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"Ordinary Life" is by Kristen Berry the quote from "Anne of a Thousand


Ordinary Life

And I shed my soul, feel it kneeling down

I'm clutching my faith, pull it tightly around

You're moving your mouth, but you don't make a sound

But I feel the walls slowly tearing down

Heel to toe takes you from my side

In and out every breath divides

My eyes to your head, I can't go the distance

But when you go you take me in an instant

So I'll show you my sins, show me all your scars

As we settle in it's written in the stars

Your watery eyes got me simply floating

And my weak heart is swimming with devotion

But in this life, I'll give it time

Cause it's always spinning up from behind

It'll be all right, it will be fine

Cause its nothing more than ordinary life

Amphitrite of a Thousand Days

For six years, this year, and this, and this, and this, I did not love him. And then I did. Then I was his. I can count the days I was his in hundreds.

In all one thousand days. Just a thousand. Strange. And of those thousand, one when we were both in love, only one, when our loves met and overlapped and were both mine and his

~ Anne

Memories of the past came to her… a millennia of memories compressed in seconds. Raw, as if experiencing it all over again, yet not holding the same physically draining emotions that it once had.

Amphitrite lay in her plush bed, wrapped in the warmth of the white Egyptian cotton. Any other day she would have taken her morning run, grabbed the Times from her favorite stand and headed back to her penthouse appartment to get ready for work.

But today was not any other day. No; today held a bittersweet significance hard for her to ignore it.

It wasn't as if she was bitter about this day. She had years - a millennia, to be exact - to get over the emotions that this day once had on her.

Now it was more of a day to revisit her past… to embrace and understand the woman that she once was and to congratulate the woman that she had evolved into.

A soft smile came to her lips. She had become her own person and was at ease with her life.

With that thought in mind, she pulled the blankets off her body and left the warmth of her bed, as she decided to get on with her day. There was no point to waste any more time on the past.






Even over a million years old, Amphitrite still held the beauty and grace she had when she was still a Nereid's maiden. But now, she could safely say that her beauty seemed to glow brighter than ever before.

Charming and witty, Amphitrite could control the room and have every single person under her spell in seconds. There was nobody in the social scene that didn't know about her. After all, how could anybody ignore a woman that resembled the late great Marilyn Monroe so much?

Any party she planned was sure to be a hit and anybody that she represented would become the person to follow. After all, if you wanted to be somebody in the industry, you had to go to Amphitrite - that was simply a golden rule.

Her public relations firm was one of the leading companies in the nation - or even the world.

Her success?

That was easy; she simply lived by two rules…

The first rule was being the first one in and the last one out. However, life was not always all about work; oh no, that's where the second rule comes into play.

Play all day and play all night.

Now here she was in her office working and setting up a very special event for one of her very special clients.

"You look absolutely stunning today mother," came the voice that always brought a smile to her face. Eyes turned towards her office door and in came the perfect reflection of her and him... her daughter Benthesikyme - or lovingly called Bentley.

Benthesikyme was the youngest of her three children and the one who was a splendid mix of both her mother and father.

Bentley has always been Amphitrite's soft spot ever since she was born. Of course, that didn't mean she didn't love her other children less - her love for them was undivided. It was simply that she and Benthesikyme were kindred spirits.

Unlike her eldest daughter Rhode, (who by everyone was considered the most beautiful of the two girls), Amphitrite always thought that Bentley's beauty was more soft and gentle compared her sisters'.

From her soft blond hair - that was always curled - seemed to laugh whenever she walked, to her heart shape face that was so warm and rosy, you couldn't help but look. But it was her eyes that always captured her. Unlike the clear baby blues of her siblings, Bentley held sea-green irises that were so open and inviting that they seemed to draw you in.

"As are you, my dear," she said, walking towards her daughter and embracing her. Pulling her back by her shoulders, she eyed the outfit her daughter had on.

She was wearing an orange Michael Kors sundress that covered her feet and on her left arm, there were different gold bracelets and beads.

"I really like the bohemian look on you dear," Amphitrite said as she moved to take her seat.

"Why thank you mother. I'm trying to get into character for my next masterpiece." she smiled, walking towards another chair in the motion of a belly dancer.

Amphitrite couldn't help but to shake her head at her daughter's antics.

"Well I'm glad that you arrived. I want you to go over the invitation list so I can send them out today," she mumured as she handed the younger girl the three page list.

"Well that's easy." Taking the pen and the list from her mother and began crossing out the names. It hadn't even been a second when she handed the list back to her mother.

Bentley crossed her legs looking at her nails while Amphitrite looked over the names that had been crossed out.

