Damon groaned tiredly as the sunlight blared through the windows and blinding him temporarily. His eyes steadily fluttered open as Ebony yawned and rolled onto her back in his lap. Damon sat up, making her wake up more and jump off his lap. With a loud yawn, Damon ran a hand through his tussled black locks while Ebony padded over to her bowl and pushed it across the tiles of the dining area, meowing loudly.

"Alright, alright," Damon grumbled as he stood up and stretched his arms with a groan "I'll get around to feeding you when you're patient."

Ebony mewed pitifully and began marching around the dining table, wailing loudly for food as her owner went up to the cupboards to open them and search for some dry food for her breakfast. Damon groaned as he snatched a packet of dry cat food out from the shelves and poured a fair amount into her bowl. Ebony immediately shut up and padded over to her bowl with a purr and began eating. Damon smirked as he put away the packet and pulled out a packet of cereal and a small bowl for himself. He poured out a reasonable amount into the bowl, scooping some out and back into the packet before dragging himself over to the fridge to grab a bottle of milk. Ebony pricked her ears up hopefully when she heard the milk bottle being put down on the table and looked up when she saw the milk.

"No," Damon wagged his finger and grabbed her water bowl to refill it "You're a spoilt cat as you are already."

Ebony began warbling pathetically and Damon groaned while he placed her water bowl down next to her food bowl. He immediately took his phone out of his jacket and plugged his earphones into his ears, playing music loudly to drown out her complaints. He bobbed his head to the music as he poured the milk onto his cereal and began eating, ignoring the way Ebony brushed herself along his legs and clawing at his feet. When she stopped and began eating her food silently, Damon pulled his earphones out to hear the soft thud of a newspaper landing on his front doormat. Groaning, he pushed himself up to his feet and shuffled across the room to open the front door and grab the newspaper.

"I can see what the front headline's going to be," he murmured as he closed the door and jumped back into his sofa, opening the newspaper and scoffed when he saw the headline to be about him and Dakota last night at the movie premiere "The little attention seeker."

Dakota's wide smile for the journalists glistened in the light of the camera flashes as his phone started ringing. Damon answered it while reading the first few pages.

"Damon here," he said bluntly.

"Hey, Damon!"

Damon pulled the phone away from his ear with an alarmed look when he heard Dakota's voice.

"Listen, would you like to go out and have some coffee sometime?"

"No, thank you," Damon replied politely with a forced grin and hung up on her.