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Good Bye and Hello




There stood a brown hair woman in front of bridge, looking into the water that still flowed slowly under the bridge. She simply just stood there motionless; watching it flowed for hours. You would notice it immediately, the hell wrong of her. It was seven in night time, snowing. The place was almost empty since everyone decided to go to the mall to spend their goodies for another useless goodies or hanged out with their precious one to create a romantic memories, or rather they're with family… maybe even playing game, or not doing anything to wait for New Year to come. So, what the hell she was doing there, all alone, without even a shawl and a wool gloves?

No one knew why she was there, no one dare to ask. She chuckled coldly while looking at the river below the bridge. People who crossed by might think she was crazy. Well, who cares anyway? They could just throw their opinion but did nothing. Nothing. As if… pfft.

This was her place. She always spent the night of New Year Eve there, waiting for someone to show up calling for her, saying that he was sorry for disappear, saying that he finally knew about his feeling, saying that he too loved her the same way as she did.

Yes, she still remembered about that guy. That guy who made fun of her… That guy who had black hair and blue eyes, with the clothes he wore without it being ironed first… She still remembered how many piercing in his right ears. She chuckled. He was so naughty back then. He always was.

They used to play together, laugh until tears came out from their eyes, walk side by side after school, and be punished together in the principal office… She used to share her ice cream for him to taste. She would snatch his shoes and running in the hallway just for him to chase after her, begging his shoes to be returned. She chuckled as she remembered how mad he was at her and planned to take revenge afterschool.

Oh, she too remembered a little note he made when they finished their quiz. Such a suspicious note… she couldn't take a look at it. He threw it through the window immediately when she tried to snatch it away from him. She never knew what it was. But, judging from his red face after that, she could predict what was written there and chuckled as her heart going crazy. It was his heartfelt entry, about her. He loved her. She was pretty sure of it.

That's why, that day… before they went holiday she spoke to him in this very place she was at now. She looked deep into his eyes, saying it with her very heart in each word. She wanted to be with him. She knew he did too. But he didn't answer. He only smiled and hugged her tightly. She assumed it as his way to say that he loved her. She was really happy. She was.

She smiled sadly and sighed. Such old love… It's been nine years already but she could not forget it yet. Yet being the keyword here because he never answered her proposal; she just assumed so … She never really knew the truth because after that day, he disappeared… He never showed up in school—in her life. She never heard of him ever again. She tried to check his house but it was empty. He had moved. What should she make out of it?

She felt like crying but no tears come out from her eyes. She had shed tears too much for him in the past years until she couldn't cry for him anymore. She could only sigh… sigh… and sigh…

She looked again at the river that was now covered by the snow. She gripped the edge of the bridge, leaned in closer with eyes still glued at the river. How long she should wait for him to return, to answer? He should know that she could not wait forever.

There's this one guy who started chasing her since three years ago, you know. She didn't give a damn about him because she still waited for that childhood guy of her. When he approached her, she would coldly avoid him. Every time he asked her for dinner together, she refused without a care in the world. Any opportunities to know each other, she rejected it flatly. He could follow her around, she didn't care.

The reason was because she had decided to wait despite no one told her to wait. She would not go out with another man until that guy told her his answer. Only that answer that tied her to this never-ending love. Only that answer.

But what could you expect? This new guy was so persistent that she could no longer refuse. He showed his affection towards her without manipulation. When she accidently caught cold, he worried for her and brought her something to warm up. She was surprised but quite happy. Not that she showed it though. When she rejected his offer for what it seemed like thousands times already, he still chasing her. She just fumed over it, wondering when this guy would stop trying. The more she though of him, the more her feeling changed… She was impressed by his effort and touched that he valued her so high. That fact made her suddenly realize that she was indeed happy around him, that she started waiting for him to annoy her, looking forward to their unexpected meeting after work… Yes, she knew it. She started to fall for him.

It was only that answer to make this new grown feeling go away, only it. Every New Year that coming, she always wished for that guy to show up. She always fantasized about the day they met, hugging each other, married and had children. They would make a happy family.

It's been nine years. Should she wait one more year now that this year coming to its close? Should she?

She remembered about her family request: her to make a family. She always shook her head. They told her it was fool of her to wait for someone who no one even knew his whereabouts. He was just an illusion!