"Benthesikyme, honestly," she said raising her eyes to look at her daughter instead of the list. The names of her husband and her two other children had been violently removed.

It wasn't really a shocker that Benthesikyme wouldn't invite her siblings and father.

So why place their names down if she knew her daughter was going to reject them?

Easy. So her family - for one night at least - could come together and celebrate Bentley's achievements; but then again, that was only wishful dreaming.

Despite the fact that she and Poseidon were no longer together, that didn't mean her children had to be divided as to whom they were going to side with. But unfortunate as that was with her children, it was another issue that she tried not to push too often.

"What? I told you it was going to be easy," she looked at her mother as if saying 'really'.

"Did you even bother to tell them this time?" Knowing Bentley, she probably didn't say one word to them about anything.

"This time I did and convinient for them, they all had something important to do on that day," she said without a care in the world.

"That's not good enough; now tell me why?" Bentley looked towards her mother who had now resumed the role of the fierce Queen of the Ocean that she had always admired as a child.

"Well, Rhode prefers to be The Real Housewife of Mount Olympus while Triton and Daddy did agree at first, until they asked about the book," she said with a mischievous smile.

"What did you tell them Bentley?" Amphitrite couldn't help but to chuckle at her daughter.

"Well they asked what the story was about and I told them it was about a man who cheated on his wife of sixteen years. They're separated, trying to fix their relationship until she learns that he's planning to kill her and take her money and run. The icing on the cake is that she finds out his cheating with both of her best friends who were playing him because they're lesbian lovers. To make a long story short she kicks her husband's ass and castrates him."

"By the Gods! What did your brother and father say?" The mother couldn't hide her amuse smile for much longer.

"That's when they finally remembered they had something else planned on that day," Bentley smiled.

Amphitrite couldn't help but to laugh, of course they would remember 'something else' after hearing such a thing.

"What am I going to do with you?" she said shaking her head as her phone started to ring.

"Love and support me like you always do," Amphitrite couldn't help but to roll her eyes at her daughter's answer as she picked up the phone.

"Hello this is Amphitrite speaking…"

"Are you by a T.V?" came the always demanding and calm voice of her dear friend, Athena.

"Well hello Amphitrite, how is your day? Oh, its fine Athena, thanks for asking! Yes, I am by a T.V." she replied sarcastically. Amphitrite grabbed her remote and turn on the flat-screen that was on the opposite wall of her office.

"That's wonderful to hear Amphitrite. Now turn it on Channel Four - you're going to see something very amusing," listening to her friend, she turned to the channel as asked.

"By the Gods…" Amphitrite muttered. She couldn't help but to start laughing at the scene before her.

"Is that Artemis?" asked Bentley with a smile similar to her mothers.

Right on the screen was Artemis dressed in fur pelts, protesting against animal cruelty in front of one of the worlds leading cosmetic companies.

"I take that as a 'yes' you're watching Artemis on PETA alert," came the equally amused Athena.

"So who's bailing her out this time?" Amphitrite questioned as she watched her friend hit one of the company executives with red paint.

"This time its my turn, next it's Apollo's," Athena sighed.

"Are we still meeting up tonight?"

"Of course, is it still going to be at Eden?" Athena asked.

"Yes, Dmitry planned the get together for me."

"So, I'll see you around eight, hopefully if Artemis don't catch a case like last time."

"What do you expect? You two are the daughters of Zeus after all," Amphitrite laughed.

"Sometimes I forget that," she laughed, ending the conversation there by hanging up the phone.

"Well today has been very interesting indeed," said Bentley as she moved from her seat to stand beside her mother.

"And the night is going to be even more so," she winked at her daughter.

"Ew Mom! There are somethings that you don't have to tell me." Bentley scrunched her face up Amphitrite laughed as she patted her daughters back.

"Anyway the reason I came is to give you this…"she said, going through her bag and handing her mother a Tiffany's box.

"Bentley…you…" Amphitrite stuttered, but she was cut off by her daughter.

"Before you go into the 'Bentley you didn't have to buy me anything speech', let me say that I bought this gift - not only because today is special to you - but that I'm proud of having a mother like you and to thank you for everything."

Amphitrite looked at her daughter; out of all her children Bentley was more of a mamma's girl compared to her other children who were more their father's.

Opening the box, there were a beautiful pair of pearl earrings. Amphitrite couldn't help but smile.

"I know you love them that's why I bought them," Amphitrite pulled her daughter into a hug and placed a kiss on her temple.

"Thank you, my dearest daughter,"

"Have fun tonight. Do everything I would do and call me tomorrow," she said as she walked towards the door.

"What am I going to do with you?" Amphitrite shook her head.

"Love me!" Bentley yelled out before the door closed behind her.




