Chapter six

I dreamed that there was a beautiful blue lake

" Hello?,is anybody in there"

The door handle started to turn and I jumped back covering myself in a towel and slipped falling into the tub.

The door swung open and the Prince stood in the door.

" what are you doing here?"

I asked surprised.

" i was sleeping in my bed when I was disturbed by a light shining from the room,and I could ask the same of you"

I looked down embarrassed.

" this used to be my room,sir I didn't know it was in use until now".

He looked at me for a minute and then his eyes widened.

"you're the girl from the basement"

I nodded

Suddenly I felt a warm liquid drip on to my hand and gasped.

I was bleeding again.

He saw the blood too and his eyes turned from confusion to alarm.

"Are you okay?"

I nodded

"Are you sure?"

I nodded again and glanced at my clothing.

He smiled and took the hint.

"I will leave you to get dressed and then I would like to know why a blood covered girl is in my bathroom" he left shutting the door behind him. I let out a sigh and felt my face grow warm. The prince had just found me sitting in his bathroom under a towel. I tried not to think what would have happened had I not woken up in time. I changed back into my ripped dress and tried to hide the bloodstains the best I could. But some where a Little to big.

Slowly I opened the door and snuck out,after making sure that I didn't leave any stains on the floor or sink. Just as I reached the door a hand grabbed my shoulder and stopped me. I cringed as it bumped one of the fresh bruises there. I turned to him.

" I'm sorry your highness but I have to leave Or my stepmother will only make things worse."

"your stepmother?"

It was then that I realized he had no clue who I was.

" Yes,the mistress of this house is my stepmother sir,my father died a year ago and it was left to her till I am eighteen"

He took me gently by the shoulders.

" Fine then I command you to stay"

I looked at him with his playful smirk and smiled.

" Fine"

He turned away and walked towards the hearth.

" well sit down"

I smiled at him gratefully and took a seat

he studied me for a minute,I could see his eyes sweep the blood stains on my dress and the bruises on my arms.

I sat quietly trying to ignore the sharp pains that went through my lungs every time I breathed.

"whats your name?"

"Lilian Skylark! Were are you!" screamed my mother as if on cue.

I jumped up in my seat.

"I'm sorry your highness,I must leave my stepmother is calling"

And with that I ran out the door leaving the prince sitting there stunned.