xxSoulBoundxx - I Wish I Never Met You

You used to be so happy to see me

Always greeting me with a smile I never could forget

But you changed so much, you're drowning in lies

Now all the pain and deceit is causing me torment.

Ever since then you refuse to even speak

Is all the regret slowly killing you

As you grip the edge of the bathroom sink?

I can hear the laughs of your pathetic and so-called friends

They continously pound in my head with a sickening echo

I guess this is how you really want things to end.

So fine, let it be that way, it won't be me who will lose

And here's six words I want you to hear;

I wish I never met you.

I wish you never came into my life

Never befriended me, never cared

Had just kept to yourself that day

And maybe then the pain I felt

Would have been spared.

But that's all said and done

Yes, what I said is true.

I'm regretting ever knowing you

I wish I never met you.