I Have Been Waiting

for a time

that feels much longer than it

has actually been but you have

been ignoring this

If i could bring myself

to do so i would tell you just to

see how you respond

since it would halt

you blissfully ignoring the problems

of others and not breeding

any problems of your own

These feelings i have

consume so much of what i

have chosen to toil away

the hours of my day with

but now i am learning

something new

I don't know if i want to wait

anymore because i've learned

that there are people

who want to give me

exactly what i have been waiting for

from you but my heart

is still telling me that wait

ing is the right thing to do

A/N: Another poem for my Intro to Creative Writing class, though this one is closer to me than others. I still hate poetry, but this one was written when I was in an emotional fit about a guy I was really into at the time.

C. E. Taylor