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Thieves and Liars

The security guard lounged in his chair, sipping a milkshake and gazing lazily at the ceiling. Another night guarding a bunch of rocks. Valuable or not, that's all those diamonds in the glass case were to him. A bunch of shiny rocks. Who would ever want to steal something as useless as that?

He sighed and glanced towards the security monitors, expecting to see absolutely nothing. And, considering no one had tried to break in during the ten years he had been a guard, why should he expect to see anything different? But, instead of nothing as usual, he saw a shadow flicker across the screen. The man stared at the monitor for a moment before leaning in to get a closer look. At first there was nothing, just a still screen. But, just as he was about to sit back in his chair, someone with dark jeans and a black hoodie stepped up to one of the glass display cases.

Keeping one eye on the screen, the guard reached down and grabbed his baton. Then he took one last look at the thief before walking out of the small security room and into the room the intruder was in. With his eyes locked on the man, he slowly crept up behind him. The thief, completely unaware of the guard, examined the case for a way to get in without setting off any alarms. The security guard slowly raised his baton, keeping absolutely silent. Then he slammed the baton onto the back of the man's head, causing the man to groan and collapse.

"Nice try, kid," the guard said with a smirk. He pulled back the thief's hood, revealing a kid in their late teens with messy brown hair. He was out cold, which wasn't surprising considering how hard the guard had hit him.


The boy groaned and his dark brown eyes flickered open. He wasn't entirely sure what had happened, all he could remember was that something had slammed into the back of his head, and then everything went black. And now he was sitting in a chair? He tried to move his arms, but something held them in place. From the material he felt on his wrists, he'd have to say it was some kind of rope. And from what he could tell, his legs were tied to the chair as well.

"Dag nabbit," he muttered, pulling on his restraints.

"Oh, so you're a country boy?"

The boy's head snapped up, searching the darkness for his addressor. A burly security guard stepped out of the shadows, arms crossed over his chest.

"Yessir," the boy said, looking the guard over.

"And you're trying to steal these diamonds?" the guard asked, tapping on the glass.

"I am," the boy admitted.

"Not even going to deny it?" the guard asked, raising a brow. He moved his hands to his hips, revealing a name tag that his arms had been covering a moment before. "Probably a smart move, kid."

"Your name Hank?" the boy asked, eyeing the name tag.

"Yeah, it is," the guard said. "Now, mind telling me your name?"

"Isaac," the thief replied without hesitation. "Isaac Carter."

"Well, Isaac," Hank said, "you didn't get any diamonds, did you?"

"No sir," Isaac said. "Didn't even get that there case open."

"Good," Hank said with a nod. "Did you get any money out of the register?"

"'Course not," Isaac said. "I'd need a key, and I ain't got one."

Hank pondered this for a moment, and then pulled a small object out of his pocket. He then walked over to the register, which was out of the security camera's view.

"Hey mister, what'chu doin' over there?" Isaac asked with a puzzled expression. He watched as Hank used the key to open the drawer and took out a big handful of bills.

"Getting a raise," Hank chuckled.

"But won't you get fired?" Isaac asked. Hank walked over with the key and a stack of bills.

"Not if they think you did it," Hank said, slipping the key and a few bills into Isaac's pocket.

"Hey!" Isaac protested. "You can't do that, that ain't right! You give that money back or tell the truth!"

"You're telling me to tell the truth?" Hank said. "You're a thief, what would you know about being honest?"

"I'm a thief, but I ain't no liar," Isaac said. "Now, I ain't proud of what I done, but at least I don't go 'round tellin' lies 'bout it."

"Yeah, whatever kid," the guard said, stuffing the bills into his jacket. "Now, I'm calling the cops. I'll just tell them you stole the money and stashed it somewhere."

"And I'll tell 'em the truth," Isaac said, glaring at Hank. "I won't argue that I done wrong and gotta pay for it, but if I gotta pay for what I did then you do too."

"Yeah, and who are they going to believe?" Hank asked. "The security guard that's been here for ten years, of the thief who was caught on tape breaking into the store."

Isaac was silent for a moment. But, instead of being angry, he looked almost sympathetic.

"Ya know," he sighed, "I'm gonna come clean, and I hope you do too."

"Oh?" Hank said, raising a brow. "And why is that?"

"Because folks can get along with a thief," Isaac said. "Might not trust them at first, but if he honest he can have real good friends. But folks just can't trust a liar."

Hank rolled his eyes and grabbed his jacket. "Yeah, whatever kid," he said as he slipped the jacket on. "You keep spouting your nonsense, I'm going to go take a very nice and very long vacation." With that he snickered and walked through the back door. No doubt he was going to call the police once he was outside, but that was alright. Isaac knew that he was going to be caught some time. He just hoped that Hank had enough decency to confess as well.

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