Melody took in a deep sniff of her beautiful red roses that she grew in her back garden. She smiled blissfully and opened her blood red eyes to look up at the clear blue sky. She sighed and curled a finger around one of her silver locks shyly before sauntering back into her little cottage. Her harmonious voice filled the air as she began singing contently while continuing to cook her lunch. While stirring the boiling stew and going back and forth to add herbs, she began to dance happily, simply pleased with how she was living her life. Her soprano voice hit a high note by accident when she looked outside to her front garden. Her breath hitched and a light blush dusted itself across her cheeks when she saw a young blonde man admiring her white rose bush. The man looked in her direction when he realised that she had stopped singing and she quickly ducked out of view, a hand pressed to her heart. She took in a deep breath and sighed. She stared at her bookcase where she kept her notebooks for writing songs and an idea came to mind.

"I could never be brave like any other girl," she sang cautiously, discretely lifting her face to see if the young man was looking away or not.

She sighed in relief when she saw that he had turned his attention to her tulips and stood up properly.

"You're out of my reach, you and I both know that," she continued, turning away to chop some vegetables "A young girl like me could never know how to attract her heart's desire."

She watched the man carefully out of the corner of her eye and began swaying her hips from side to side in the rhythm.

"How can I know?" her voice picked up an octave as she began to gain more confidence and began dancing more on the spot "Am I supposed to notice any signs of your interest?"

She turned on her heel sharply and watched as the young man walked across the lawn to get a good look and sniff at her orchids.

"I see you there in my beautiful front garden," she advanced towards the window warily "The way you inspect my flowers like a master inspecting a slave makes my knees feel pathetically weak. Please tell me what this means, I beg of you."

Her voice stopped working when she caught the young man's bright blue eyes. She froze, her eyes wide when she realised what she had been doing and began to panic when he began crossing the garden towards her. Her arms moved in a flash and she grabbed the window shutters, slamming them and shakily locking them. Her chest heaved up and down as she fanned herself to get herself some air for her cheeks. Had she plucked up the courage to actually serenade the stranger that visited her gardens every day when she was preparing lunch? She yelped sharply when the young man rapped on her shutters.

"May I come in?"

Heart beating fast, Melody squeaked out a yes and with shaky legs, she ran over to the front door to face her crush.