Everyone has places

Everyone has spaces

Where their darkness

And death wishes hide.

Deadened spaces

Numb to feeling

Gasping with emptiness

That is always full

I let you in

Past my walls

Into my defenses

And you saw my spaces

My spaces where I burnt

My own heart out

You kissed them all

Told me they were beautiful

I saw yours to

You are not as strong as

You play to be

But it didn't matter to me

I accepted your short comings

Lined you with my own strength

Wiped your tears

And held you tight

I only saw the surface

You made sure of that

Will I ever see what's underneath?

Behind you walls.

I filled the holes in your heart

The ones that I could find

Filled them with love

That hurt me to give

You filled mine to

With lust and TNT

Explosives and death

All disguised in love

I had always had empty places

Had them since I was a kid

For the first time

They weren't there anymore

What freedom and love

Could make

A deadly cocktail of


Reckless with my words

To free with my actions

I changed you

And you killed me

By lighting a match.