Lucky Gale was looking through the woods with his dragon, Aquaslasher. The woods were located in an alternate reality Terra.

"What did you sense, boy? I highly doubt you just randomly decided we should take a stroll in the woods at 1AM," Lucky Gale said to his little blue dragon.

Aquaslasher replied with a simple dragon noise which his master heard as, "There is some sort of portal here. The other creatures in the forest don't want to go near it, and you did save them a long time ago."

"Doesn't anyone get the point of a retired hero? I am done being heroic. I just want to settle down and have a family and not deal with everyone else's messes," Lucky sighed.

"They don't understand that, they think you will be their hero, since you are the hero of the prophecy, the one who saved the world from the demon who could have destroyed it," the dragon replied in his language which only his master could understand.

"Yes, I did save the world but I killed my best friends in the process and my parents. The life of a hero can be very lonely. No one can save you from it, once a hero, always, a hero."

"Well, we are here. The giant creepy portal of death awaits us." the dragon slightly whined.

"Okay, I guess we have to go through it and see where it leads. I doubt just staring at it will give us any answers. I really hate leaving Little Devon behind," Lucky sighed once again.

"I know, what the worst that could happen, you die when we enter this portal?" Aquaslasher asked.

"I wasn't thinking of that, but now that you mention it I am worried, I might die. I doubt it will happen but you are never quite sure," A mysterious anima with blue stripes and a black body appeared in the tree tops.

"What is there to be afraid of young Aquashooter? That portal has a whole new world to see." the animal said to the hero.

"That little imp of an animal, that Piercing Illusion," Lucky said with much fury in his voice.

"I am so glad to see you too, Aquashooter. I did help you overcome your fears before you faced the powerful demon," The creature smirked at its own little joke.

"By making my nightmares come alive. I could have been killed by them and not have been able to stop the demon."

"Stop being so negative, Aquashooter. You didn't die, you lived and defeated the demon and that is all that matters in the end."

"I certainly won't be missing you when I am away from here. You are a monster and an annoying pest who causes nightmares."

"I am here to warn you, this new world is dangerous and you can be killed there. You only have your immortality in this reality. You should watch out and you might be in for the shock of your life," the duo entered the mysterious portal, unaware of their fates.

"Those two fools, they aren't coming back here anytime soon," the creature muttered as it vanished.


Ryan stirred in his bed, he couldn't fall asleep. It might have been the vision he had of a man that was going to die near his house or it could have been the week old pizza his dad feed him. His sister was sound asleep and his dad was out at a meeting. Their father trusted them enough, not to leave the house but Ryan had to know if his vision was correct. He carefully moved through his bedroom without making a sound and quietly opened and closed the door. The entrance to the main door was open and he took the spare set of keys which his mom once used.

She had died when he was three. He felt guilty to this day since he had seen a vision of her passing but had no way to stop it. He was not going to let the same happen to this man. Ryan carefully walked into the night and saw exactly where the man was going to be except he was there. "Am I too early or too late?" Ryan thought. Thequestion was answered when the portal was opened and the man stepped out.

The man stared at Ryan for a brief second. "Where am I and who are you" He finally asked.

Ryan gave the man a strange look. "You are on Earth. I am Ryan Thorn and you are?" he asked.

"Lucky Gale," The mystery man replied.

"Is Lucky your real name or just a nickname?" Ryan asked with much confusion in his voice.

"It is my nickname, my real name is Alec."

"Is that a dragon?" Ryan asked with much curiosity in his voice.

"Yes, it is my dragon, Aquaslasher. He is my oldest friend and companion."

"It is a cute dragon, how old is it?" Ryan asked.

"He is about twenty years old."

"Isn't that a little young for a dragon?" Ryan said with much question in his voice.

"I heard that," the dragon, Aquaslasher said in perfect English. A shock of electricity was sent flying towards Lucky's direction but Ryan pushed him out of the way and the shot also missed him as he collided with a wall causing his brain damage.

"Do you think he is okay?" Aquaslasher asked his master.

"I don't know but I think we should bring him to a healing center," Lucky said, silently praying there was one nearby. The trio arrived at a "healing center."

"How did this happen, sir?" The doctor asked.

"He was hit by a speeding Chariot," Lucky lied, hoping that this vehicle still existed.

The doctor looked at the forty year old with an eye for truth "So he was hit by a car?" The doctor inquired, unsure if this man was lying to him.

"Yes, that is exactly what happened. He was hit by a car," Lucky said with much confidence in his voice, even thought he was unsure what a "car" even was.

"What is your name, sir?" The doctor asked.

"It is Alec Thorn," Lucky lied. His lies were coming out swiftly and without detection of them being lies.

"Is this your son, Ryan Thorn?"

"No, he is my nephew." The man lied for the final time. Ryan was let out of the hospital by nightfall but he was never quite the same. His visions were thrown of and so was his personality from that day forward, a child with the greatest potential, who would change the world and save it many times.

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