Hey guys. So I know I have not worked on this for two years and I am suuuuper sorry about that. Literally life happened. Or more accurately college happened, and I just have not had the motivation or the inspiration to pick this back up. BUT I would like you to know that I am working on finishing this again even though I have forgotten where this was originally going. No matter though. Charlotte has always had a way of finishing her own stories, even when I think I have other plans for her. So, that being said, I really appreciate you guys that have stuck around and all of you new readers as well. If you have anything you would like to see from Charlotte and friends, any background or side stories, anything that you would like to have more elaboration on, or anything that you would like to see cleared up a little bit, I would be happy to write it for you, just to get back into the groove of actually writing. (I don't get to do that much anymore as an engineer). Please feel free to shoot me a PM (I love talking to you guys) or leave a review and I will be sure to get back to you. Also if there is anything you would like me to read, or any recommendations on what to read I would love to hear it!

As always, happy reading and writing! And thank you guys again for sticking with me and believing in this!