Bound By A Notebook

Poem 1: Stairwell Mishap

The bell rings to dismiss to our third class
And some students head to the lunch room
I put my books in my backpack and leave
Heading down the hall to my history class.

By the time second lunch comes around
There's a broken poptart on my desk
Dusting off the useless crumbs
I get rid of whats left of my mess.

Finally third lunch bell rings
And I'm already out the door
My stomach growling harshly
As I head down to the cafeteria.

Stopping at Stairwell 4, I sigh
Those people from second lunch
Are coming up as those for third
Have to fight just to walk down.

I walk into the cafeteria
And head towards one of the lines
Despite two lunch areas
The lines will extend quickly.

As I get my food and punch in
My 4-digit lunch number
I sit down at an empty table
And wonder what happens
When 4th comes down..

I shake my head to get rid
Of the thoughts in my head
And pray when the bell rings
We don't encounter stairwell mishap.