Awhile ago, in the city of New York,

in the midst of sirens and gunshots,

there was a young girl with the name of Alex.

Alex was bright and creative,

but misunderstood, introvert, and outcasted.

She had red hair with a black streak.

She wasn't spoken to a lot at school,

or noticed at all.

Alex liked it that way,

she didn't want anything to change,

except her grades.

After walking out of a coffee shop down the street,

a very dark odd man ran into Alex almost knocking her down.

While regaining her balance,

Alex almost didn't notice the ocean blue ring the man had dropped.

She picked up the ring and yelled after the man,

but he was too far and didn't hear her.

Alex then, put the ring in her pocket,

not knowing the power it withheld,

and started her walk home.

Then Alex arrived home,

dinner was just being set on the table.

Alex's step-father was already contently eating,

while Alex's mother was already walking into her study,

to work on an unknown project that was more important,

than her, already distant, family.

This was too normal for Alex,

but her step-dad always tried to fix it.

After yet another dinner in almost complete silence,

Alex cleaned off her plate, and headed to her room to finish her homework.

Tonight's homework was harder than usual,

so Alex just changed into her pajamas,

put her newly found ring on the end table.

The next morning, however,

Alex felt differently than she usually did in the morning.

She thought maybe because,

the next day was Friday and then it would finally be the weekend,

and she was for some reason excited?

Alex tried to brush the odd feeling off,

saying it was just a goodnight's sleep,

or maybe she had a good dream,

nothing else.

And so Alex got ready to go to the torturing place they call:


Alex then checked what time it was,

She found that it had only been 10 minutes since she woke up.

The event was odd for her,

but she thought of it as kind of cool.

Since Alex had ample time to spare before having to leave for the bus,

she spent it playing the addicting game of,


When it was time to leave,

Alex shouted goodbye to her mother,

and hugged her step-father goodbye.

At the bus stop,

All was normal,

except for that odd feeling Alex still had.

The bus came,

all was normal,

except for that same feeling.

Alex tried making it go away,

by listening to some music,

or admiring her ocean blue ring,

but the closer the us got to the school,

the more extreme the feeling got.

By the time Alex got to her locker,

she realized the feeling was one she's never had before.

She just didn't know how to use it for good.

The answer came to Alex,

after the dreadfully boring day of school ended.

Alex was still exhausted after school,

and still had a few hours of homework to do.

So she hurried to the local Starbucks,

for coffee,

and a quietish place to finish her homework.

Fortunately, the Starbucks was quiet that day.

After a few hours,

and endless amounts of coffee that wasn't helping,

Alex thought she should start to walk home.

On her way home,

Alex hears something,

something she wasn't used to hearing,

she followed the noise to its source in an alley a few blocks away.

Alex looks down the alley,

and sees 5 football players,

beating up and bullying 2 little kids half their size.

The feeling Alex had been having all day,

was rising to its max.

without thinking,

without feeling,

Alex ran to help the little boys.

She pushed the 5 football dummies off the kids,

and told the little kids to run home.

Alex fought the 5 dum-dums until one side won.

But that side wasn't Alex's.

But it didn't stop her from what she knew she had to do.

After a week

of using her powers to exterminate bullying,

Alex finally got a disguise that she liked,

and actually got a story published about her in the school paper,

and what she was doing to help people.

But all good things must come to an end.

After a long day,

full of quizzes and tests,

she just wanted to go home.

When Alex was at the end of her block,

she saw her step-father standing,

then she saw him get shot by man in a deep black car with a hat.

As soon as he fell,

she ran as fast as she ever did,

to his side.

But he was already gone.

Pure rage intoxicated her,

like oxygen poisoned blood,

flowing hot through her veins.

After watching her father get shot,

and hauled away by the city coroner,

she left to seek vengeance on that man who murdered him.

Alex didn't know she was seeking vengeance on the city's most wanted crime-lord.

It took her 2 days,

and 2 nights,

2 days and nights of endless wandering.

Then she found him and his hideout.

The house was old,

the white outside paint was slowly peeling away,

and every window had some sort of breakage to them,

but the small thing Alex hadn't noticed,

was that it had started to rain.

She stood in the rain,

for 45 minutes.

minutes of not knowing what to do,

what to say.

