Bound By A Folder

Poem 1: Saving The Bond

My friends are fighting
Their bickering tears me apart
But they're too blind to see
The stress that its doing to my heart.

It's a mixture of drama
He said this, she said that
I wish they would look
Not for the lies, but for facts.

I beg everyone to stop
Before they end up with regret
I hope they know that
Damage can't be reset.

I'm trying my hardest
It's not good enough
They rip each other down
When they built each other up.

I step between them
As they begin to stop
They ask me what I'm doing
I reply 'saving the bond'.

They look at me like I'm stupid
But then they step away
It's almost as if they're back to normal
And drowing from within their shame.

"We're friends, not enemies"
I mutter so sadly
They look at one another
Each other hurt badly.

Exchanges of I'm sorry
And promises to quit
All the senseless bickering
And hatred from within.

They thank me with happiness
As I wonder why in response
They said because in the heat
Of everything that happened
I was saving the bond.