat in the gym class, absent minded. He wasn't feeling like running around catching the ball. He was never really good at sports. He was way too clumsy, and it wasn't really even his style. Because of that, he often got bullied, even got few scars from beating. He often used to think about suicide, but when Judith came home without a leg... Her experience somehow made him stronger, and he stood up to his bullies.

He kept thinking about what Judith said during the breakfast. That the Slender Man is real, and that it was that thing's responsibility for Luke's death. „But... That can't really be true, can it?" In the distance, he yet again saw that tall figure. Chills went down his spine, and he felt the panic in his chest slowly growing. It wasn't easy to see it, as this tall figure easily fitted into the background, but it was a confirmation to his doubts.

And once he embraced it's existance, he felt some kind of ease come down onto him. Because, even if he believes, that thing can't do much to him. Because he is not afraid. For Lucy, Judith and Luke, he wasn't afraid.

'Come on, you bastard,' he thought. 'Let me see you mess with my family again.'

'I might come sooner than you expect me, ignorant boy,' the reply materialised in his head, tickling him, and Kevin felt his fear growing again.


It was Lucy who first shouted: „He's here! He's here!" Judith froze, in fear, looking at the creature who appeared before them. Kevin reacted instantly. He stood in front of them, like he himself can protect his two sisters. 'Who would've thought a normal walk through the park would end up this way?' he thought. He knew this walk was a bad idea, but Judith and Lucy insisted on it. And Kevin just couldn't let them go alone, not with that terrible feeling in his gut he had since the Slender Man first talked to him.

'We meet again, Judith,' said Slender Man. There was no voice to be heard, but all three of them could sense his words. 'There is no need to be afraid of me. Not for you.'

„Why? You killed my brother. You killed my friends."

'But it was never my intention to kill you.'

„What are you?" asked Kevin suddenly. All this time, he really wanted to know the truth, even though he was afraid. Slender Man turned hes eyeless gaze upon him, reaching right into his soul.

'Ah, Kevin. Brave protector of his family. It is a quite good quality. People like you shall be needed.'


'I am an agent. I save people like you from this wretched world when I spot you, and I punish those who do the wrongdoings before they have the chance to do it.'

„What? Who are you to judge people like that? How can you know what will they do?" Judith yelled.

'Judith. Honest and wise. I can see the future. I can see the past. I know what you will be. What is your destiny to become.'


'You must know that the freedom of choice is just a lie. Everything was written. Everything must go by the book. I am the only one who can give the freedom of choice. And I am giving it to you now.' He offered his white, fingerless had with a small thumb to them. Kevin was nearly horrified, but he swallowed his fear and faced the monster. 'Will you come with me, onto the world of people with pure heart that I am creating? Or, will you stay here, and suffer from the pain this corrupted world will cause you?" Suddenly, the pictures started flowing through their mind. He showed them the future, and Kevin saw so many tears shed on his face, he felt so much unnecessary pain that he will feel in the future. Slowly, he started to believe the wirds this creature was telling them. He lost all the will to stay here.

He was surprised to see Lucy reach out to him first. „I want to go with you, mister Slendy." Kevin was shocked. It was as if the Slender Man smiled. It was a gentle smile, full of something so... confusing. Could it be love? ' Lucy. Child full of understanding and love for those around you. I promise you, gifts you can give to others shall not be wasted in the world I will create.' Judith was next to reach towards him. „I will go too. Someone needs to take care of her."

'Of course, Judith. Who else better than wise older sister?' Kevin stood there, puzzeled, and felt all the eyes were watching him. He took a deep breath. „Alright. I'm going too."

„To go there, you must die. But do not worry. It will be the last pain you will feel." The cracking of the bones in their neck was loud, but they didn't feel any pain. They found themselves, standing in the light, with Luke and Sam standing there, waving towards them. Behind them was Amy, smiling, welcoming them into this new, better world.


Anna lost all of her children. Two months ago. Her husband comitted suicide because of that, and she was starting to think about comitting it herself. She watched the pictures of her dead family, and shed cold, sad tears, not even realising something was watching her from the corners of her house. However, there was a doorbell, and the shadow disappeared. She opened the door, and two men dressed in suits stood in front of her, one taller, other one shorter, but something on them was telling her they were brothers. „Anna Montgomery, am I right?" asked the shorter one.

„Yes," she replied.

„I am agent Nigel Tufnel, this is agent Gregory Washington," said the shorter one again, and they both showed their FBI ID's. Well, maybe she was wrong. „We are currently investigating the case of your missing children."

„I thought police gave up on it long ago."

„Not us," said Gregory Washington. „We will help you find them. We promise."

„They are long dead. I know it."

„Can we come in and discuss it?" asked Nigel Tufnel.

„Yes, sure." As she let them inside, in her head, she could hear small, barely notable words: 'Sam and Dean Winchestercame to hunt me.'

But those weren't her thoughts, and she wasn't sure what they were reffering to.

„Off topic, ma'am, have you ever heard of Slender Man?"

„Yes," said Anna.

„Some believe it was him who took my children?"

„But not you?" aksed taller one, Gregory. Anna didn't reply on that.

„Let me make you some coffee." As she approache the window, she saw a tall figure standing in the distance. 'If it truly was the urban legend monster that took my children, I wish it took me.'