Her heart throbbed as she remembered her hard times convincing her family that he was not an illusion. They thought she was ill. No, she wasn't. He was alive. They even had picture together. That thing was the only remembrance that made her stay in her decision. It was prove he was once alive. He was indeed real. Only her family never saw him.

She took out the picture of her and him together from her pocket coat. He was grinning meanwhile she fumed. She smiled when she looked at it. The day the photo was taken, he was hiding her uniform so that she should stay wearing P.E. clothes. Everyone made fun of her and it embarrassed her to no end. Not to mention that the teacher punished her for not changing afterwards. Well, that's one of their special memories.

Should she stop it? Her faith was getting thinner as years passed by; she was afraid of losing the new guy too that she admitted inwardly she's quite fond of now. She knew he would never leave her, but who can tell? What if he suddenly disappeared just like his childhood friend? She could not bear it anymore.

She smiled sadly at the picture. Maybe it's time to let go of that feeling.

She reluctant at first but finally she let go of the picture—the only picture she had about them, the picture that tied her to him—prove of its existence, symbol of her feeling.

"Good bye Gareth," she whispered to the cold air, watching the picture flowed slowly away from her. And that time, it felt so wonderfully sad that she finally gave up. She shed tears and cried in silence, grabbing her face, afraid that she would cry out loud.

She promised herself that she was not going to forget him. Those years with him had been wonderfully fun and cute. Though the last nine years passed in misery, she knew that her feeling was special. She thanked him for it.

After a while, she could control her emotion. She inhaled a long breath and exhaled it. Trying to chill her down, calming down her breathing. She smiled sadly towards the end of the river—the point she still could see.

It's okay… It's gonna be okay.

She glanced at the frozen watch. She rubbed it, erasing the dew that had making its way on her wristwatch. It's almost ten twenty, she read. The bus would stop his schedule by eleven and the one coming around here would be by ten thirty. She had to go home.

Sighing deeply, she smiled while wiped her tears sadly; slowly she walked away from the bridge. She would not look back. She had let it go. She had let go.

When she arrived at the bus stop she came earlier, she found there's already a person sat. He leaned on the side pole, looking up to the sky which was raining him with snow. She could see clod of snow in his head and shoulders. She found a long warm coat with white fur in the neck part, folded in his arm. Beside him was paper-bag in which she could see a shawl, warm hat, and wool gloves. Suddenly she felt the warm feeling inside.

He knew her too well now.

He suddenly looked up and surprised to find her there, staring at her. He almost jumped but then he knew he looked ridiculous. Not that she minded, she had accustomed to his behavior.

He then approached her and smiled nervously.

"H-Hi, I-I thought you would be here but… Uh… sorry if I'm rude, I just-"

She shushed him and walked closer to him, making him blushed. Unsure of what to say, he walked away to reach his paper-bag and came back to her again.

"Y-you must be cold. You could wear this," he said, thrusting the paper-bag to her hand.

She looked at it again and smiled. It was cute of him.

"You might err… not want to wear it, but you'll catch cold this way." She looked up and made him lost his words. He was stuttering. "Aa…err…I-I'm sorry, it was… err… can-can you just…uh no, I mean—"

Without anymore say, she entangled their arms and snuggled closer to his arms, much to his surprise. Blushing and stuttering, he immediately froze. She smiled sincerely and tiptoed to kiss his cheek. He blinked.

"You pass."

He blinked again. After several seconds, he gawked, much to her liking. She giggled.

"I-I what?"

"You pass, you moron. I'm yours."

The man couldn't believe his luck. He stared at her eyes but he found no lies—no jokes. Then he smiled widely. He untangled their arms and instead hugged her so tight like he never hugged anyone. She knew she couldn't breathe that way but who cares? She loved to be loved like that. This person feeling had reached her cold heart, knocked her closed door and now she didn't know how to close it anymore.

She smiled inwardly. He really cared about her. He knew where she was without her telling him. He knew too that she was careless about what she was wearing. She looked up to see him and find him looking at her tenderly. Yes. This was really the best decision she had made these seven years. As they hugged, she knew for sure that this one would last forever.

With this, she had ended her feeling towards that guy. Start from this year, she dedicated her feeling towards him—Lucas.

Finally… Yes, she had found her home.

Goodbye and Hello I - Love/END

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