He was beautiful…

I couldnt help but stare down at the moon tinted skin, almost blue and pasty. He kind of looked like he was just born. But was still and unbreathing. His dark hair hung in mats on his head, eyes closed forever.

"So Miss Simms, this is your…" The man behind me said, breaking my concentration.

I turned away from the beautiful man and looked at the portly, balding man that had been red in the cheeks and nose was standing with a clipboard. He obviously had a drinking problem from the way he smelt when I walked into his office. I nodded. "Yes, thats Jeremy Shire… my ex-boyfriend.." I whispered the last part and looked down at my feet. My brown boots were close together, I could feel the slight pain from standing too long already today keep my mind distracted. I reached up and caressed the length of my braid, a silvery blonde strand caught in my nail and I tucked it into my purse.

"Thank you, you were the only person whos number was on his person.." The man said, writing down the name I had given.

"How did… how did he die?" I asked, finally saying that word, die was so final, the finality that caused me to shake. I turned back to Jeremys body, almost idolizing the beauty he had now, he was white skinned and almost stone-like and unreal. The beauty he had in death was unlike any she had seen in movies, or in television shows. They were gory, they were sick and putrid, but this body, didnt even smell. I could even smell that stupid cologne he still wore, I had gotten it for him ironically, but he had loved it so much that he wore it every day…

"Stab wound to the stomach, its apparent he was probably mugged and left as he had no id or money on him." the man explained, "He was clutching your number though…" he said trailing off then went to a desk to pick up a small baggy with a scrap of paper in it.

The paper was pink, it had belonged to one of my small notebooks i kept on me in my purse, and when we had met I had given him my number and kissed the back of it. From what I could see, it still had the bit of residue from the Passion Peach lipstick on the back. I smiled lightly.

The man smiled back and set down the baggie and brought out a piece of paper. "If you have any information on the next of kin.. can you give us their information so we can contact them?" he asked.

"Yes." I nodded and took the clipboard and started to list out his mothers name, then resorted to my phone to find her number, then listed his brother, and gave his address, i didnt have the number but the mailing address had been saved when I shipped Jeremys coat to him after we broke up. That was barely three weeks ago. Jeremy had stayed with his brother after I had kicked him out. Now the feelings of his death were almost unreal..

I handed back the clipboard and smiled. "Thank you, I think I should be the one to call them, but I understand that its your job, I dont even know where I would start." I could barely look at the red faced man who smelled like spiced rum and coke. My eyes kept going to the beautiful dead body barely five feet away from me.

"Would you like a moment alone with him before you leave?" He asked, seeing my glances back towards Jeremy.

"Yes please…" I whispered.

The man left the room and I was alone with Jeremy, and an unknown number of others that were no longer living.

Jeremys matted hair hung over his closed eyes, his thick eyelashes i had envied brushed against his cheeks and his lips, thin and long were down turned. I reached down and lightly tugged the corners of his mouth up a bit. "Its unfortunate Jeremy… you make a beautiful corpse…" I whispered.

I let go of his lips and my eyes trailed down his body and I admired the curvature of his bones along his shoulders and chest. I had never really noticed, probably because I was so inclined to hating him that I never took him in fully. I had to do something, so lightly I kissed the corner of his lips.

I then noticed something, something that caused my heart rate to sky rocket. He had a bit of silvery blonde hair that was caught in his nail. I reached down and picked it out and checked the rest of his nails. Finding them clean I smiled and pulled out my phone and snapped a picture of his beautiful dead face, the bit of passion pink lipstick residue remained on his cold stone skin.

I walked out… triumphantly…