Chapter One: I roted this alled byed myself

Did you knowed I just lostid my second tooth? It was pulled out by mummy tyeding a piece of string round it, and tyeding the othver end round a door handle. That really hurt. I was cryeding after. My tooth was out, and I am happy about that. The tooth hurted when I eated food, so I codn't eat a lot. But, I did like to wigle it whened it was inned my mouth. That was fun. When my nexted tooth comes lose, I can wigle it too. I hope it's soon; I like to wigle my tooth. Wigling tooths is fun. Have you ever wigled your tooths? I can't wate to haved all my baby tooths out, and then I'll be a big girl like my sisda. I want all my tooths to falled out now, so my big tooths can growed, and I'll be a big girl.

When I'm a big girl, I'm going to stayed up late. I won't have sleeped ovas with frens, only litle girls do that. My big sisda sayed big girl drank all day and party all night to lawd music, and then comed home in the moning. They don'ted do any sleepeding. I trieded to dranked all day, but byed cup five, I was too filled to drank more water. At night I turneded up my music up really lawd and sitted in my bed. I didn'ted know howed to party, but I thinked I was doing it right. Mummy came in and turneded it down. She woodn't letted me party all night. That didn't maked me happy. As much as I trieded to stayed up all night, I felled sleep becoz I gotted tired. Whened I'm a big girl, I'm going to tryeded agen.

My broda sayed when rited a story, you shood started with impformashun bout the caracta. I don'ted know what caracta means, or impformashun. I'm justed riteing what I want. My story is bout me. I like me, and I thinked other people will likeded my story bout me too. My name is Candelaria. I am called Bambi. Mummy sayed Candelaria is a Spanish. It wased the named of my Daddy's sisda who dyded a long time ago. Mummy sayed my Daddy is a Spanish. I don't knowed what a Spanish is, but Mummy says I'm haf a Spanish. Do you knowed what a Spanish is? Shood I telled you my age? I'm goinged to. I'm three and two weeks old. Mummy sayed I'm really smart. I canned readed and rited. I'm not ment to. She sayed Daddy started teacheding me when I comed. She sayed he wood sitted me oned his lap and readed the nuspapa to me. Then whened I grewed up a bit, he start askeding me to help.

Daddy's in Ozdralea nowed. He wented over there lasted month and hadn'ted comed back. I don't knowed why. Whened he comed back, I'm goinged to showed him my story. Mummy's goinged to readed it firsted. So there ared no ronged things in it. She is wocheding me riteding now. She sayed I've roted a lot of werds. She sayed Daddy will be imprest. I don't knowed what imprest means. I hope it not bad. I don't thinked it bad. Mummy alled ways sayed she imprested with my broda, and he alled ways good. She never sayed she imprested with my sisda, and she all ways bad. Do you knowed what imprest means? Is it good?

I'm riteing this story so when daddy comed back, I can gived it to him and he can readed it. Whened he readed it, he willed know what hapined afta he lefted. Then it willed be like he nefa wented to Ozdralea. Whened he comed back from Ozdralea, Daddy sayed he wood bringed me a pet koala. I'm going to named it Fluffy. Mummy sayed Daddy was only ment to be is Ozdralea for too weeks. It's ben more than too weeks. She sayed he mite be a wyled longeder. I askeded whened he'll be comeding back. Mummy started cryeding and left. My sisda sayed he nefa comeding back. My broda sayed my sisda is being really mean. I like my sisda, but she lies a lot. She really mean sumtims. But I stilled luv her lots.

My Daddy's name is Maximiliano. My broda's name is Pastor. My sisda's name is Jimmie. My Mummy's name is Elisabeth. I don't called her Elisabeth, I called her Mummy. I like Mummy. I don't called Daddy Maximiliano. I call Daddy Daddy. Jimmie calls Daddy Max. I don't knowed why. Do you knowed? Pastor sayed he will telled me when I'm a big girl. All the good things hapin to big girls. I can't wate to be a big girl. I want to be a big girl like my sisda. Pastor sayed I look up to Jimmie. I don'ted knowed what that means. I wanted to be like Jimmie. Jimmie not frade of stuf. Jimmie is brave. Jimmie sayed she beeted up some meany girls all by herself. I wanted to do that like Jimmie. I copyed Jimmie, so I canned be like her.

I like Pastor to. He sayed he wood prufed readed this fromed nowed on.