Dear X,

Our lives are the sum of the choices we make; I have chosen to spend mine with you. Sometimes I imagine that it's something we've done (and will do) over and over; through each lifetime we twist and weave and find one another, time after time.

Our lives are not our own; in the same way music is not our own, or art, or history. Our lives are a shared experience spanning eternity. We bear witness and live immortally through an infinite web of dreams and memory. We are all parts of the same shared soul.

I have never been so happy to know a person as I am now, knowing you. And it is a comfort to me that I will always find my way back to you across time, distance and an infinity of lives. You are home to me; the place I return to no matter where I go; the place I keep my heart. Thank you for teaching me what it means to have a home.

Perhaps someday our paths will diverge. Perhaps we will only find each other for a moment.

But I will find you.

Know that you are never alone.

All my love,