(A/N: Going for repeating words in a narrative to allow proper flow in the piece. )

Ginny's face pressed up to the frigid glass window in her attic room, her rosy cheeks leaving wet spaces in the cold frost layer. Below the window, down two stories from the attic, was the garden, sheathed in frost. Beyond that was the Reynold's house, full of their many kids and Ginny's best friend in their attic room, who was probably rosy with excitement for today, too. Jake was a tall, imposing boy with a spray of freckles on his cheeks and a strong jaw that had developed as the two had grown. Ginny, too had some freckles – in random places on her arms, her legs, and one on her stomach. They had been enemies until last year, when the rotting animosity between them had finally melted as the snow began to fall and exciting changes in both of their families' lives had occurred. Developing a friendship had been easy-peasy. They already knew everything about each other, but this time their knowledge wasn't for blackmail or random lies around the neighborhood and all its residents. This time it was for real.