Fiona Giovanni: age 15, sophomore at Petersburg High School of Art, two brothers- 18 year old Peter and 14 year old Drew, divorced parents.

Jaclyn Clymer: age 18, freshman at Yale University, majoring in Psychology, one 27 year old sister named Claire, boyfriend named James.

Andrew Canton: age 17, senior at Manning High School, 6 year old half-sister named Elani, single working mom at home.

Cade Hamilton: age 16, junior at Janice Crandon Academy of Sciences, only child, rich parents. Later goes to Petersburg High School of Art.

And here our story begins…


"Mom, I'm leaving!" I shouted up from the bottom of the stairs. I had to leave for school and I still needed my ID card that she had taken by accident, thinking it was her work ID. "I'm coming, honey, just a moment please!" She yelled back. I checked my wristwatch and sighed. Let's face it, I'd be late for homeroom like every other day, my teacher would mark me tardy, and I would receive yet another detention with the school's notorious, "misbehavers", as the detention supervisor would call them. The problem was that I was known for being the goody-two-shoes who never had a boyfriend, never took a risk, never back talked, never said anything mean. So when people saw me in detention, they, by pure common sense, would somehow find a way, despite the strict rule stating that we couldn't make a single sound, to ask me why I was in detention. They, being the regular attendees or the ones who are regularly misbehaving without getting caught, would expect something exciting from me. However, being the utter disappointment I am, all they would get in a response was a quick "tardy", and that was that. Pathetic, maybe; what they were looking for, not so much.

"Mom!" I yelled one more time. She appeared by the staircase, coming out of her room. She held my ID and threw it down over the banister. I caught it in one swift motion and ran out the front door, yelling a quick "bye" as I left. I sprinted across the street, not caring whether I looked stupid or not with my heavy backpack pounding on my back as I ran. I turned left, hurrying to my school that was only a 5 minute walk from my house. I went to the Petersburg High School of Art. It was a school that you had to apply to, if you were highly interested and talented in any way, shape, or form of art. It could be painting, drama, dancing, singing, any kind of writing, etc. I, myself, was a writer. The characters I came up with just seemed to speak to me, and the way I created invisible bonds with them helped me make my story more interesting and able to connect with my readers. My passion for creative writing was stronger than iron. If I didn't write, I would probably be driven to a mental asylum by now. Writing was my escape into my imagination.

I was suddenly reeled out of my thoughts when I bumped into something. Hard. I started to fall back onto the hard concrete when I felt strong arms catch me and help me up. The contents of my backpack spewed across the floor, seeing as how I, once again, forgot to zip it up all the way. I looked up to see a VERY handsome face worriedly looking at me. He had strong, finely chiseled features that showed every contour of his face. He was…like…umm…handsome. Wait, I said that already. Well, you don't mind hearing it again, do you? Because that's what he was. Yeah, I'm not very well educated in the ways of describing good-looking boys, but hey, I've never found one attractive in the first place. Eh, whatever. Back to the situation at hand.

"Woah there, you alright?" He asked, setting me back on my own two feet. I nodded sheepishly, turning away from his stare. I bent down to start picking up my things, and he knelt too. "Uh, you don't have to help me pick this up, you know." I said quietly. "Ha! Yeah, right. And get my hands dirty before school? No way. You're on your own. I was just putting down this binder. It's yours, and I caught it when you clumsily threw yourself at gorgeous me, and all your stuff fell. But that's funny, you know. Thinking that I was helping you pick up your stuff. Ha! Good one." He said. I stared blankly at him, but he got up and started to walk away. "What school do you go to?" I asked warily, seeing as he was walking towards the school I went to. But I had never seen him there before. "Why, so you can find me and throw yourself at me again? Wow, you are one clingy girl. But I'll play nice. I go to PHSA, that art school. Ever heard of it, or are you too clumsy and untalented?" He said, turning back around for a second. I gasped quietly but hid it well. Deciding not to answer this stupid jerk of a human being, I looked back down and finished picking up my stuff. "What, no answer? Fine by me. Buh-bye!" He said, turning back and walking towards the school. I waited a while before following, knowing that if I followed too soon, he would say something even more jerky. Plus, I was already late, so who cared? Oh, crap, I was late! I started running again, forgetting completely about the boy whose name I never discovered.

I got to school five minutes late, mentally slapping myself for forgetting, once again, that I couldn't be late for school. "Ah, I see Miss Giovanni has decided to finally join us, has she? I'm sure you had quite a splendid time skipping class. What's your excuse this time, running into Prince Charming and floating away into the clouds, Miss Giovanni?" You have no idea, is what I felt like saying. There were snickers and chuckles from around the room. I looked at everyone, and, surely enough, the boy from before was in my homeroom. He must be a new student, then, because he definitely was not in my homeroom before today. "Sorry Mrs. Jenkins, it won't happen again." I said. "Very well, then. You will have detention with Mr. Hamilton for the next two days, seeing as how the both of you are late. And, Mr. Hamilton, this is just a wonderful way to start you first day here, isn't it?" Mrs. Jenkins said, her attention now directed at the boy I had bumped into. I now know his last name-Hamilton. He muttered a quick sorry, while I sat in the only empty seat left-the one next to him. Pooey.

