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My time was short. My days numbered. The count down to my death was coming to an end. I couldn't waste a second. Not with my horror-filled thoughts lingering over me. The final goodbye. The true end. This time it was real. As I reached over to grasp the slender handle of my knife, I could feel a chill running down my spine. NO! Not yet... I'm not ready just yet. Can't I have just a little longer?

The desperate cold that made me flinch. That made my heart beat faster in my chest. Told me that I didn't have long. I turned to face him. His head high, mouth dripping with blood. As the wind blew the scent of it in my direction, I choked. The wind. He had smelt me. My own scent had filled the air around him, and was heading towards the rest of them. 'No...' I gasped, 'Jaymie.' My emotions were so final, so sudden, that I froze. Unable to move. Paralysed by the side of the river. Waiting for my killer to find me. I couldn't let them hurt him; I couldn't let them find him. But what could I do? How could I possibly protect him?

My brother. I drew in a deep breath, and grasped the knife tighter, gritting my teeth as I tried to melt away the fear. I thought of Amy, lying on the floor, dead. Three letters, written on the floorboards in her own blood. The three letters that saved my life, and destroyed it. How could these three letters cause so much suffering? When they were simply a warning;


She had been so brave, so innocent, so pure and true. I remembered her smile, her beautiful golden hair, and her lush, deep blue eyes. She showed no fear. My attention was pulled back to the man standing before me. His gruesome expression and mangled body, matching the situation going through my head perfectly. I grimaced as he pulled the knife from his belt. 'I'm not going down without a fight,' I told myself, gripping my own blade even tighter, 'I need to do it, for Jaymie.'

'Well, hello again Lila.' He grinned. 'Fancy seeing you here!'