"I don't know if you're up to no good or trying to seduce someone with that dress on, honey," said Dmitry as he looked at Amphitrite.

It was a truth universally known that any fabulous woman needed an ultra fabulous gay 'husband' by her side.

It was a truth that Amphitrite knew all too well and even if her marriage to Poseidon was totally dysfunctional, her 'marriage' with Dmitry was simply perfection. Not even Hera could have put together such a perfect union if she tired.

Dmitry was by far one of the most handsome men in the Ocean. With his sandy brown hair and emerald eyes, the combination could make anyone want to tell him their deepest secrets.

His calm demeanor that matched hers instantly took Amphitrite. Their relationship was beyond description, but to summon up in the best example is to say that they both needed each other.



It was simply that they both wouldn't feel right without the other.

Amphitrite looked down at her outfit; the dress was a DKNY that fitted her shape like a glove but flowed beautifully. It was nude in color and had black lace on the side and front with thin black strips to hold everything together. To finish everything off, she wore her favorite open toe Jimmy Choos.

"And is that bad?" she raised one eyebrow with a smile to accompany it.

"Yes if I was one of these woman who trying to get some tonight."

"You're so nasty," she said placing a kiss on each of his cheeks.

"If I'm nasty then what are you?"

"Don't ask that question, you know I don't kiss and tell," This made both friends laugh.

"Anyway, I ordered a cosmos for you and I got you a gift," he said smiling.

"Another gift? Now I feel spoilt," she said. As she took a sip of her drink, Dmitry pulled out a small black box placing it in front of her.

She reached for it and smiled at her friend.

"Now before you open it, let me be clear, please withhold all emotions - I don't need my wife messing up her makeup making her look like a hot mess and embarrassing me causing me to divorce you, okay?" he said, making her smack him lightly on the arm.

"Ow! Domestic violence," Amphitrite rolled her eyes as she opened the box.

There before her was a seashell. Ordinary to some others but it meant so much to her and Dmitry. This was the shell that started not only her friendship with Dmitry, but was the gift she gave him the night she first laid eyes on Poseidon.

"What kind of friend would I be to forget such a day? After all, Salacia,I held on to it for too long. I think it is time to give it back to you," he said, all jokes aside as he smiled at her.

There were only two men that called her by her birth name; Dmitry and - once upon a time - Poseidon, before everything changed, of course.

"Thank you Dmitry, for everything," she said as she gave him a hug.

"Anything for you honey," he grinned as he returned her hug. They stayed like that for

sometime until they broke away.

"Now to get to some serious business; Athena and Artemis are not going to make it."

"I figured that. Artemis caught a case again?" she said, placing the beloved shell safely in her clutch while taking a sip of her cosmos.

"The red paint did it for her," Dmitry shook his head as he took a sip of his own drink.

"You have to love her," they laughed.

"They both sent their best and are seriously going to make it up to you, but,since they're not here, we are not going to waste the night away."

It would be fate to have the D.J start to play "WOW" by Kylie Minogue.

"Shall we dance?" Dmitry stood up and held his hand out for her.

"Of course darling," she said as they walked happily towards the dance floor.





"Where else do you want to go?" Dmitry said as they walked out of the club and into the streets of Manhattan.

"I'm hungry, lets get a hot dog," said Amphitrite, not ready to call it a night.

"I know a nice place three blocks down,"

"Well, lets follow the yellow brick road!" Amphitrite said holding on to Dmitry's arm as he gave a hearty laugh.

As they walked, they fell into a comfortable silence as Amphitrite took in the city. The energy and liveliness of the city was like a drug to her. The rush of the lights and the people around her was so refreshing, compared to the life that she once lived.

This was her new life and she loved it. She had friends, she had a career that she loved, she had it all.

And she was grateful for everything. Today was not a day to mourn her old life but to celebrate the new one she had built.

She came out of her thoughts when they had arrived. They placed an order for their food. When they had recieved it, they took a seat in a booth with the view of the streets. Watching as the people walked by, the sounds of cars and people all wrapped in one perfect package.

She smiled as she turned her eyes towards Dmitry who was curious as to what his friend was thinking.

"What?" he said with a raised eyebrow.

"I propose a toast," she said, holding out the coke in her hands as Dmitry followed along with her.

"Lets toast to a new life and happiness."

"New life and happiness." As they clicked their cups together, they took a sip of the pop they went back to eat.

This time Dmitry looked at his friend with a smile and this time, it was Amphitrite who was curious.

"Even though you guys are separated, happy anniversary, my Queen,"

"Happy anniversary to me," she said with a smile as they enjoyed the rest of their meal and the night before them.

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