The Highlanders Call her Lady Fox,

The greatest of warriors.

The Bane of the English army.

Her bow is in a silent Salute to the Highlanders' mighty


When her Bow shall Fail, She pulls out Dirks and Daggers.

Her powers in war is legendary to the brave Highlanders.

What might this Lass has.

Braving men on Chargers with only a bow and arrow.

She is a lioness in battle,

A falcon going for the kill.

She has a special vengeance to her skill,

None of her adopted countrymen know why.

She is the huntress in a hunt, always going for a kill.

Vengeance will be her's

a silent fox in the dead of night, counting coup.

What will become of this Lady Fox?

Once the war is over and the Highlanders claim their homeland