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The flight to Melbourne takes 10 hours. TEN HOURS. I can't even move, I can barely spend one hour without moving at least a kilometre or working some muscles. Now they expect me to last ten. I think I'm starting to freak out the other passengers, but I do get where they're coming from. I mean elven toilet breaks in the first thirty minutes of flight is a little excessive. I don't need to use the toilet I just need to move and pacing up and down the aisles is "frowned upon."

Hour 1: twenty-two toilet breaks

3 bottles of water

1 packet of peanuts (apparently a must, don't ask me why)

Hour 2: eighteen toilet breaks.

Three crying babies.

Four bottles of water

1½ packets of chocolate covered peanuts.

Hour 3: Forty toilet breaks

Nine nursery rhythms/song

Three bottles of water

More crying babies

Spaghetti Bolognaise.

Hour 4: Twenty-three toilet breaks

Throw out Spaghetti Bolognaise (airline food is disgusting)

5 bottles of water (two to rinse out the Spag Boll)

1 apple.

Hour 5: Fifteen toilet breaks

3 bottles of water.


Hour 6: Sleep…

Hour 7: Baby wakes up

Baby cries.

More babies wake up.

More crying babies.

Choir of crying babies.

Everyone on the plane wakes up.

Hour 8: Babies continue crying

Everyone on plane devises secret plan to tie parachutes on the babies and throw them off the plane.

No one goes through with said plan (unfortunately)

Fifteen toilet breaks

Two bottles of water.

Hour 9: Wait ½ an hour to get into toilet (I actually had to go this time)

Babies stop crying.


Hour 10: "Please fasten your seatbelts we are about to descend"

No toilet breaks.

Two hours sleep in total over whole trip.

Mental note: next time flying BRING SLEEPING PILLS

Babies are silent.

"Welcome to Melbourne, If you are coming to Melbourne: Enjoy your stay, if you are returning: Welcome home, Thank-you you for flying with Qantas"

I never want to fly again. EVER again. I hate planes and Melbourne is cold. We got here and it is 9°C outside I went from 38°C to 9°C I skipped half of summer!

We go straight to the boarding school; it's a big fancy one in the city called Melbourne Prep. Australia's No.1 boarding school. The taxi stops right outside the school and the cabbie helps remove my luggage, there isn't much only two suitcases and one is just trophies and awards and pictures.

It's midday on Saturday and the principal of the school is waiting at the main entrance. Taking a bag in each hand I thank the cabbie and walk towards her. There are no kids around which is strange considering there are over 1500 kids in this school and 500 of them board.

"Welcome to Melbourne Prep, I'm Mrs Claffe we are so glad you could join our school, we have an excellent sports program and…" she kept talking about the school and its achievements but I couldn't care less.

She takes me on a tour of the school and shows me where everything is we pass a few students and the general reaction with the girls seems to be smile and scrutinise every aspect of me trying to place where I'm going to fit in, and then talking about me as soon as they thing I'm out of earshot. Whereas the guys smile flirtatiously and nod their heads, it would be so much easier if I was a guy.

There are obvious groups like the nerds and the jocks and the popular pretty girls, nature lovers, book worms, punks, Goths etc. there seemed to be a clique for everything, I mean could there be a less stereotypical school?

"…And this is where you'll being staying" I looked at the door plastered in band posters and batman insignias. Spotting a few that I know like Black Veil Brides and Escape the Fate I felt a bit more confident.

"I told her to clear the door…" Mrs Claffe muttered to herself as she knocked on the door.

"Hamish if your still at that door in three seconds," an accented voice called from within the room "I'm gonna pull off your one inch di-" her eye's widened when she flung open the door, a short girl with ebony hair down to her waist and bright blue eyes started up at us, she was wearing black skinny jeans and an Asking Alexandria hoodie I could tell we were going to get along just fine.

"M-Mi-Mrs Claffe I-I'm s-sorry I-" she spluttered

"Save it. Francesca this is Erin, she will be your new room-mate and you are to treat her better than you did to your last one-"

"Aww… but she was a bi-"

"Francesca I don't want to know" Mrs Claffe cut her off but she was smiling a bit. "Show her around, you have the same class schedules so you should be able to help her round the school, you know what it's like to be new."

"Yes mam" Francesca muttered.

"And Francesca I don't want to hear more vulgar language or would you like to wash your tongue with soap… again"

"No mam, I mean Yes mam… I mean no I don't want to wash my tongue and yes I'll stop swearing"

"Good." She turned her gaze to me "have a wonderful afternoon Erin, I'll see you bright and early Monday morning, classes start at 8:30 and breakfast is at 7:30." She turned and walked down the hall. "Oh and Francesca? Don't make promises you can't keep" she called over and kept walking.

I walked into the room and Francesca slammed the door behind me "Fuck'in bitch" she breathed leaning against the door.

The room was obviously split down the middle with two identical sides mirroring each other. The wall on my side white and plain, whereas as the wall on Francesca's side was so thickly covered in posters that you could see what colour the wall was layer upon layer of bands posters, movies posters, pictures and other random stuff was stuck to the wall all the way up to the dead centre where the posters abruptly cut off and my side of the room started.

"Hola I'm Frankie, don't call me anything else or I may be forced to kill you, before you ask, yes I have an English accent and yes I was born and raised in England and my family still lives there. But more importantly who are you?"

"um…" great start, keep this up and her next question will be are you in special ed? "I'm Erin, you can call me Air', Rin, Caz whatever you want. Caz is my last name. I just moved here from an Hawaii" a small lie but who cares, "And I've never really spent much time around girls my age." I finish in a rush.

"Lucky you" Frankie mutters with a lop sided grin. "Do you like Alesana?"

"The Emptiness is one of my all-time favourite albums, and can I just say who doesn't?"

"Losers. Okay you passed." She says.

"Passed what?" I ask feeling like I'm missing something.

"The test, I am prepared not to hate you. Don't get too excited I haven't said I liked you yet" she threw me the remote and I pushed the play button Not the American Average blasted through speakers all around the room. Frankie looks at me in all seriousness, "If the neighbours complain tell em' to come to me"

We stare at each other and burst out laughing and we sing belt out the chorus.

If this is how every Saturday is spent, I could get used to this. I wonder if she likes sport?