Since I can't work on the actual story, I shall work on side-stories because it is all I can do.

This idea came to me randomly. So, here is what would have happened if Riker and Jeff had met during their senior year.

Side info:

-Riker knows he is bisexual...probably would have figured it out around the time he was 14 or 15

-Yes, Riker's father died, but when Riker was around 14 instead of 12

-Riker still has depression problems and cutting problems (which is mentioned) but not severe enough that he has to be on medications

-They adopted Darren a year before they did in the main story, so the summer BEFORE senior year instead of the summer AFTER

That should be all for now

Riker let out a deep breath as he climbed the stairs up to his dorm after his last class of the day. He unfortunately wouldn't be staying in his dorm for very long since his director had told him and the rest of his cast mates that they would be spending the night on set in order to get to get acquainted with their new co-star. In reality though, Riker just wanted to collapse onto his bed and fall asleep and wake up just in time to go play soccer with the others in the morning. He also knew that his mom would want him to call later on, but he wasn't really in the mood for that either. She had been freaking out the past few months after he had landed himself in the hospital from accidentally cutting too deep.

Once Riker reached his dorm, he threw open the door and threw his backpack onto the chair before falling face-first onto his bed. He took a deep breath and curled up, nuzzling his face into his pillow and taking a deep breath. He felt his muscles relax and he let out a happy sigh, wishing he could just stay in that position for the rest of the day even though he knew Jackson would be extremely mad if he missed going to set tonight. Riker heard a few people laughing and singing in the hallway and he smiled slightly, shaking his head. He could tell that they were singing right outside Chris' door, aiming to annoy him since he had tried to call an emergency Midnight Swallows meeting during lunch tody.

Then, Riker heard someone let out a small cough and he groaned to himself internally before peeking up from his pillow slightly. He was met with the sight of a blond haired boy staring at him with raised eyebrows and hands placed defensively on his hips. Riker took a moment to look over the boy, appreciating how the boy seemed toned, but subtly so. The boy quirked and eyebrow and then cleared their throat again.

"Can I help you?" Riker asked, face still half buried in his pillow even as he continued to rake his eyes over the boy.

"Uh, in a sense. I'm guessing you'd be the roommate that was mentioned," the boy replied. Riker sat up then and let his legs hang off the edge of the bed as he leaned back on his palms. He noticed how the boy's green eyes looked over his body and he smirked.

"I would say so," Riker replied, smirk still plastered across his face. They boy's eyes shot back up to Riker's and he gave Riker a sarcastic expression. "I'm Riker, by the way."

"Jeff," the boy huffed out before turning abruptly to his closet to start putting clothes away. Riker tilted his head slightly then and eyed Jeff's ass and they way they looked in the skinny jeans Jeff was wearing. Then, Riker chuckled to himself and shoved up from his bed to grab a small duffel bag and started throwing clothes into it.

"So, how come you transferred here mid-semester?" Riker asked as he went into the bathroom to grab his toothbrush.

"Job stuff. Parents thought it would be good for me," Jeff replied simply, barely paying any attention to Riker as he continued to put clothes away.

"Mmh," Riker hummed in response as he threw his cell phone charger into his bag and then zipped it up.

"Riiiiker!" Emma suddenly exclaimed as she burst into the room and launched herself at Riker, who laughed and caught her.

"Why, hello to you too, Emma," Riker chuckled as he pressed a quick kiss to her lips. She giggled and then blew against his cheek.

"Joey told me to tell you that Steve is here and that you need to hurry up," Emma said, hugging Riker's chest tightly.

"What the hell? Why didn't he just call me?" Riker asked, grabbing his phone and then swinging his bag over his shoulder. Emma shrugged and giggled slightly as Riker grabbed his keys. Then he looked over at Jeff, who had one eyebrow raised again. "Sorry, dude. I have to be somewhere tonight or else my boss will have my ass on a platter. Roommate bonding later, bye!"

"Since when do you have a roommate?" Emma asked as she followed Riker down towards the bottom floor. Riker shrugged and snorted with laughter.

"Apparently since today," Riker added as they walked towards the front door where Riker knew Steve would be waiting with the others. Emma giggled as she swung her and Riker's hand between them.

"He was good looking," Emma added. Riker snorted and rolled his eyes.

