Where I Am From

I am from the land of peach tress

And wide blue seas

I am from the land of red clay

And coyotes that bay.

I am from the land of roaring skyscrapers

And the land of ink and paper

I am from large tree pines

And Peachtree signs.

I am from old and new

And where things in the earth once grew

I am from a land of enchantment

And a city called Atlanta.

I am from Georgia

And this is my home.

I probably shouldn't have told people where I live but what the heck.

Yes, I am from Georgia.

Yes, that is in the South.

No, I do not have an accent.

No, I do not live on a farm. I live in the city where the people walk sixty miles for breast cancer and the children play at the (second) largest aquarium in the world and drink coke all the time.

Any other questions about the South can be answered if you PM me.