Oliver was sitting on the cough, casually flipping through a magazine when Sam walked by the door holding a cup of ice. Sam glanced at Oliver and a sly smile spread across his face; slowly, Sam walked up behind Oliver and put a piece of ice in his mouth. Quietly, Sam leaned down and licked the shell of Oliver's ear, making him jump.

"Gah Sam! Why would you do that?", Oliver yelled, turning to face his blonde boyfriend. Sam just put up his hands, smile still on his face.

"Calm down Oli, I'm just messing with you, you know I love to see your cute reactions.", Sam said, picking up his cup and turning to leave the brunette. Oliver huffed and sat back down on the couch to read his magazine. The brunette blushed crimson when he noticed that his pants had become uncomfortably tight from Sam licking him.

"Sammmm! Come in here for a minute!", Oliver called to the blonde in the other room. Sam traipsed into the room to see Oliver hunched over.

"Yeah?", Sam said, turning his head to see Oliver's face.

"Fuck me..", Oliver mumbled.

"What?", Sam asked, he wondering what Oliver had said.

"I said fuck me." Oliver grumbled.

"Oliver I can't hear you." Sam asked, not sure if he had heard the brunette right.

"I SAID FUCK ME! FUCK ME LIKE A GOD DAMN ANIMAL!", Oliver screamed. Sam stared at his usually shy boyfriend before a sly smirk grew on his face.

"With pleasure~.", Sam purred. Sam moved over the brunette and grabbed his wrists, pinning them above Oliver's head. The blonde leaned down and pulled the brunette into a bruising kiss.

"Don't worry Oli baby, you're going to get exactly what you asked for.", Sam growled animalisticly. Oliver cowered under Sam, he was never like this. Sam pushed the thin cloth of Oliver's shirt up his chest and dragged his tongue over the soft flesh.

"Nyah~" Oliver moaned at the feel of the velvety muscle. Smirking, Sam dragged his tongue down Oliver's chest and dipped inside the brunette's belly button. Shivering Oliver tried to pull his shirt back down only to have his hand caught in the tight grip of his boyfriend.

"Ah-ah-ah the only place that shirt is going is on the floor." Sam said before ripping Oliver's shirt off and tossing it across the room. Sam sat up and made quick work of Oliver's pants, yanking them off to be found later. Smiling innocently Sam palmed Oliver's growing erection through the thin material of his boxers.

"Well well, seems someone's excited aren't they?" Sam purred, nuzzling the hard flesh. Oliver gasped and let his hand run through Sam's golden hair. Slowly, Sam pulled Oliver's boxers down and off. Oliver sucked in a shaky breath at the cool air kissing his heated member. Sam moved to grasp when Oliver pushed him off. Sam looked at the usually shy boy shocked.

"You're wearing too much Sammy." Oliver murmured before ripping over Sam's shirt, the buttons on it sent flying. Sam watched, intrigued by the sudden change in behavior. Oliver leaned down and seductively unzipped Sam's pants with his teeth, looking up at the blonde the whole time. Pulling the pants off slowly, Oliver watched as Sam's erection popped up, the blonde had gone commando today. Sam growled when Oliver's hot breath ghosted across his member.

"Suck me, and make it good." Sam said, pushing Oliver's head down to the tip of his engorged member. The brunette placed open mouth kisses down the length presented to him before taking as much as he could into his mouth.

Sam's eyes clenched shut at the feeling of a moist mouth wrapped tightly around his member; throwing back his head he moaned his appreciation to the man below him. Oliver hummed his response and sent Sam over the edge. Oliver back up and let the thick white fluid splatter onto his face. The brunette made eye contact with Sam before licking him lips.

"Yummy." Oliver purred and it was the last straw for Sam. The blonde yanked Oliver up and kissed him before pushing him back down and pulling the brunette's legs over his shoulders. Sam lightly kissed the inside of Oliver's leg before positioning himself outside the smaller man's entrance.

"This is going to hurt a bit." Sam said apologetically before thrusting in to the hilt. Oliver's eyes shot wide open and his mouth hung in a silent scream as tears leaked from his eyes. Slowly, Sam started to rock in and out of his boyfriend, murmuring words of love as he tried to take the pain away. It wasn't until Oliver let out a low moan did the blonde pick up the pace.

"Harder! Faster! AH-Sam!" Oliver cried, his arms flailing at his side, trying to find purchase on the couch. Sam happily complied to the requests of his lover, maneuvering them until Oliver was bent like a pretzel and he was hitting the brunette's prostate dead on.

"Ah! Oh god don't stop!" Oliver scream, the moans falling freely from his lips now.

"Well I'm not god, but you may call me that if you want." Sam panted with a smirk on his face. A thin layer of sweat covered their bodies as they came to the final stretch. Sam brought one of his hands from his lovers waist and tightly gripped his member, stroking him in time with his thrusts.

Oliver cried out Sam's name before he came hard, cum splattered over his chest and Sam's hand. With one final thrust, Sam groaned the brunette's name and filled Oliver with his warm seed. The blonde slowly pulled out and kissed Oliver's forehead.

"Mmm that was great Sam." Oliver whispered. Sam smiled and pulled a spare blanket over them, the other already drifting into the dream world.