The bell to exit homeroom rang, and I gladly and swiftly walked out, headed towards my Pre-Calculus class. Homeroom had been horrible. Like always, after attendance was taken, we were allowed to do whatever we wanted, talk, do homework, or anything, really, while Mrs. Jenkins flirted with Mr. Hanley next door. Gross. The only thing different, though, were the flocks of girls surrounding Hammy next to me. Yeah, I'm calling him Hammy. Hamilton/Hammy, same thing. Every single one of the girls in my homeroom immediately ran to Hammy's desk. And I, being the "lucky" girl next to him, was forced to listen to their words. "Heyyy, what's your name? Do you like me? Let's catch a movie later! You're SO cute! Where are you from? Oh, I've been there! You're sooo nice! You're absolutely adorable!" That's pretty much how their conversation went, and Hammy was quite obviously enjoying every minute of it, judging by the happy smirk on his face. Whatever, he's probably used to it by now.

I saw my friend in the hallway as I was walking to Pre-Calculus. "Hey, Ivy, over here!" I shouted, waving her over. "Hey Fi, have you seen that new kid? He's SO gorgeous!" That was the first thing she said to me. Seriously? Yeah, okay, maybe he's good-looking, but he's a jerk! "He's a jerk!" I said to her, earning a confused look. But before I could explain, the late bell rang. This can't be happening. I just left homeroom, how the heck am I late?! I ran for my life, leaving Ivy alone to be late by herself. I whipped by every classroom and went up to the second floor. I ran into the classroom, about to apologize, when I saw everyone, including Mr. Harris, my teacher, standing around something. Or rather, someone. I slowly walked toward the unidentified person, and gasped when I saw who it was. Hammy, of course, who else? "Yeah, and she THREW herself at me! I mean, seriously, desperate much?" I heard him saying, earning a laugh from everyone. I can't believe my ears. He couldn't be talking about that! He's talking about me! I didn't throw myself at him! I fell! I ripped through the small crowd, coming face-to-face with an astonished Hammy. "How dare you tell lies like that? I swear, by the end of this day, I'll have your neck snapped. You hear me? You're a jerk, a liar, and a fool. So get off your high horse and maybe try saying something worth listening to next time, okay?" I said, steam practically coming out of my ears. I hated him. So much.

Seeing my top blow off like that for the first, everyone, girl, boy, and teacher, scampered off to their own respective seats. We have assigned seats in this class, and seeing as how my last name started with a g and Hammy's started with an h, naturally he was forced to sit next to me. This sucks. "Okay class, take out your textbooks and turn to page 51. This is a partner assignment, and you and your partner will be graded on how well you work together and what problems you get right." Mr. Harris started to say. Everyone began looking around the room to find their partner. "But, you're partners will be the people next to you. Alright then, do the problems on page 51, please. Get to work, you have forty-five minutes." He finished, earning groans from everyone. I looked at my partner-Hammy. I bet he's really stupid. I'll just do this by myself. "Well, fancy seeing you here, Miss Clumsy. I don't know if you're deaf or something, but we're supposed to work together, not solo. You must not care about your grades or something, but I do, so swallow your stupid pride and let's start." I heard a male voice. Of course, it was Hammy. I glared at him but scooted my chair closer to his desk anyway, because, as much as I hated to admit it, he was right. We finished the problems with plenty of time to spare, seeing as how we made no effort to shy away from the math or make small talk with each other. However, when we were done, Mr. Harris made us do a "fun" fact sheet about our partners. What does that even have to do with math?

"Favorite color, sport, food, and thing to do." I said, bored. "Alrighty then, blue, baseball, tacos, and flirting." He said, smirking. I looked up from my paper. "I hope you're kidding, jerkface." I said. "Chill, you don't have to be so mean. I like to run. I'm a runner." He replied, playing with his eraser. "Okay, you're turn." I said. "Favorite color, sport, place you wanna go to, and siblings." He said. I was confused as to why the first two for both of us were the same and the other two weren't, but I ignored it. "Purple, tennis, France, two brothers." I answered with a frown. "Age and name?" He asked. "Peter-18, Drew-14." I said. "Are we done now?" I questioned. "Why, you hate me so much?" He said, smirking. Why does he always smirk? "Uh, yeah, I kinda do. You're a playboy jerk. I don't see why everyone is so obsessed with you." I answered. "And you're not obsessed with my gorgeousness?" He said, still smirking. "No, I'm not. I hate you, actually, and want nothing to do with you." I replied. "Ouch. That hurts." He said, feigning hurt, putting his hand on his heart. "Whatever." I said, scooting my chair back to my own desk as the bell rang.

"Hey, wait up! What's your name?" I heard a voice behind me. I turned and saw Hammy. "Why do you care, so you can make fun of it?" I said sharply. "No. You know I'm not always a jerk? I can be nice sometimes too. It looks like you're the one being the jerk here." He said. I didn't feel a bit sorry, I hated this guy. But I answered him anyway. "It's Fiona." I said. By this time, he had caught up to me and we were walking again. I was walking to my creative writing class, and he was following. "I'm Cade." He said back, holding out his hand for me to shake. I didn't take it. Cade. Hmm…nice name, but I like Hammy better. His hand slowly retreated, and we continued to walk. "So, um, where are you going?" he asked. I was going to make a rude comment but refrained. "Creative Writing." I answered quickly. "Really, you're a writer? I'm going there too! We're twins!" He said, chuckling. Whatever, I thought. We continued walking, me wondering how much worse my day could get, him babbling like a little boy. Great! …Not.

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