Amber and Her Black Kitty

By Kim Wilbur

One day, Amber decided to take a walk in the woods. When she comes to a large cave, she hears a meowing sound coming from within it. She looks in and doesn't see anything, so she goes in further and when she goes into the cave, she sees a little, black, kitty, who seemed to be alone and scared.

Amber walks over to the kitty. She says with concern, "Hello little kitty, are you lost?" The kitty only looks up at her and meows more. Then Amber decides to pick up the little kitty and brings it back to her house.

When Amber arrives at home, she tells her mother about her adventures in the woods and shows her mother the little kitty she had found. She then asks her mother if she can keep the little kitty.

Amber's mom says, "First we need to see if anyone's lost a kitten and we need to make posters to tell people in the neighborhood that we had found a little kitten." Amber looks disappointed, but then her mother says, "If no one comes and claims the little kitten after a month, you may keep it."

Later that night, after Amber and her mom had finished putting up posters, telling people that they had found a lost kitty, Amber places the little kitty into a box that her mother had given her for the kitty to sleep in. Amber gets into her bed and looks over at the little kitty, who has fallen asleep in the box and sweetly says, "Good night, little kitty."

The next day, after Amber gets up and gets ready for school, she goes to get breakfast for the kitty. Amber, "Eat up, Kitty. I have to go to school now. I'll be back later and we can play." Amber's mom then takes Amber to school and then she heads for work.

While they are gone from the house, the little kitty gets into trouble and scratches up some of the furniture and makes a mess out of other areas of the house. And when Amber's mom comes home from work, she sees the mess and is upset. Then when Amber returns from school, her mom goes to tell Amber that the new kitty was not behaving well, while they were out.

Later that day, Amber and her mom go to buy a pet carrier for the kitty for while they are out of the house. During that time, Amber and her mom are waiting for someone to call to claim ownership of the small kitty.

After a few more weeks, with no claims for the kitty, Amber and her mom decide to keep the kitty as their pet. And Amber decided to name the kitty, Lillianna. And after a while, Lillianna, the kitty began to behave more and Amber and her mom are able to leave the kitty alone for several hours.

Lillianna is now a member of the family.

The End