A/N: Although things may be hard there is still a light of hope in the darkest of times. With a new year comes new life.

Struggling like Atlas to carry the world on my shoulders, trembling under the pressure of what feels like a thousand boulders. Running on empty just trying to keep the pain at bay, in misery and anguish is where my thoughts lay. Vying for escape of this distressed mind state, inside my heart has become a victim of hate. Nearing my breaking point, I'm starting to slip from this precarious ledge. God, if you're there, send an angel to pull me back from over the edge.

Traumatized and alone, a mind spilling over with fear and doubt. One day soon, they hiss, you'll burn out.

Resurging breaths of hope suddenly flicker and spark. Energy flows through my veins scaring away the creeping dark. Igniting inside me is a growing strength and burning determination. Grinning, I roll the world off, reveling in my salvation. No evil will last a hundred years, rings a warm voice in my ear. In the darkest of despondency I am always near. This too shall pass so there is nothing to fear. Eternally and always I will be here.

My savior, my lord, you've answered my prayer with blessed aid. Your touch has healed me and I can feel my hurt start to fade.

Floating beside me is the endearing spirit of the Lord. In his name, I know, all evil is ward. Rejoicing in life, for it is a gift to us all. Eternally and always, with him, I will never fall.