"You're saying that like I didn't notice," Riker chuckled as he kissed her forehead before walking over towards the van where Joey was hanging out of the window. Emma laughed again and rolled her eyes before waving and running off.

"Riker, you're so slow," Lauren breathed as Riker climbed into the van and collapsed onto a seat before shutting the door.

"Shut up. I am beat and then there was some random dude in my room who is now apparently my roommate," Riker replied as Steve drove off.

"Ooo, interesting," Jamie giggled. Riker smiled and rolled his eyes as Joey snorted with laughter.

"Whatever. Let's focus our energy on annoying Jackson as much as we can tonight," Joey said as he clapped Riker on the shoulder.

"I concur, my good friend," Riker laughed in agreement. Steve just looked back at them in the rear view mirror and smiled as he shook his head as they all laughed.


"I can't believe Miri brought Braxton by earlier," Jamie giggled as Riker lay on the floor as Braxton, his orange tabby, walked across his chest.

"She's a good mommy," Riker crooned, pursing his lips slightly as Braxton leaned down to sniff at Riker's nose.

"And you have a strange relationship with your cat," Dylan laughed as she sat down on the floor next to Riker.

"Aw, he's just a pussy kinda guy," Grant snorted as he collapsed onto the couch.

"Kids!" Jackson yelled out in warning. They all burst out laughing and Riker grabbed onto Braxton in order to sit up and then place the cat in his lap.

"What? Don't like us talking about sexual things, Jackson?" Lauren asked.

"No! I've known you since you were thirteen! I don't wanna hear it!" Jackson replied, causing them all to laugh again.

"Aw, Braxton, Jackson still thinks we're all innocent," Riker chuckled as he hugged Braxton to his chest as Braxton purred loudly.

"Riker, we all know you're the most innocent of us all," Joey snorted as he leaned back against the couch. Riker just shrugged and kissed the top of Braxton's head.

"I have reasons," Riker added as he pulled at the sleeves of his shirt to make sure they were covering his arms.

"Okay, next topic, your new roommate," Jamie suddenly giggled as she scooted closer to Riker. He smiled and rolled his eyes as he continued to scratch at Braxton's ears.

"Wait, you have a roommate now?" Dylan exclaimed. Riker nodded and Dylan let out a sigh as she laid dramatically across the floor. "Where are Grant and I supposed to stay now that you don't have an extra bed?"

"We can just cram on his bed with him," Grant laughed as he shrugged.

"Oh, definitely," Riker agreed with a wink, causing the others to laugh.

"Back on topic, what is he like?" Jamie asked. Then, as Riker opened his mouth to answer, they heard Jackson let out a loud whistle.

"Jackson, for the millionth time, we are not dogs!" Lauren screeched.

"I beg to differ," Jackson called out.

"Oh, well then," Grant said before he, Dylan, and Joey all started barking at each other and pretending to paw at each other. Braxton eyed them and let out an annoyed meow.

"Guys, honestly, stop barking," Jackson breathed out as they heard him coming closer.

"You're the one who implied that we're dogs," Jamie replied.

"Puppies, more like it," they heard Jackson grumble, causing someone else to let out a chuckle.

"Ooo! Does this mean you have the newest pup with you?" Dylan exclaimed, hearing the chuckle and bounding up from the floor to run to meet Jackson.

"Bad, Dylan! Come back!" Grant called out. Dylan let out a defiant bark and they heard Jackson let out a sigh.

"Sometimes I wonder why I decided to work with teenagers," Jackson breathed.

"Oh, hush. You love us," Riker laughed.

"I obviously do since I let you bring your cat to set," Jackson replied.

"Last time I checked, you are the reason Riker even has a cat, Jackson," Grant said.

"This is true," the rest of them agreed.

"You make a good point," Jackson said as he finally rounded the corner with Dylan following behind giggling as someone trailed after them a bit slower. "Anyway, kids, this is your new co-star, Jeff Aaronson."

"Hi, Jeff," they all chorused together, Riker freezing as he looked up and finally saw who the person was. They seemed to notice as well and froze also.

"Jeff, these are Grant, Jamie, Lauren, Joey, Dylan, and Riker," Jackson said. "Don't let them scare you, they're just weird."

"Also, don't get on Braxton's bad side. He might bite your nose if you do," Grant said, rubbing his nose as if the incident had just happened. Riker laughed at that and looked over at Grant.

