Damon sighed as he chucked the empty tin can of tomatoes into the bin. His black cat, Ebony, purred from her place on his sofa and he collapsed next to her, stretching his neck out with a tired groan. Ebony lifted her head curiously and jumped onto his lap with a delighted mew and began head-butting him affectionately. Damon smiled softly and stroked her gently, feeling her sleek black fur underneath his fingertips. He let out a tired sigh and ran a free hand through his black hair and rubbing one tired green eye wearily. He turned his head to the window of his suite and stared out at the countless of little lights that were spread out across the city at night. Ebony climbed up onto the back of the sofa and head-butted him from behind his head and chewing his hair tenderly. Damon groaned and picked her up to cuddle her in his arms.

"Bad kitty, no eating the hair," he murmured and Ebony mewed disappointedly, pawing his nose playfully "I know you like doing it but I need to take care of my appearance more."

He chuckled as she began pawing at his tie and he grabbed a hold of it, pulling it off.

"Yes, I hate ties too," he sighed and reclined on the sofa, propping her on his chest "I hate formal wear altogether but when going to a movie premiere, it's necessary."

Ebony meowed and yawned, flattening her ears and closing her blue eyes. Damon smiled and ruffled her ears, making her purr louder.

"Oh boy," he groaned and he let his petting hand fall "The tabloids are going to be all over the small affair that Dakota has dragged me into."

Ebony hissed and bared her teeth at the sound of Dakota's name. Damon grimaced and nodded in agreement. Dakota was a famous actress like Damon and they had recently been working on a film that had only come out today. Unbeknownst to the public and his family, Damon was bisexual. Not even his agent knew about his sexuality. Sure, Damon liked women but not recently. Dakota had become attached to him throughout their time together during the film production and Damon suspected that her agent had encouraged her to start a relationship with him to obtain a little bit more fame. Damon was worried that his agent will start encouraging him soon.

"Yup, decided to be all over me for the paparazzi," he sighed "And then she got drunk and declared herself to be my girlfriend. A lot of questions are going to be asked tomorrow morning."

Ebony meowed and turned around to face away from Damon, digging her claws into his suit and plucking them out again. Damon chuckled and grabbed her paws.

"Hey, hey, my agent will kill me when I return another ruined suit," he soothed and picked up Ebony to cradle her gently.

Ebony mewed grumpily and they lay together on the sofa, snuggled into one another. Damon closed his eyes happily and sighed as he fell asleep while listening to the blissful purrs of Ebony.