No one really believes me now and I doubt you will. They still call me crazy and only a few will listen to this story that happened to me. There I was out in the middle of the field minding my own business when I see this blinding flash of light from out of nowhere. It was pitch dark out and all you could see were the stars and the moon hanging in the sky but all of a sudden—

It was just like that.
Enough to light up the whole sky for miles around and then it was gone.
At first I didn't think much about it after the blinding flash had gone. I assumed it was a falling rock burning through the sky before it burst into flame and landed somewhere out in the beyond.
It wasn't until I walked back that I got this really creepy feeling, like something was watching me.
Even though this happened a really long time ago I still remember it. And I can see myself now, just staring out into the field, waiting and holding my breath.
I didn't hear anything, though I could still swear I was being watched. Wherever that blinding light had come from was far but still, I thought something wasn't right and as I walked back I took a glance behind me.
What I saw made my heart stop a beat and my chest hitch up, I almost screamed but no sound came out as I hung my mouth open in fear and also—

Something was coming toward me at a very fast speed, something I had never seen before. It had a strange sound too, something like a vibration and whirring noise, though I had never heard the like since. It didn't crawl so much as glide but it had no legs. Its two flashing eyes stared at me and I didn't move, I seemed to have froze up.
Fear will do that to you, it will paralyze you.
At last the thing came to a stop a few ways away from me and didn't move. The eyes closed and its vibrating hum stopped. It seemed to be waiting as I was, not moving at all. I barely breathed for fear it would hear or smell me. I wasn't sure it could smell me really but I smelled it, an acrid metallic smell, that wafted off of it. There wasn't a sound besides my faint breath and beating heart which was racing now and pounding within me.
As I was considering breaking into a run (or perhaps a tip-toeing walk) the thing that was facing me but not moving suddenly—split apart.
That's all I can call it.
Its body opened up and two large things came out of it.
I crouched down in fear.

"Oh please," I thought, "Please don't see me, please don't come near me."
The things that came out of the large creature moved close together and then became illuminated. Two large luminescent bulbs peered out into the night and spindly moving sticks—four of them (two short and two longer) jerkily moved under them as it, or rather they, trundled closer to me.
As they came closer I could see them more clearly and it horrified me.
To this day I'll never forget the image I had seen.

Within the bulbs were magnified heads and something like eyes peered from each one.
I thought with terror, "They can see me! Oh no they actually see me!"
Without thinking I broke into a run but one of them had produced a strange metal rod and it made a sizzling sound before I felt a shock and then a numbing sensation thought my entire body. I fell to the ground with the wind knocked out of me and everything went black for a moment. I realized later I had hit my head and when I opened my eyes, I was laying there but with those horrible creatures standing over me. They made long tonal moans and short clipped grunts and seemed to be communicating with one another. I watched them as one of them took out another rod (this one was shorter) and it shot a beam of light into my eyes. I quickly shut them but the creature reached out to me with one of its legs and I had to suppress a shudder as it slithered along me. It felt rough, cold and strangely slippery but not wet.

"Get off me, don't touch me!" I cried silently.
The creatures just stood there and stared at me then one of them tried to pick me up and it was then I struggled and kicked at them. I didn't care anymore I just wanted to get away and I started to fight them.

Nothing could have prepared me for what happened next. The one I had kicked let out a low guttural groan and fell to the ground, the other grabbed me and lifted me up as I thrashed around, desperate to get away. There was a barking from the creature on the ground that I kicked and it slowly regained itself to stand up. The other let out a harsh repeated rasping noise.

Before I knew it I was being carried off and there was nothing I could do. The thing held me in its grip and I couldn't fight back because my legs were kicking into the air and the rest of me was held by the creature as it slowly lumbered its way back with the other, back to that big whirring thing that had come out of the darkness so suddenly with its glaring eyes. I was being brought to the huge creature that lay slumbering and then I knew it was too late. They were going to feed me to it. They showed no mercy as they hauled me into its stomach. I cried out and screamed, the last moments of my life flashing before my eyes, and one of them seemed to stop a moment as if in concern.

"No, not concern," I thought, "How could they be capable of feeling?"
The creature murmured something to the other and it shook its head, miming a base form of communication. I shook violently and trembled, the last dregs of my courage gone and in a horrible embarrassing moment I could feel the warm liquid of my bladder let loose. As it let go of me, the creature let out a terrible groan and looked down upon its ugly shiny skin. Normally I would have found this funny but seeing as I was about to end up dead in a moment all I could manage was a hysterical shrill squeal before I felt myself drop in mid-air. The creature had let go and I was free! But only for a moment, the other one had come around and shut the opening of the stomach that I was thrown into and all I saw was blackness—
No, not total blackness.