"That was totally your fault for stealing his spot on the bed that night. You don't just steal my cuddles from Braxton like that," Riker told Grant.

"Grant knows that now. He learned the hard way," Dylan giggled as she sat down next to Grant and pulled him into her lap as he pouted. Braxton just eyed Grant and then settled into Riker's lap even more. Riker smiled and scratched between Braxton's ears, causing Braxton to purr loudly. Jeff looked between all of them, eyebrows raised slightly.

"Well, this time was set aside for bonding, so have fun. Just don't burn down the set, please," Jackson said before walking away.

"That has never happened!" Jamie called after Jackson, who laughed.

"Almost!" Jackson replied.

"Your fault for having burning candles on set!" Joey exclaimed.

"Point taken! No more romantic scenes for any of the characters!" Jackson laughed. They all smiled and shook their heads. Then, Lauren looked up at Jeff and smiled widely.

"You can sit with us. None of us will bite," Lauren said.

"Well, Braxton might," Joey said.

"He's a cat, of course he is gonna bite things," Riker chuckled as he picked up Braxton's front paws and made him dance slightly as the others laughed. Braxton let out an annoyed meow and licked at Riker's knuckle. Riker chuckled and kissed the top of Braxton's head before releasing Braxton. Braxton immediately nipped lightly at Riker's finger and then walked off, tail in the air. They all laughed and Jeff just stared with raised eyebrows.

"Don't worry. That is a normal interaction between the two of them," Jamie breathed as she leaned back on her palms. The others nodded in agreement and Riker smiled to the side of his mouth as he leaned back against the couch behind him. Then, Jamie turned to Riker and nudged his shoulder lightly. "Back to the earlier topic, though."

"Yeah, seriously," Joey agreed as Riker snorted with laughter.

"Well, you just met him," Riker said.

"What?" Jamie, Lauren, and Dylan squealed as Jeff's eyes widened and his eyebrows shot up.

"What?" he asked, looking slightly scared.

"You're Riker's new roommate?" Lauren exclaimed, turning to Jeff, who just nodded with wide eyes.

"Well, there goes asking the follow up question," Jamie sighed, slumping against the couch. Riker laughed and rolled his eyes, knowing what the question would have been.

"Yes," he told her as he bumped shoulders with her. She immediately started giggling and scrunched up her nose.

"Aw yeah," Joey chuckled as he looked over at Riker and winked. Riker rolled his eyes and reached out to kick Joey lightly. Joey just laughed and moved away from Riker.

"I just want to say that I accept you being the replacement person for the bed I used to call mine in Riker's room," Dylan said.

"I second that," Grant agreed, raising a hand.

"Huh?" Jeff asked, looking extremely confused.

"Those two tend to crash in my room a lot when they spend the weekend with us at Westtown since they don't go there," Riker said as he crossed his legs. "But don't worry, they didn't do anything bad."

"Oh no, that was your bed," Dylan giggled as she sent a wink in Riker's direction. He just laughed and shoved her face lightly as the rest of them laughed.

"Except we all know that is not true," Joey laughed.

"What do you know about what goes on in my room between Dylan, Grant, and me?" Riker asked, one eyebrow raised.

"Because I have your room bugged with tiny video cameras, duh," Joey replied as the others laughed. Jeff's eyebrows shot up as he eyed Joey, causing all of them to laugh even harder. "Oh my god, do not take me seriously. I do not have that room bugged. I do not wish to see Riker naked."

"Mmh, you should want to," Dylan said as she inspected her nails. "He's got a nice body."

"Thanks for your two cents, Dyl," Lauren laughed as she laid back on the ground and then held a hand out towards Braxton.

"You're welcome," Dylan giggled. Then, she looked over at Jeff. "Just a warning, Riker hates clothes when he is drunk. Once he gets back into his room, his clothes magically disappear."

"It really is like magic sometimes, I swear," Grant breathed as he rested his head in Dylan's lap.

"Thanks for the heads up..." Jeff breathed. Riker chuckled and shrugged.

"If you care that much, yell at me to keep underwear on and I do. Curt does it all the time," Riker said.

"That is because Curt doesn't want Miri wondering why her seventeen year old son is walking around the house butt naked at three in the morning," Grant laughed.

"Excuse you, the one time at three in the morning was because I was wondering what it was like to play piano naked," Riker said defensively.

"Oh, what I would pay to listen to you play piano while smashed," Lauren laughed.

