Once there was a lonely soul.

The Lonely Soul longed for another and so decided to split and this split was called Half. Now the lonely soul wasn't alone anymore, there was Half.
Half talked with the Soul and kept the Soul company.
Half asked the Soul if there should be many to keep them company and the Soul agreed.
So Half divided into many and there were many for Half and the Soul.

Many talked with Half and the Soul.
They played and were not alone.
The Many said to Half and the soul,
'We would like to be even more, so there would be even more to keep them company and play and talk with'.
So the Soul agreed and the Half agreed with the Many to become Even More.

Now there were Many and Half and the Soul along with Even More and now none were ever lonely but kept each other company.
But soon Even More wanted a place of their own along with Many and so they decided to move away from the Half and the Soul to leave them alone together.
On their place of their own Even More combined with Many to make Greater Numbers and they were so great that they spread over their place very quickly.
They were so great that they were never alone and always together.

But something strange began to happen and the Half and the Soul watched the Greater Numbers as they began to fight.
The Greater Numbers had wanted more space to be alone because they were too great for each other and they were no longer talking and playing.
The Greater Numbers wanted to be The Only Ones Left and so they began to subtract their Greater Numbers until they became Fewer and Fewer Still.
The Half and the Soul saw that they would be No More unless they did something.

The Half didn't want to be apart from the Soul anymore and the Soul agreed they should become One but the Half couldn't join the Soul until the Fewer and Fewer Still joined the Half.
And so the Half and the Soul came to the Fewer Remaining and asked them to join.
But the Fewer Remaining were still fighting and didn't want to be a part of Half who would join the Soul to become One.
The Half and the Soul decided they would join with those that wanted to be a part of Half and the Soul so they would finally become One.
Soon the Fewer Remaining dwindled to Few and only a small part of Few wanted to join the Half and the Soul to become One.
The Half and the Soul accepted the Small Part of the Few and joined with the Small Part to be One while the Few became No More.

Now One was the Only One Left and was sad because being the Only One Left meant that you were alone and had no one else to talk to or play with and keep company.

One was alone again without Half, Many, Even More or the Greater Numbers.
One wished that the Greater Numbers hadn't fought with each other to be the Only Ones Left.
The Greater Numbers had forgotten why they were there.
They didn't know why Many had joined with Even More or what had caused One to become Half in the first place.
The Greater Numbers had forgotten what it was like to be a Lonely Soul, a Lonely Soul who didn't want to be alone anymore.

One thought this over and decided that loneliness could be a good thing and that would prevent others from being No More.
The loneliness would draw others together and this would be called Love.
One tried again and then there was Another.

One and Another made the Others and the Others were lonely at first until they came together and from loneliness came Loveā€”and fighting, greed and isolation were No More.

The End