Chapter 11

A Beast~Eliza

I finally calmed down though I was dripping with sweat, I looked around my surroundings and realized I was at The Giant The name explains itself good enough, a colossal man lived there, he was said to be ugly and would stomp or turn into stew anyone who trespassed. Going back into history, my Father claimed that his great uncle Farson was turned into unicorn stew.

I couldn't help but questioning what I was doing out here, there are centaurs, griffins, chimeras, wild cats, and who knows what, but I did know. I had to do it. All of our lives were in danger right now. Besides who else was going to contact Ralie and Eli.

All of a sudden I see a black shape in the forest, it suddenly gets silent and I hear a rustle of leaves. Was it a monster? My gut felt heavy with fear; could it be a goblin? a ghoul, perhaps it happens to be an ogre. No ogre's are too slow, but ghouls and goblins like to play with there food so I've heard.

"Watch out!", up in the distance I see Ralie as a tiny speck.

"To your left, don't look just run!"

And I turned only to see eyes, big yellow eyes. Only then I knew I'd made the worst mistake of my life, or the end of my life so I speak.

I couldn't move, and I remembered from our lessons that when you capture a gaze from a basilisk you will most certainly die, unless you have a mirror. Guess what! I didn't have a mirror. Even if I did have one I was paralyzed so I couldn't use it!

He started to speak to me.

"Gaze into my eyes" He hissed with his raspy voice
"Look at me"
"Listen to my voice"
I couldn't take my gaze off of his evil large yellow eyes.