Welcome to the revisedooo54tryu second chapter of Bloodlines.

- Jacob -

"That sword looks awesome," I said holding the sword that was ordered for me.

This morning we went to the smithy owned by Kaira's dad's friend to get the sword that we ordered yesterday. I loved the way it looked. It had a long handle with two long pieces of metal encasing the handle like a hand guard. The blade reminded me of the Master Sword from Legend of Zelda except the blade was mostly black with a silver outline. It had a chain on hanging from the pommel with a dragon pendant on the end.

"Do a few swings, try it," said Daniel. I did what he asked and stepped back where I couldn't hurt anyone and swung the sword the swing was really smooth and really balanced.

"It's great!" I said.

"That's good," he said. He grabbed something from his shelf it was a leather sheath connected to a leather strap and handed it to me.

"Put it on." I put the sword in\

the sheath and strapped it to my back. It was actually comfortable.

"Oh no! I almost forgot, that Master Carin wanted my class to meet today," said Kaira as she ran out.

"Who's Master Carin?" I said.

"She is the town swordplay instructor, I suggest you go with Kaira," said Daniel.

I started to the door and said, "thank you for the sword, good-bye," then followed Kaira down the road.

By the time Kaira stopped I was out of breath from the heavy sword on my back and it was a half hour sprint. I saw her talking to a tall woman with braided hair. I caught my breath and walked over to them.

"So you're the only one?" said the woman with sadness in her voice. Kaira nodded.

"That's too sad, ah Kaira's friend is here," she said turning to me, "Jason, right?"

"It's Jacob," I corrected her.

"Sorry, that's a fine sword you have, may I see it?"

"Sure," I said unsheathing the sword and handed it to her she gripped it and swung it, "excellent as always, Daniel," she muttered.

"You can tell?!" said Kaira surprised.

"Yes of course, by the temperament of the sword, his technique is unique," Carin said handing my sword back to me, "anyways, while he's here, I want to see Jacob's abilities, do you mind, Jacob?"

"Sure," I replied.

"You'll be sparring with Kaira," she said and Kaira drew her sword. I started to get a little nervous to where this was going. Raised my sword when I heard Carin yell, "fight," and Kaira lunged at me. I registered her move and moved my sword to my left and blocked her attack then pushed her sword down with my weight causing her to lose her balance. She almost instantly recovered and spun around to attack me again I blocked once again and drew a circle with my blade in the air. Then her sword fell out her hand. She was quick to regain her sword. I stabbed my sword into the ground as she tried another attack. I went to one side of my sword and repositioned my grip on the handle. The swords clanged and I spun myself around the handle of my sword to kick her legs from under her and landed myself behind the blade of my sword, and pulled it from the ground and aimed it at her neck.

Carin called the match and I noticed Kaira and tears were streaming down her face, which surprised me.

"Wai-wait, don't cry," I said putting my sword down.

She stood up wiping her tears away, "I-I'm fine. Let's go home now," she said as she started walking away.

"What's wrong with her?" I asked

"Her best friend Cameron uses a similar fighting technique as you do, she wasn't fighting her best in the battle and I believe that's why," Carin said, "do me a favor and watch out for her just as he did."

"That's what I was already planning to do," I said remembering being told something similar. I started walking after her.

"May the spirit of Derid guide you!"

I stopped in my tracks when I heard that name, that's what the voice in my head had called himself.

"Jacob what're you doing? Come on!" said Kaira.


The sky was getting dark when we were about halfway back.

"Damn I didn't realize it was getting this late," said Kaira.

A wolf howl was heard in the distance. We kept walking until we made back to the village. I saw a man wondering aimlessly around, stumbling with every step like he was very drunk.

"I know who that is! Hey! Mr. Veiler!" she ran to the guy and put her hand on his shoulder, "are you drunk again?" The man stopped but did nothing else. I began to feel a little uncomfortable by the way he was acting. I walked towards them and saw Kaira frozen.