"He's surprisingly amazing," Dylan told her. "He was so proud of himself that he started giggling uncontrollably once he finished the song."

"Curt was quite proud of me too. Until he decided I needed to go to sleep and slung me over his shoulder and slapped my ass before dropping me onto my bed," Riker laughed.

"Can I ask who Curt is?" Jeff asked, eyebrows knit together slightly.

"Oh, he's my older brother. He is seven years older, so he watches out for me," Riker replied as he shrugged one shoulder. "He always makes sure Mom doesn't bust me when I'm drunk over the summer because Alyssa is always too drunk to care."

"I honestly do not understand how Miri handles all three of you sometimes," Jamie breathed. "All three of you have gone slightly awol the past three years."

"Explanatory," Joey said as he shrugged. The others nodded in agreement and Riker just shrugged, lips pressed into a tight line as he reached over to pull Braxton off of Lauren's stomach and into his lap. "Except now you have to watch yourself more."

"Yep," Riker chuckled in agreement. "Apparently Mom brought Darren with her today to drop off Braxton and he was upset I wasn't here."

"Aw, he is the cutest thing ever," Jamie giggled.

"He really is," Dylan agreed as she ran her fingers through Grant's hair lightly.

"Here you go, kids. Knock yourself out. Don't destroy the place. Be appropriate," Jackson said as he dropped a box of cards onto the ground in front of Joey, who grabbed it and began looking through it. Then, he looked up at Jackson sarcastically.

"Are you serious right now, Jackson? Cards with questions on them?" Joey asked.

"Yes. Now have fun," Jackson replied before walking away. Jeff began giggling then and shook his head.

"He really does treat you guys like little kids," Jeff giggled. "He also made it seem like you guys are just super rowdy."

"We are," they all replied as Joey flipped through cards.

"We're calm right now. You should have been here for the taping of Eli coming out. Riker kept forgetting his lines," Jamie said.

"Or, one of us would burst in and say something stupid," Grant snorted as he rested his arms over his forehead.

"Which didn't help me remembering my lines," Riker said as Braxton curled up in his lap. The others all smiled innocently and then Lauren grabbed the box of cards from Joey and pulled some out.

"Well, might as well do some of these and make Jackson happy," she breathed as she picked out a card and read over it. "Okay, sometime people might not know about you at first glance. What the hell..."

"Uh, I will say that I can dance," Joey said as he shrugged.

"Aw! I was gonna use that!" Riker complained loudly.

"Oh, shut up, you look like a freaking dancer," Dylan replied as she shoved Riker's head to the side slightly.

"Seriously," Grant agreed.

"You're just saying that because you've seen all the muscles," Riker laughed.

"Nah, you look like a dancer," Jamie laughed. "Anyway, I guess something people wouldn't immediately know is that I am a total nerd."

"You totally are," Dylan laughed. "Um, for myself. Hm. I worry a lot."

"Agreed," Riker and Grant snorted in unison.

"Well, you two don't help the cause!" Dylan exclaimed defensively as they both laughed.

"Whatever. I will say that most people don't realize I prefer girls over guys," Grant said.

"Because you're more vocal about it when a guy is attractive," Lauren told him. Grant just shrugged and sank back into Dylan's lap.

"Well, I will follow up and that and say most people do not realize that I do like guys," Riker said. Jeff's eyebrows shot up at that and he looked over at Riker.

"You're gay?" Jeff asked. Riker shook his head at that and the others snorted.

"Bi," Riker replied.

"Don't let that fool you, we're pretty sure he is more towards the loving penis side," Jamie giggled as she leaned closer to Jeff. Riker smiled and rolled his eyes.

"Sorry, but my experiences with girls haven't exactly encouraged me to go more towards that side," Riker said.

"True. Mariah went awol on you that one time after you hooked up," Joey said.

"Oo! I want details!" Dylan exclaimed as the others laughed.

"Kids! I don't wanna hear about your sex lives! Back on topic!" Jackson suddenly called out, making them all laugh.

"Alright. Moving on..." Lauren breathed as their laughter died down. They all agreed as she picked out another card, Riker pretending not to notice Jeff's eyes on him for the rest of the night.


"Mom! I'm here!" Riker called out the next day as he walked into the house and dropped his bag at the foot of the stairs before setting Braxton down.