She was waiting to see if he was going to come out.

After 1 minute,

Alex walked onto the porch.

after another minute,

Alex knocked on the green door,

after 2 minutes,

someone answered, and invited her in.

After a total of 50 minutes,

the fight began.

It was a bug blur.

One second a fist to her face,

the next a kick to his mouth.

Alex didn't know what she was doing

or how.

She didn't know if she would win,

if she would die,

or if she would survive,

and win.

In the next moment,

Alex only saw glimpses of white,

or glimpses of people.

She wasn't sure of what happened,

of who won the fight,

she only knew that she was in tremendous pain,

then it all went black.

Alex knew she wasn't really awake.

But it seemed so real.

Alex knew the beautiful tall woman she was speaking to,

wasn't real.

Alex only knew to listen to every word the woman said.

When Alex finally awoke,

she thought it had been only a few days,

but it had been two months.

After a few days of being awake,

Alex was told of what happened.

She had been beaten badly,

and the crime-lord had gotten away,

but they could get him with the DNA Alex had gotten from him,

when she had scratched him.

Alex was also told of her fractured leg,

and the long gash that had required 20 stitches.

In the boring following week,

Alex couldn't stop thinking,

she couldn't stop thinking about the woman that she dreamt about.

few weeks later,

some things got better,

others got worse.

Since her step-dad's death,

Alex's mother was sleeping most of the time,

but the rest of the time her mom was drinking.

Drinking way more than usual.

Alex told no one.

Now, Alex had to rely on herself,

now more than any other time in her life.

Because of her mother's problem,

Alex hated being at home,

and for once she was grateful for having school to escape to.

Alex did almost anything to have an excuse for not going home.

At school,

Alex was praised by many,

but some were jealous of her.

Just days after getting her leg out of the dreadful cast,

and getting her stitches out,

Alex received a call.

Thinking it's her mother calling,

she answers,

to someone that isn't anywhere close to her mother,

unless her mom now had a deep man voice.

The man told her he was a "worker",

a "worker" for the crime-lord,

and her said that they had her mother.

he worker tells her where to go,

and what to say if she wanted to ever see her mother again.

She knew it was a trap, but that didn't matter,

they had already taken the closest thing to a father she had,

they had almost taken her,

they weren't going to take her mother too.

Alex went to the address the man told her,

she knew she was going to have to fight again.

she didn't care,

another fight didn't matter.

Alex just wanted this crime-lord gone.

They stood staring,

for what seemed liked hours on end,

but it was only seconds.

He finally threw the first punch.


A kick.

A scratch.

It seemed to go on for endless minutes.

But in the few seconds Alex was down,


waiting for him to finish her off,

once and for all.

She closed her eyes and heard a voice,

and it said:

"Hang on. Don't give up. Help is almost to you."

And it came bursting through the green front door.

lex was once again in the hospital.

She didn't care,

she was just happy,

happy she was alive,

happy her mother wasn't hurt,

happy her mother was getting clean and sober,

happy the man who murdered her step-father,

and many others' fathers,

was now in jail,

and awaiting trial for all the murders,

he has committed.

Alex returned to school,

and with her came good news.

She announced to everyone in the school,

that a bill she had proposed,

was passed.

The bill stated that all types of bullying,

cyber bullying, physical bullying, emotional bullying,

all types of bullying,

were now illegal in New York state.

With bullying being illegal,

Alex was content with life.

She realized something others didn't,

the ring didn't hold her power,

she did.

She realized she wasn't the only on with the power,

everyone has the power,

they just don't realize it,

they don't know what do with it,

or how to use it,

so they ignore it.

Everyone has the power.

The power of


inner strength,

to stand up for themselves and others,

and to stand up to bullies everywhere.

No matter what size, shape, or form.

You can defeat prejudice, and bullies.

You have the power.

In Memory Of Rachel Joy Scott

(A/N: I hope you enjoyed my "Epic Poem". It was orginally done for my English class last year and i've been meaning to put it up by my teacher never gave them back so i had to save it on my flashdrive when i could. Please, Please, PLEASE leave your reviews! Bad, good, or just complete gibberish leave it for me to read! Thank you for reading!)