"Kaira?" I said. She didn't respond, then I saw something fall out of his sleeve and he caught it. I realized what the object was, then ran to her and pushed Kaira out way catching the man's arm when he swung the knife.

"Jacob? !" said Kaira, shocked.

"Are you okay?" I said then looked at the man's face. I'm just glad I haven't had dinner yet. The man's face was decaying, with blood dripping from his eyes, mouth, nose and every cut on his face. His eyes were a glossy white with a weird symbol on them. I had to stop myself from gagging to keep a grip of his hand, but it was in vain as his flesh gave away. I recoiled as blood splashed onto me. This time I couldn't stop myself from gagging and so couldn't Kaira.

I recovered when I saw him stand above me holding the knife ready to attack. Then his head jerked to the side as something hit the side of his head and fell down. I got up and saw Kaira drawing her sword, still shaking. The body stood up again with his attention on Kaira.

"Why are you doing this?" she asked. No answer. The man started walking towards her producing another knife from his sleeve.

"Tell me!" again, no answer from the man, but…

"That's because he's under my control," said a voice up high. I looked up and saw a man with short silver hair and glowing golden eyes in some shorts and a silver breast plate over a tribal, tattooed body leaning against a window frame, three stories up.

The man jumped down and looked at us, "he's now part of my army."

"Army?" I said.

"yes, army," as if on cue more zombie-like people stepped from the shadows, people who I've seen walking around town just this morning and more. Kaira was frozen again as a boy our age walked towards her with a familiar sword. Her face was the same as it was when I met her which gave me thoughts. The boy raised his sword and I snapped myself out of it and ran to help her.

I got to her just in time and blocked the sword with my own sword, then countered by kicking him in the knee and heard a sickening cracking sound like breaking bones (I'm a skater so I know that sound quite well). He screamed in pain. He punched me in stomach then, turned back to Kaira. She stood with her sword drawn and the boy attacked. I heard the man laugh. I was agitated with him and ran to help her as she was knocked back by a heavy drop kick to her stomach then he raised his sword, but once again I save her by stabbing through where his heart would be, and he fell over.

"Oh my, is the fun part over already?" said the man behind me. I turned swinging my sword, but it was caught. He had stopped it with his hand, not like gripping it by the blade, but with his flat hand. I took my sword off his hand and he waved his finger, "ah ah ahhhh," he said, agitating me, "you can't cut me. It'll just make me angry." His eyes started to glow brighter and brighter and the people from the village stepped closer to us and the two bodies were revived.

I ran taking Kaira's hand and ran as fast as I could, some of the zombies went in front of us and I swung my sword and jumped over the bodies left behind.

"My puppets won't stay dead, they'll only come back to life," said the man as he ran beside us I swung my sword at him and he disappeared with a thick cloud of black mist. I stopped and saw the boy who attacked Kaira walking towards us holding his sword in one hand.

"N-no! Don't do this Cameron," yelled Kaira. I looked at Kaira and finally remembered that it was the sword she had cried on last night. So my thoughts were correct, now that it was clear.

The boy stopped then continued walking towards us. I stepped forward and readied my sword.

"Kaira! Run!" I told her, she hesitated and then ran away hacking the zombie villagers away.

If people always say I fight exactly the same as this guy does then I should have no problem, or so I thought. This guy was faster than I was. I barely blocked his first attack. He kept attacking and attacking. I could hardly keep up.

He lunged again and I fell back as he cut my cheek. He pointed his sword at my neck and fear welled up inside me. I took a deep breath to clear my mind and kicked him in a very painful place.

"Surprise!" I shouted and he fell down. If I can't kill them I guess I'll immobilize them.

I got up and ran after Kaira who was fighting the zombies as they tried to overwhelm her. The leader appeared in front of me, "no, no, no," he said, "I can't allow that, you see I've been sent to kill you. The master will be revived."

"Master? What do you mean?" I said.