"Riker!" Darren squealed as he came barreling out of the living room and slammed into Riker's legs. Riker chuckled and then scooped up the small three year old and pressed a noisy kiss to Darren's cheek. Darren giggled happily and wrapped his arms around Riker's neck tightly.

"Hello, sweet pea," Miri said as she walked into the foyer and kissed Riker's cheek. "How was last night on set?"

"It was okay. We got to know the new kid," Riker replied as he reached out to kiss his mom's cheek.

"That's good," Miri said. Riker nodded in agreement and bounced Darren on his hip as Darren giggled happily, arms still wrapped around Riker's neck.

"He's also my new roommate, so I think I will be getting to know him well enough," Riker added.

"Hm. Did the others warn him about how you are when you're intoxicated?" Miri asked as she walked towards the kitchen. Riker laughed as he followed after her.

"Yes, Mom, they did," Riker told her. "You act like I don't listen when people yell at me to leave my clothes on. Why do you think my boxers never made it to the pile by the door during the summer?"

"Mmh," Miri hummed. "This is a valid point, but your older brother isn't always around to keep you in line."

"Nope. Curty is in New York now!" Darren giggled out.

"Yeah, he is!" Riker agreed, pressing another loud kiss to Darren's cheek.

"Mmh, well, why don't you two go outside while I make dinner?" Miri asked.

"Can we pick flowers in the front yard?" Darren asked excitedly.

"Sure, sweetie," Miri replied as she smiled and kissed Darren's forehead.

"Then can I bring them to the new, nice lady next door?" Darren asked.

"If that's what you want," Miri laughed as she ruffled Darren's dark, thick curls. Riker looked at Miri questioningly and she smiled. "Our new neighbors moved in the other day."

"Ah, okay," Riker replied before heading out to the front yard with Darren in his arms. Once outside Darren immediately started giggling and wiggled his way out of Riker's arms and walked over to a flower to pick it. Riker just smiled and watched Darren as he skipped around the small yard picking wild flowers.

"This one for you!" Darren suddenly exclaimed, skipping up to Riker and placing a small blue flower behind Riker's ear. "That way you no sad and you no have to go to hospital again!"

"Thanks, bud," Riker said, giving Darren a small smile and then leaning forward to kiss the top of Darren's head. Darren just giggled and then skipped off again to collect more flowers. Riker watched his younger, adopted brother with a small smile on his face. Darren had a huge impact on their household, even if he didn't realize it. Ever since they had adopted him at the beginning of the summer, everyone had been much happier and the sadness that had been hanging around ever since Ryan had died three years ago seemed to disappear.

"Rikey, can we take these over to Anne and Jack now?" Darren asked as he walked up to Riker with a fistful of wild flowers.

"Mhm," Riker replied as he stood up and held out a hand for Darren to take. Darren smiled widely and took Riker's hand before leading him over towards the house next door which had previously been empty. Once they reached the door Darren knocked and then giggled as he waited. Then, they herd foot steps and then the door opened to reveal a woman around Miri's age with dirty-blonde hair and bright green eyes.

"Oh! Hello, Darren!" she greeted as she bent down to be on Darren's eye level.

"I pick flowers for you," Darren said, smiling shyly. The woman looked at the flowers Darren held out and let out an exaggerated gasp for the benefit of the small three year old in front of her.

"Oh my goodness! They're just beautiful! Why don't you come in and we can put them in a little cup of water together?" she asked. Darren smiled widely and nodded and then pointed up at Riker with his now free hand.

"This Riker! He my big brother! He came from school to visit home!" Darren said. Anne straightened up and smiled at Riker.

"Well, hello, Riker. It is a pleasure to meet you. My name is Anne," Anne said.

"Same to you," Riker replied as he shook her hand.

"Now, come on in and we can go put these lovely flowers in a glass," Anne said as she smiled down at Darren, who smiled widely and giggled before launching himself into Riker's arms. Anne smiled at them and then lead the way into the house. "You know, Jack and I have a son right around your age. You might get along."

"Mmh. I'm not home very often during the school year. I go to a boarding school about an hour and a half away from here. I came home today because I had to spend the night at the set I work on last night, which is in the middle of here and school," Riker replied as they walked into the kitchen. Anne nodded and then grabbed a small glass from a cabinet.