I looked up and was thunderstruck.
I could still see the stars. I could see the stars through this creature's stomach that I was in. They blinked down at me unconcernedly and I could still see the full moon hanging in the sky as usual like it always did, never setting but always up in the sky. It was reassuring to me but I was still fearing for my life and was even more scared when the creatures came in with me through two openings that shut with a dull thud. I had settled myself (as much as I could) down on the bottom of this vast stomach that gave a vicious lurch and started forward. I could hear the whirring again and it went through my head. I looked up at the creatures who were unconcerned. One of them had its legs around a strange circle and was moving it around back and forth. I jumped into the air (though not of my own accord) when something underneath us bumped. It seemed we were moving, inside this creature that was also moving. I saw the stars move above us though the moon was still in sight. I wasn't dead but still alive somehow even though I was fed to the great monster with the gleaming eyes and vibration. I was alive and felt thankful. Though that didn't last long when I realized we had come to a stop and the creatures were getting out.

They pulled at me and I grasped the bladder (or whatever it was that felt leathery) hoping that the huge monster I was in would react in pain. But it was no use, the monster's stomach seemed immune to my teeth and tearing, as I was finally pulled out and carried to something on the ground. It looked big and hard like a rock in a shape that had many flat sides to it and the great gray thing opened up its mouth and I felt again the terror of being swallowed alive. The mouth closed over me and all I could see was darkness. Not even the light of the stars or the guiding moon shone through. It seemed I had finally been swallowed up to die.

I felt sick to my stomach and was sure I would throw up. My head was dizzy and I felt lightheaded and my whole body was rocking back and forth. It was like the world was spinning around me, moving up and down, up and down. As I resigned myself to this final death, this slow torturous ending, I hit the ground—hard.
A white light opened up above me and I thought, this is it, this is the end. I saw the light, the endless light beaming down on me and I wanted to go into it. I opened my bleary eyes and it was so bright, so unbearably, beautifully bright. At last it was over, I was going to a better place.

But again I was wrong.
Dark hooded things were looking down on me and one of them reached for me. I sank my teeth into its poking appendage and it let out a startled yelp. The one that had reached quickly retreated but was replaced by another and it grabbed a long thin and floppy thing that I bit at, it didn't move but the hooded thing wrapped it around me, binding me and I was brought out into the blinding light. Low buzzing and murmuring sounds came from the hooded things and they each had two magnified blinking black things that I guessed were eyes. They turned me around a bit as if showing me off then placed me on the cold metallic ground that smelled so strongly of sharp acid that it made my eyes sting and my nose burn (it must have been poison).

I shivered in the soft floppy thing that lay over me because the ground was so cold and I realized the air around me was freezing too but none of the hooded creatures seemed to be shivering. Then I was held down and I screamed some more. I was bit by a long thin thing that the dark hooded creatures jabbed at me and then I felt myself slipping into a drowsy darkness. I felt a few other bites and stings before I lost consciousness and awoke later in the same field I was in before I had seen the flashing light.

You don't believe me do you? I can see it on your face as your shaking your head in disbelief. I may not be the only one you've heard of who has told stories of seeing these creatures or of being taken away and returned later. But it's really true, all of it, I couldn't make this up if I tried.

I have proof.

On my leg is a scar, not very big but rather small. However, every once in a while it will itch, usually before the neon clouds in the sky come around to rain down its acid water. As I scratch at it I can feel a small bump that was never there before. I know those creatures put it in me. I may sound paranoid now but I know it must be some sort of mark they use, perhaps to follow their prey. I didn't know it then but I've talked with a few others (the ones that have been abducted) and they agree with me, those creatures were watching us for some time and they have decided (very stealthily) to capture us and keep an eye on us for later. What purpose they may have for us, I do not know but I fear it greatly and I tell anyone who will listen to watch out.

I know now where those creatures must come from although few believe this. Every once in a while when the sky is clear of those neon rain clouds and the dust storms have passed, only in a great while can you look out and see that other moon that hangs in the sky so very distantly from ours. It is a blue moon shadowed by another smaller silvery gray moon and it glows very brightly at night, during those odd times you may see it.

I'm rather old now but I have watched that blue moon and studied it ever since I was abducted and I've seen some very strange things around it.
I've seen blinking objects moving around its dark sky, floating dots of many different colors and every once in a while, an odd explosion or two, that send out long streams of fiery breaths behind it like the tongue of a very large animal. And once I had seen that fiery breath end near our closest moon, the one that never sets but is always in the dark sky.

I knew then as I know now, those creatures came from that blue moon to our place here.
I warn you they are watching us and I tell the young ones to look out, when they see a blinding flash of light in the sky, to go and hide before its too late. Before they too are abducted and taken away.

Only once in a great while do they come. After the creatures have taken one of us as their prey and put the small bump in us, they leave and don't come back for a long time. I have talked to those others that have been abducted, there aren't many of us but there are a few, and it is the same with them. Each one of us is much older than the other, I am the oldest but I'm sure I was not the first to be abducted. It's like the creatures leave us to forget (as if we could) and lull us into a false hope that they will never come again. But I'm sorry to say they will come and they are probably on their way as I tell you this.

You say it will never happen but it does, it always does. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but when you're out there alone some night you just might see that blinding flash of light. And if you don't have the sense to run then they will find you and do to you what they did to me.

Beware the open sky, that big vulnerable place between here and nowhere, for there are things unseen and unheard of that live out beyond the stars.