Ode to Dance

Beginning with blood and blisters in ballet

To tutus and tights in a small theater

Artists learn different forms of creativity

Being taught tap and jazz from a teacher

This art evolves to hip hop and contemporary

Bringing sweat with sparkles and glitter

Along with more and more abstract choreography

Buns and bobby pins, practice and pain

On stage, dancers compete with tricks and technique

Adrenaline in lights, judges and jazz,

Until the time limit is reached, the team continues

When the competition is done, the art continues

Back to the bar, back to the ballroom,

To the buns, to the hairspray,

The exercise of dance expands and endures.

A/N: A poem I was instructed to write for my Intro to Creative Writing class. I am not very fond of poetry, and after this next semester I will probably never write any again unless it is relevant to my novel I am writing, but I figured I would find the ones I like and post them here. Thoughts and critiques are appreciated!

C. E. Taylor