At the exclusive Academy for the Talented and Promising (A.T.A.P.), new students are each put into one of six groups based on talents and interests. For girls, that means intelligent Team White, athletic Team Purple, or visually-oriented Team Pink. Boys can join shrewd Team Black, sporty Team Red, or artistic Team Blue. The school acknowledges and even encourages the animosity between Teams—especially Teams White and Black, Purple and Red, Pink and Blue.

Everyone knows of the prodigious, well-secured school and its rivalries—including one malicious scientist whose life goal is to discover just what makes graduates of this school so successful in the "real world." Team White Fifth-Level student Kristine is one of the six students he kidnaps from A.T.A.P. If she wants to be able to rescue herself and her schoolmates from this madman's clutches, she will have to learn to trust and work the five others, each from a different Team—including Team-Black Seventh-Level Jason—and convince them to do the same.


A.T.A.P. Students

Kristine Iris Tang: Team White, Level 5

Jason Morgenstern: Team Black, Level 7

Margaret Brown: Team Purple, Level 8

Derek Pierce: Team Red, Level 9

Jennifer Tyler: Team Pink, Level 10

Andrew Oliver: Team Blue, Level 6

Raymond Verlac: Team Black, Level 6


Professor Damen Reynolds: a "malicious scientist" devoted to figuring out the secrets of A.T.A.P.'s students