Red-White Flare

… Don't think I didn't see that lighter in your purse.
The yellow body shone like a beacon in the night.

Do you really think I'm that stupid?

It's nothing more than a fucking curse.
Come on, you stupid bitch! Do what you know is right!

Or maybe you just think I'm blind?

… Please.
She's so young…
She's so damn young.
How the fuck did the smoke get her?
Take her over,
Subdue all ability to overcome
The sweetly sour taste of nicotine…

And what will it all be worth?

She'll be corrupted and wasted now:
She will have been ruined,
Unable to live the years lying ahead of her –
Destined to an early grave,
Or a life of more problems than necessary.
A slave to the will of the smoke.
The fog.
The tar and the blackness.
So pale, so thin, robbed of all
That was ever hers to own
By right:
Appetite and beauty,
The breath in her lungs,
To be able to run and feel the wind in her hair.
The strength of a fourteen-year-old soul
That's barely begun to live...
Sapped away from her, no.
Thrown away by her
Like nothing.