"Do you want to fill the glass, Darren?" she asked. Darren nodded enthusiastically and allowed Anne to pull him into her arms. She bounced him on her hip slightly and walked over to the sink. "Your mom was telling me and my husband about having a toddler in the house again. She said it seems to be doing you guys some good."

"Yeah. Darren's joy is definitely infectious," Riker chuckled as Darren giggled happily and then placed the water filled glass carefully on the counter. "Sometimes I hate not being home with him, but Mom brings him out to school sometimes to visit."

"Riker lives at school, Anne! He has room there and some of his friends live there too! Except Dylan and Grant," Darren said.

"Yeah, except Dylan and Grant," Riker chuckled in agreement as Darren reached out for Riker and Riker brought Darren back into his arms.

"Mom!" a voice suddenly called out, followed by the sound of someone jumping down the stairs. "Do you know where Dad put the rest of my jeans?"

"I thought you'd packed them all already," Anne called out in confusion.

"I'm missing a few pairs," the person replied as they walked into the kitchen and then stopped short, eyes wide as he saw Riker standing there. Riker gave Jeff a small smile which Jeff returned a few seconds later.

"Oh! Riker, this is my son, Jeff!" Anne suddenly exclaimed, pulling Jeff closer to her side and kissing his cheek loudly.

"Ma, stop," Jeff protested, even though he giggled slightly. Riker smiled and shook his head slightly.

"It's okay. We've met already," Riker told Anne, who immediately looked confused.

"He's my roommate...and one of my co-stars," Jeff huffed out as he finally pulled out of Anne's arms.

"Oh!" Anne squeaked out. "That's good then! You already know some of your neighbors then!"

"Mmh," Jeff hummed out, expression becoming confused as he took in the sight of Riker holding Darren. Darren giggled and waved happily at Jeff.

"I live next door too!" Darren exclaimed. "Riker my older brother!"

"You bet," Riker chuckled, hugging Darren close to his chest and kissing Darren's forehead.

"Well, that explains a lot of the comments from last night..." Jeff breathed out. Riker just snorted and nodded in agreement.

"I should probably be getting back home. Mom was making dinner," Riker said.

"Dinner, nom, nom," Darren sang to himself, draping his arms lazily over Riker's shoulders. Riker smiled and kissed Darren's forehead again.

"Well, it was very nice to meet you. Your mother speaks very highly of you and your siblings," Anne said as she started walking Riker towards the front door.

"It was nice to meet you as well," Riker agreed as they reached the front door. Then he looked back to see Jeff leaning against the door jam of the kitchen with his arms crossed over his chest. "I'll probably see you back at dorm later, Jeff."

"Bye," Jeff said, eyes widening slightly before he scampered into the kitchen. Anne smiled and rolled her eyes before reaching over to brush Darren's hair out of his face.

"You keep your mommy happy," Anne said. Darren just smiled widely and nodded before Riker walked out of the house and waved.

"Hey, guys. Did you bring your flowers over to Anne, sweetie?" Miri asked Darren as he and Riker walked back into the kitchen.

"Uh huh. We put them in a little cup," Darren said happily as Riker sat Darren down on the counter.

"Aw, how nice," Miri crooned as she kissed Darren's forehead.

"So, my new roommate and co-star just happens to be the son of our new neighbors," Riker said as he walked over to the refrigerator to pull out a bottle of water.

"Oh really?" Miri asked. Riker just nodded in agreement and hopped up onto the counter next to Darren.

"He pretty, and he stare at Riker," Darren commented, causing Riker to start coughing and almost spit the water in his mouth out all over the kitchen. Miri smiled and eyed her older son, who was trying to clear his lungs.

"Did he now?" Miri asked as she went back to working on dinner.

"Yeah. Maybe he like Riker!" Darren exclaimed excitedly.

"Dare, he doesn't know me, he can't like me," Riker protested as his coughs subsided.

"Whatever you say," Darren giggled before sliding off of the counter carefully and then skipping off down the hallway as he sang to himself. Miri looked over at Riker with one eyebrow raised as she smirked. Riker felt his cheeks heat up and he took another sip of water.

"So, this boy is attractive, huh?" Miri asked.

"Mom," Riker hissed as he sent a glare in her direction. Miri just let out a laugh and reached over to pat Riker's flushed cheek.

"That was all the answer I needed, hon," Miri added. Riker just grumbled and jumped off of the counter to go up to his room as his mother laughed in the kitchen behind him.