"You don't know? Well, I guess you'll never find out!" he said as he produced a ball of light above his hand and threw it at me.

Dodge it, now, said my mysterious voice, but I didn't object and jumped out of the way as it hit a house and it exploded.

Then I ran to the guy and kicked him in the stomach and ran as he doubled over in pain.

"You won't get away!" said the man as he materialized in front of me once again.

"Out of my way!" I said as I jumped and planted my knee into his head. Then he appeared in front of me again. This guy was getting on my nerves.

I punched at him and he caught my fist, "we're not doing this again," he said as he threw me into a fence. Pain exploded in my left arm and I saw a piece of the fence had torn through my arm. I got back up, but I couldn't fight. I couldn't hold my sword up.

The man produced another ball of light, but was interrupted by a flying hammer. He scowled, "Who dares interferes with my fun?!"

"I do," said a deep familiar voice. I looked and saw the blacksmith, Daniel, holding another hammer, "run, boy, help Kaira, I've got this!"

I didn't object and I ran to Kaira sheathing my sword while yelping in pain as I lifted with both my arms. I planted my knee into the back of a head of a zombie to get to Kaira. She was lying on the ground defenseless. I saw her sword, grabbed it and started hacking away. I heard a moan behind me and turned around to see the sword instructor, Carin, slice a head off of a body.

"I've got your, just get her out of here," I nodded and grabbed Kaira and ran with her in my arm and kept running until I couldn't run no more from my blood loss, but I made safely out of the village and got cove small forest. The world around me started to spin.

"Damn," I said as I fell to the ground out of breath. I felt my conscienceless slipping away until I passed out.

I found myself in the darkness with Derid again.

You are doing well, boy. I was wise in choosing you as my successor, he said then disappeared again leaving yet another question in my mind, what did he mean by his successor?

Time for another Meeting the Characters. (^_^)

Sheik388: (walks into room) hello, guys!

Jacob: not you again.

Sheik388: sorry I'll be more sensitive this time

Kaira: (mutters) asshole

Sheik388: I said I'm sorry first question how do explain your personalities?

Jacob: I'm really nice…

Sheik388: (coughs) bullshit

Jacob: (-_-)

Kaira: Sweet, innocent and caring.

Sheik388: I believe it. Jacob, you said in this chapter you said you were a skater, what kind of board do you use?

Jacob: Element deck, ATM wheels with Bones Red bearings and Element trucks.

Sheik388: that's a good setup, I use Zero Chris Cole deck, Spitfire wheels with Bones Swiss bearings and Thunder trucks (Side note: this is my actual skateboard)

Jacob: not bad, have you ever… (Continues talking about skateboards).

Kaira: (-_-) leaving me out again?! (Walks to her kitchen)

Jacob and Sheik388: (after ten minutes of talking finally stops) where's Kaira?

Kaira: (sips some green tea) over here. Now ask another question and it better be something I can talk about, too! (Glares evilly at Sheik388)

Sheik388: okay sorry…again (thinks) ah…who is your idol?

Kaira: (jumps up) Derid!

Jacob: Chester Bennington (Side note: for those who don't know Chester Bennington, he is Linkin Park's lead singer)

Kaira: who?

Jacob and Sheik388: nothing.

Sheik388: who do you hate the most?

Karia: Asgrio!

Jacob: You.

Sheik388: wait, what?!

Jacob: Next Question!

Sheik388: Fine. What are your hobbies?

Kaira and Jacob: Sword fighting!

Sheik388: it's obvious that you two are the same th…

Jacob: …watching Anime, reading Manga and playing games.

Kaira: (very, very confused) what're Manga and Anime?

Jacob and Sheik388: (T_T) (T_T) she's saying weird stuff again!

Kaira: you assholes! (runs out of the room)

Jacob: (draws his sword)

Sheik388: gotta go (transports away)

Jacob: you better run…(O_O)…Dammit!

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